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Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

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*Tonight's episode is pending on the Update scheduled for today!
Join your hosts, DERebecca and [DE]Megan for the last Prime Time of 2014! The Relays are abuzz with rumors of a holiday Corpus Hijacking. Ready the Nart-Deer Kubrows- the Corpus have stolen gifts from all over the Solar System, and loaded them into heavy all-terrain vehicles. HERE WE COME TO SAVE THE HOLIDAYS!!
As a special holiday twist, join our hosts for Community Secret Santa! How can you participate? Comment with your Twitch username and in-game alias in this thread; but make sure you’re watching the livestream! 2 lucky players will win a unique gift based on their account (max 500 Plat value)!
PLUS, see some rad new Fan Art, discuss the Fan Concept of the week, hear your hosts sing the winning tunes from the Tenno Caroling Contest, and win Platinum prizes!
See you here tonight, December 11 at 7PM EST. Check your time zones here.
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