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Viver Has To Be The Most Popular Mission In Warframe To Run.


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Can it be? YES since it is one of the best for....


1. Syndicate Points (or fame).


2. Xp for leveling.


3. Oxium.


4. Love.


5. Nuclear war.... I mean peace.


6. A very nice challenge mission for solo players to see their skill.


And much more! so go on down to Eris, Node Viver and have some farm! ops I mean fun!


So write down your comment what else this mission can offer!




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And it's gonna go down the same path as other previously very popular things, such as Snow Globe and Radial Blind.


EDIT: And Hek, and Gorgon, for those who have been "back in the day".

EDIT 2: And Trinity. I almost forgot.

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