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  1. Nikana released here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1687855678&searchtext= And now, to start immediately work on Harrow! He's gnarly, he's twisted, he lost his Sunday school license - and now he's officially in works! Super early sketchup.
  2. https://skfb.ly/6IE9J Rip, cleave and tear. Nikana is very close to being published, but here's a link to a rotatable and swooceable and movable model.
  3. Reworked blade a wee bit, now scabbard flows a little nicer.
  4. Ash Enenros now officially released. Short teacup of celebration, and back to work on his katana. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682068221
  5. Speaking of Ash and his blade. Might redo scabbard again. Too thicc, might alert the guards with clap of it's chitinous plates.
  6. The skins are actually finished, I just hesitated uploading them yet because I was learning posing and rendering on them. Here's a quick little non-colorized render of the sword, btw
  7. If I was under NDAs, I would disclose it. Unfortunately, I'm not, I just don't know wha'happun with my Equinox on consoles. Might be staggered release to coincide all skins with all platforms and sorta "test waters" for Switch with skins, that definitely will sell.
  8. Thanks for liking my stuff. Equinox has been finished and she's now in game, but not on consoles atm. I don't have information on whether she will, or will not come there. Also, I think I might go with Enenros and Ungulata for Ash and his katana. Those names sound appropriately bulbous. Not as bulbous as walrus, but alas, majority of things in the world aren't walruses, with exception of walruses.
  9. Bakatsur is a slightly changed Bakasura, which is an Indian cannibal demon. Not sure, though. Maybe I'll pick just one of yokai's names. Enenra looks interesting, it's a smoke demon.
  10. I think pretty much done now, bar blade (just fixing some textures, which is why it's untextured right now) and minor adjustments. I'm STILL picking the name, for now narrowed it down to three - Bakatsur, Sodom, Acheron. (Sodom because it allows me to name his signature katana Gomorrah). More images under cut.
  11. I became Nurgle's herald. But it's good that I skipped this round, will have more time to polish some parts and rework some stuff to be better.
  12. Little update, I might miss this round because I got super ill with red nose syndrome and extreme sneezulation plagues. Will still try to finish both skins, but might release only one, or even none, depending on my current corporeal state.
  13. Yeah, the feelers are gone, they were just sorta too much and didn't add a lot to skin, and don't worry about the tail - I have a hunch DE wouldn't mind. It's taking a bit longer than normal, with Christmas preparations, various travels and what not, but I think it should be in before the deadline. I'm currently working on polishing the skin, adding some finishing touches to sculpt, lines, etc. (If I can sneak it past Syncrasis, he will also have a little easter egg, which you can find if you manage to behead him). Here's some spinal tappings I've been working on. He has swole meganeck. Hope you like it.
  14. Tongues can suck too. All you need is an inner sinew strand, that is pulled back when tongue is extended, creating a suction cup. Kinda like what chameleons do. I doubt my Ash has a tongue, though. Btw, here's a fun bit of trivia for you. Xenomorphs are based on a creature, that really exist - the Goblin shark. They don't necessarily have inner mouth, but they have extending multiple jaws that they use to lash out and grab prey with. Merry Christmas, and thank Void sharks don't have legs yet.
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