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Syndicate Donations


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Hey guys,


Small suggestion here but a game I used to play had this for allowing you to gain contribution points to the faction you wanted to support.


The basic idea is that we can donate items to our syndicates for contribution points, make that a separate currency or combine it with standing (I wouldn't though due to advancements). So contribution points OR standing can be used to purchase items.



People can donate their items to their syndicate of choice and receive points based on different variables:

-Type of item (mod, BP, part, resource)


-Rarity (Nano Spores vs Neural Sensors, Ammo Drums vs Intensify etc)


Of course these values should be decided by dev on a case by case basis as to not make it too easy to acquire things but it could certainly work well. I mean I still don't have much use for Nano Spores or Ammo Drums.




What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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I've got nothing against it, though I think daily limits on whatever they want in return ought to be implemented to make sure the regular sense of progression is maintained (i.e. 2000 spores per-day only)

I was thinking of a dilution system. i.e I can give them 2000 spores now but tomorrow I'd have to give something else otherwise it wouldn't be worth anything and so on. So yeah I agree with you


Also as I said a case by case basis to be decided by dev to avoid fudging up the progression

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Would make a good use for all the mods dropping in Viver! lawl


Problem is balancing it all out. Either it'll not be cost effective due to the conversion rate, or it will be too effective and people will max out in a week.

Actually being on the lesser side it will have an effect long term. Every day dropping in small amounts will help you in the long term, allowing some form of progression for the less active users too but yes I do see the fear of messing up the progression because it will be very hard to come back from that

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