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Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

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game alias: BULLETSRONIN



I started this game about... ah month? or maybe even less?

I am so hooked on this game, i am getting all my friends to play this soon lol

i already got 2 of them to play, because this game is much much much more fun and easiler and!! can be more tactical when you have more players with good plan and good combinations.

However, like i said, i am only like 3 weeks or max 4 weeks into this game, so i am pretty sure i might be one of the noob of the noob haha

but this game is still awesome, i am hoping to buy the new prime when it comes out! and i have just learned that you trade mods and everything with plats and stuff.... i know.. it is embarassing that it took me like 3 weeks to even figure out there is a trade system.. i mean this game makes it pretty obvious about it too but i just did not realized the whole clan + dojo deal. So.. i was pure noob ... all my fault..

but yes, now that i know there is such button RANK UP lol and dojo to trade with plat...

i hope i can be better haha

I bought nyx prime and wasted all the plat on things that i perhaps did not need at all at the time being...

But anyways.

I am looking forward to watch this !

and i am excited for new prime!

and wish myself a good luck to win any sort of prize haha

but i wish you all good luck and good game !

(players in this game so far have shown me some impressive level of sportsmanship, so to all those who helped me out so much, SHOUTOUT to all you kind and helpful players noobs like I and especially I, we thank you!


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