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  1. I will progress on it as soon as I get out of my artistic block and into gym again. So like, in a few days or so. P.s. helmet should be animated, but something is off with the emissives on the entire skin, and I will need to fix it. There are some issues on the body too, it's too faint and interrupted.
  2. Thanks, yup I know. Already notified DE about it. It's pulling currently textures from his body textures, should from separate texture set. Should be an easy fix, just relink some files.
  3. I dunno, did I show mrs Assets or not? In any case, here's her helmet wip
  4. That's rather disappointing. It felt like with separate body and separate helmet there would be a possibility to make model swaps.
  5. Looking great. Any idea for his shadow's helmet? I think it can be changed as well.
  6. Working on her too. Sevagoth looks perfect to work with, like deluxe body but default frame. Plus his shadow has it's own helmet, which means I, most likely, will be able to make a custom full skin for shadow as well.
  7. I'm still going for samurai look, but at some point I realized that I was making way too obvious samurai, stuff like demon mask, obvious kabuto. So I adjusted him a little bit to fit the game better. I'll try to combine the looks as best as I can.
  8. Some small progress on revenant, if you'd be interested to look. Will also make probably an infested guandao and samurai armor pieces
  9. That's a fair point. I'll redo the backpack. I need to redo design one way or another because DE themselves released an infested backpack with four exhaust nodules.
  10. In my defense they are bigger, I just needed to get rid of the skull look, and make sure his helmet would collapse into his ball, instead of being mushed into it, like previous was.
  11. Hey hey, all of a sudden I started working on this little guy. I wonder who this might be. (Gauss will be my primary project for next round, this is another skin in a blockout stage for now)
  12. Grendel reworked. Come take a look at his new look https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2086311664
  13. Probably not, would require additional animations and multiple triggers, and so far DE only let few syandanas in with effects on trigger - spread wings on bulltjump, or something something on sprint. This is intended to be a pygmy Deimos wyrm, and I would be lucky if DE allows the claws to move gently like Fass/Vome do. Edit. Also I can't connect syandanas to any other bone other than upper shoulders one. So no tails possible
  14. I could, but it's gonna be pretty invisible anyway, the upper plate is designed to go against the back pretty flush.
  15. Hey hey hey, people of this Earth. I come to you with a worm-friend. Early stages of work, but I think he's starting to shape up nicely. Gonna be Grendel's syandana, I think.
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