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  1. You're in luck then, I took a look at Protea's files and all of her summons (dispencer, turret, balls) can be retextured.
  2. Hey. I finished Ash. Here he is. And also his sketchfab model to swivelman him. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2128408238&result=1 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/ash-ichneumon-12c88bb53edf4b6ca450903322c445a3 Now, to work on something entirely different.
  3. Your next step would be retopology and unwrapping your model, before texturing it.
  4. I almost forgot about this helmet, would've been a shame if it didn't get finished. Nice to see it done.
  5. I personally use Blender for rendering/rigging/low poly fixes and unwrap, Substance Painter for texturing, Zbrush for sculpting and retopo. It's advisable to also get topogun for retopology.
  6. Thanks, but be careful with your budget, and only get my stuff if you have spare change.
  7. Please let us make full armor sets! I crave to give my frames pair of buff, perpetually flexing arms on shoulders. Edit: and on legs, I guess. Leg arms.
  8. I entirely don't mind. Don't be afraid to criticize me, or what I do.
  9. That's mostly due to a fact hat Oberon happened when I still didn't really know what infested are, and was using pretty outdated modelling pipeline.
  10. Finally decided to rework Ash (long time coming, no idea why I was putting him off for so long). As neck piece is no longer an option, I had to redesign helmet from the ground up, as old one just didn't fit anymore, and was outdated. Bringing up his materials and textures up to my new standards too. Hope you like centipedes. Images under cut.
  11. Oh, no no, it is heavy blade. I got it confused, since I'm used to calling two handed blades longswords (i.e. in real life) and in Warframe longswords are hand and a half. I'll go rename it, thanks for pointing out.
  12. They're notified now and will resolve it. It's not really that big of a deal.
  13. I'm going to work on a collaboration with another artist right now (TBD later), and will also update Ash up to speed. He spent enough time in his cocoon, time to stretch his limbs a bit.
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