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Options: Explosion & Ability Radius On Minimap.


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Though the idea is interesting, it has some problems.

1. Showing explosive radius for mob's grenades would make little sense, as their charge time is so low, you would hardly have any time to look at map. For something like Penta, on the other hand, it would be unsuitable as it will clutter the map beyond belief, covering it all in rings. Especially if it would show shots from other tenno. 

2. Abilities are... problematic too. Some of the them have radius that goes beyond anything map can show. Others will, again, clutter the map, especially if it will show abilities of other tenno.

I do like the idea though, don't get me wrong. But without proper realization it would bring some unnecessary problems.

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I was thinking ability effects would only show up on the caster's map. I was thinking in terms of buffs like Speed, Roar, and Warcry, so that you could better wager if or how many team mates are buffed. 


Maybe explosions wouldn't track the Penta or Ogris, but just barrels.


Any other adjustments?

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