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Bugs With Newest Infested Quest


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Before you read this, please be warned that this post contains screenshots from instances in the recent Infested Quest. If you haven't played it, go ahead and do so before reading, or proceed at the risk of getting spoiled. Just in case, I've placed the entire bug report inside spoilers.


In the new Defense mission tile used for the Infested Quest, I came across two bugs that could use some fixing.


Firstly, the Cascade Bomb seems to be missing some assets at the top, as seen in this image. I'm not sure if it needs some more Infested gunk overlapping it, or if it is missing assets for the top, but this issue is quite easy to spot out. Sorry for the pink Cataclysm.




Secondly, there is a hunk of rock that seems to be colliding with enemy pathfinding, and causing them to get stuck. I tried to take multiple screenshots to hopefully help the devs figure out the spot I'm talking about. The spot itself has been marked with a waypoint.








In the last one, you can see the Charger stuck there. This issue seemed to persist for Ancients and Chargers. I didn't see any Runners get caught in this spot.


That's all the issues I spotted out in the Defense mission.


In the Exterminate mission, I encountered a strange issue where after killing a dozen or so mobs, I was forced to travel all the way back to the starting tile of the mission to kill a random Runner. If this is just a standard spawn system hiccup, I don't know, but I'm reporting it just in case.


In the very first mission, the animated segments used for Doctor Tengus and his female associate seem to be the same. Once again, I don't know if this is intended or not.


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Came to make the same post. That light is a great spot to watch both areas of approach.


Also, on Mission 2 the guns outside the window of the starting room have giant muzzle flashes but they're not animating and the ship is not rocking.

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