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Grineer Pushing Away Kubrow


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I was actually going to make a topic about this soon, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I still might with whatever information I can get.


um i think they always has been able to shove it around

If your Kubrow can't kill them in that one hit, then they shove them away. They've been able to do this for quite a while.

This is something new with U15. Instead of the usual Kubrow grapple (which does damage and holds the enemy in place), this animation can occur where the enemy stops the Kubrow's attack and shoves them away. It even happens like 75% (or more) of the time. During the animation, the enemy receives no damage from the Kubrow or from anywhere else and is entirely invincible to anything and everything.


Basically, it's a severe, unnecessary nerf to Sahasa and Sunika Kubrows, and it's just the *slightest* bit irritating.

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