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My Take On Limbo, Melee 2.0, Archwing And General Fragility Of Frames


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Good evening folks

Since ive recently came back to warframe after few months of taking a break ive decided to run rampant... literaly. Using most of my frames and weapons while waiting for archwing and limbo to get done. Ive also had to bury my old kubrow since in my forgetfulness if forgot to put him in stasis -__-




This guy is one of the reason i was extremely hyped about getting back to warframe. Everything about him screams style, control and finesse... and the top hat, defo the top hat.

However what i got was somewhat of a disapointment.

First of hes squish. Even more so that i tought looking at his stats. I used to main Volt (before the Top Cat came to town) for more or less everything and i was doing fine. Thing is tho, Volt has about 10-15 armor and i never felt him AS squish and Limbo. I tried playing Limbo with buffed hp, buffed shields i even tried buffing his armor but to no avail, im dropping like a fly in t3 exterminate (i can solo it easily with Volt).

His skills are a different story. While useful they take foreeeeeeever even with natural talent costing me a revive more then once (btw the revive bug is still not fixed). Further more ive noticed that if i drop my guard for just a second im gone in a poof. One slip up of skill, one miss of aim and you can get punished severely. Ive even made a mental note that if im to play with my usual style (melee centric) i have to put life steal on every weapon. 

Then comes the cringe part. Due to severe trolling of some other Tenno ive noticed that im quite scared in using his skills both solo and in public resulting in me trying to solo T3 missions with nearly full energy all the time and barely even touching his skill set.

I know i know he has a steep learning curve but that still does not mean that he has to be punishing both mentally and ingame. And fyi he is NOT that difficult to learn, his bare basics are use rift walk+banish on enemy= execute and attack if the bastard is still alive. Thats not hard to do -_-

I dont know if im doing something wrong on him but not being able to solo T3 exterminate with a tought and more or less stronger frame that Volt is quite... well... disturbing.


Melee 2.0

Im just gonna keep this as simple as i can: Melee 2.0 is still in its early infancy. Honestly after several months we are using it im kind of shocked that developers of The Darkness 2 and Dark Sector (both rather melee centric games) still waddle around this area. 

Sure the stances are a step in the right direction but all the sweet, sweet looking combos in the world will not make people take melee over guns in about 90% of the cases.

OH and DE please, i beg of you, DONT put aerial combos in this game. Yes there are aerial enemies in this game but at least give us some kind of execute mechanic for it or alow us to pull up our sidearms. Its way easier than making aerial combos and itll make our job as Tenno easier as well.



Love it... mostly. Getting mods is a pain in the cupcake but thats being taken care of with interception mission rewards. The only gripe i have is that there is support targeting for the primary weapons cause the bloody thing is way to difficult to aim in the heat of battle and when that happends id much rather spam my skills and use my melee while dashing like a madman at my enemies hoping that some stray rocket wont kick me in the family jewels.

BTW!!! Speaking of rockets, please give us a rocket warning. I cant count the times i got killed during battle simply cause i cant neither hear them or seem them most of the times and even if i do im not even sure our 2nd skill even works -_-


Frame Fragility

This may not appeal to some people but this part i have to say is my personal oppinion. Now. Loki has invisibility, Exalibur has the blind, Ember has.... well... accelerant i guess, Nyx has insane cc, Limbo has rift, etc, etc.

Now, all those frames have that one ability that can get them out of a pinch if needed (cept Nyx and Loki but more on that later) AND they all have medium or low armor. 

Now when you compare our 5 tanks (im counting Zephyr as tank even tho she has no aggro skills, but her self shield is borderline godlike) to our squishies (not counting Loki and Nyx here) they posses WAY more utility and survivability, hell Valkyr is unkillable if you spam her ulti. I know, i know thats the point of tanks but the thing is here you can take those tanks at ANY level of play and they will always have a way out, a way to deal damage and a way to help their teammates without sacrificing their own hide in the process or risking a down. Other dont.

The only frames of the squishies that are a exception to this is Loki and Nyx... oh and also Nova. Why? Cause of the shier mass of cc they provide at all levels of play without any risk to them. Oh sure if you want to nitpick every frame has good solid cc they can bring, even Volt with his 1s stun but hardly any of them have any tools to bring to the table what already mentioned frames can bring without losing in either survivabilty or damage. You cant have both... But take Rhino, Frost, Saryn, Zephir ( she hardly has damage but i dare you to ignore turbolence), Nova, Loki and Nyx and you can, at all levels have some use without feeling fragile.

You may notice that im not mentioning Trnity and for good reasons. As far as damage she lacks a bit but the sheer godlike saves you can make with her you neither feel fragile or weak, just bored.


Thats my take on what ive noticed while running trough the game for the past 2 weeks. 

Oh and a personal question regarding Limbo: how to make him NOT drop instantly, i cant seem to acomplish it -__-

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I've played Limbo for a while, and he just does not preform well in horde mode missions in solo. He excels when there are only a few enemies in a room, which are only a few missions. For larger groups of enemies, you are tempted to place Cataclysm over them, but it just doesn't work. You are left spamming banish while in rift walk, picking off 20 enemies one by one, then going to the next 20. So, banished enemies need a bebuff, IMO. Some people can preform extremely well with Limbo, but it takes a lot of skill and a different mindset, which makes him less accessible, and no one wants that.


Rocket warning, and more effective ways to avoid them when they are fired, is a must.

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Regarding aerial attacks, don't worry : air juggles will never be a thing. Too much Devil May Cry-ish, they said.


I still think charge attacks can go along wih the new system, though.With little modifications of course!

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