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No Rewards After A 40 Wave T4 Defense

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I was never NOT doing something longer than 10 seconds, constantly on the move. I rez'd everytime I died. Not only that, but 2 other people in our squad didn't get anything either. Kinda crappy. All I got was what I picked up throughout the mission


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I just got nothing on a T3 Sabotage. No fusion cores above common, no prime bp or parts... No forma... just nothing.


It did say "Could not update profile. Progress not saved."   so perhaps it was a bad connection with the host ... but the combat was fine in game.

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Is there any point in reporting this to support? I just did a T3 Survival and at the 40min mark we got Nova p chasis, but only 1/4 players actually got it.


This is just absurd... not only is there a grindwall for getting that part with abysmally low drop chances, but also a RNG on who actually gets it? WTF DE

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