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Damn That Ramp Is Boring :d


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Okay this seems like a really specific and odd complaint, I admit, but...

With all all the hi-tech holographic super duper advanced technology on the ship the ramp seems simple and unimpressive.


Yes it works, yes it doesn't bother anyone (including me) but still I have a quick suggestion how to spice the idea up:


Turn it into floaty stairs!

bdK8JHm.jpg  QU8lMsB.gif

As you can slide up and down other stairs in the game this shouldn't make it a problem for those of us who like sliding around the place.


Just a suggestion, it's a minor nitpick I have :)

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Seems like a pointless use of extremely advanced and potentially-dangerous-if-damaged technology.


Like cutting and toasting your breakfast bagel at the same time with a high-powered gas laser. The technology exist, doesn't mean you should be using the most advanced technology available to perform the most mundane tasks.

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I've looked around my Liset. It was built by the lowest bidder. Or Walmart.


I'm surprised the "down" animation is not followed by a "crash" sound, and then having to fix the ramp before it can come up again.


Also, if my Kubrow takes a dump on a normal platform, it's easy to clean. That separating contraption is likely to catch Kubrow doo-doo's and cut them in half, sending one half god knows where into delicate machinery.


Insane idea. I give it 1 star.

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