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  1. Good luck to you too, the more infested roll around in a big mushy ball, the better. They are a deceptively chaotic faction to model, with a lot of not obvious design directions. I really hope you did submit it before the deadline, though, I saw it go up on 20th?
  2. Hey. Pssst. I have a secret, would you like to know a secret? Garuda is up now https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/garuda-tiamat-4c3fd33fb9b34bb689da1f91c7d979d2 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1973543755&searchtext= Don't tell anyone. It's a secret to everybody. P.s. apparently, my render setup got #*!%ed, so I'm redoing images right now.
  3. Good job, it's more refined than first version. Don't forget to reupload it as a new model, so DE can easier notice the updated version.
  4. It's not entirely... complete yet, and I also "exploded" her, to work on different parts, but sure, here it goes
  5. I like Empusa. I also found Adze somewhat fitting, or I could just call her Lilith, which is not very imaginative, but would fit.
  6. It sounds good, but I'm afraid we already have Vetala in game. Revenant's armor set.
  7. Tiamat sounds cool, but if I find a more appropriate and equally cool sounding name, I'll reserve Tiamat for Saryn.
  8. So, I accidentally made a concept for Grendel. Doesn't mean I'm stopping garuda, I just got carried away a bit for today.
  9. Nah, DE doesn't really have any restrictions regarding weapon trail, because it's something that happens on their side, not tennogen artist. It should be fine, as long as model itself is looking good. Speaking of which, an infested bardiche sounds mighty interesting
  10. That helmet was a bit too large, so I thought I'd rework it. I might reanimate it in the future for some other project. In the mean time, here's the most up to date version. Don't you worry, it'll be grand and crazy at the end nonetheless.
  11. Nope, I'm dead. Currently training corpse flies to finish my models. Garuda first, then I need to rework Ash, he needs a bit more rework than I thought initially.
  12. I meant, have them as separate models. Try to retopologize them separately, not as a single giant piece.
  13. I feel like it's fine. DE mostly have issues with protrusions blocking camera view, or overlapping the shoulders so much, they become the shoulderguard itself. Might interfere with Garuda's arm tassets, though. I'd say, retopologize it, but separate the fabric holders from the shoulder brooches, and if DE has issues with it - just rotate the holders inwards a bit.
  14. Now I can live out my dreams of living in a flying dumpster, as any self-respecting trashgoblin should.
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