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How To Get Elytron Archwing Parts.



Greetings Tenno!


I'm here to help you how to get Elytron parts if you don't want to buy the archwing through the market. It is quite a long piece for me to write for something on a video game. It also may be long for you guys to read, but trust me, I am teaching you guys how to get the parts on your own. Links to screenshots are down below. 


I've seen many people trying to get Elytron Archwing parts. Some knows where to find it, some other don't. I know where to find them and how to get all the parts on your own like I did.


It actually is very simple. The mission is located in Uranus (Giggitty)- Caelus Archwing Interception, lvl 27-29.You have to play until Round 4. Sometimes, at round 4, you may get some Tower 4 keys, but you can keep on going as good rewards appear every 4 rounds. If you decide to leave on higher wave, you will keep the previous rewards.


As many people thinks it's too hard to complete the mission since the enemies are too hard to kill and too many of them.

Well, the trick is not to fight them. You need to play smart. Fly on the opposite direction of them and capture as many points as you can. Killing them is not a priority while in game at all. In order to survive, you must spam your last skill on your Odonata, especially when there are more than 3 enemies. Otherwise you can just kill them. Don't be stingy with your energy as your last skill plays a very important role alongside your melee weapon. Which I highly recommend to use Onorix.


It is best to have loads of Energy boosters as I usually use around 30 of them every 4 rounds. Just deploy on every time you are low at an objective.  Always be on the move and never stop unless you are taking an objective. If you have all objective taken, you can use your last skill to stunt them before slashing them. It is best if you use your flares and last skill whenever you arrive at an objective (if there are enemies stationed there).


I believe that playing this mission solo is a lot easier since you have less enemies. Unless you play with a friend or a good clan member. Someone that you at least have a constant voice communication via skype, teamspeak or steam. As I played few missions with a friend of mine while using teamspeak as he is a lot more reliable than some random players you can find online. 


As for weapons, warframe and builds, you will find mine in links down below. I think Valkyr is best as she has a higher armor rate, leading to her taking more hit than anyone else. Most of my characters such as Rhino Prime, Frost Prime or Zephyr have a shield rate more than 1,300 with a health from 800 to 1,400.  But none of them survives more than my Valkyr.

Weapons is best to have Onorix as the weapon is stronger than the fat blade, more attack speed and higher damage. Guns are optional as I mostly used my blade. However, I think the rifle is better as I was trying out my Corvas. Also, it doesn't really matter what lvl your weapons are, as long as they are 20+ with some fairly good damage based mods in them. 



If anyone of you guys have problems, you can always visit my clan website and leave me a message there (which I will leave the link down below) or you can always message me and ask me for a little hand.



Elytron Wing BP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333344704


Mission: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129091852/screenshots/


Special Valkyr build: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333344509


Odonata archwing build: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333344569


Corvas shotgun build: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333344585


Oronix Battle Axe build: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333344624



Happy hunting!!!



Clan Master of Tears of Lotus

Website: http://tearsoflotus.enjin.com/

Teamspeak: tsla1.vilayer.com:10006




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Yeah, I know they don't. But I put them in there for the hell of it.


Not sure if the Flow works, but Marathon & Quick Recovery seem to have an effect.


*Edit: I've heard people say Aviator works too.

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Not sure if the Flow works, but Marathon & Quick Recovery seem to have an effect.


*Edit: I've heard people say Aviator works too.

Flow works.

Anything that affects health, shields, armor, and energy consumption/amount work.

I find using Vitality, Steel Fiber, vigor, Redirection, Fast Deflection, and Flow makes for a really well for Odanata

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Voodoo magic. I'm only getting 270 with maxxed Auxiliary Power (3 casts of repel before depletion). Perhaps you are referring to another Archwing.


Edit: Yeah, the new Itzal caps at 540. But not everyone has it.

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In terms of advice, I'd just say:

1. Your melee should be potatoed-I recommend wrathboner or centaur if you're super lucky, but onorix will be sufficient

2. If you find yourself running out of energy, before you drop a restore, see how well you can survive swarmdiving. If you can, due to the buffed droprates on orbs, you should refill your energy almost immediately.

3. To expand on the Tenno above's advice, snipe from a distance of 150-200m at the red/orange glowing enemy, as they will be the one capping a point. If you're lucky, you'll even see red/orange lightning connecting them to whichever point they're capping.


Ironically, the Elytron is actually the best for cheesing Caelus, so see if you can find someone in Region or Recruiting willing to run one with you. I would certainly be up for helping you myself, if you so desire. My in-game name is MechaGent, and all I ask is that you PM me before inviting me to something, just so I know why I'm being invited out of nowhere. Best of luck to you!

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