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Clan Emblem

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Using a higher res lotus emblem, like those posted here, would help a lot.


I also think that it might be useful to use a less realistic moon, simply because I find realistic images in things like clan emblems kind of weird. Sometimes they look too compressed, or even tacky. That's purely personal opinion though, take from it what you will.

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Well, thank you all for your support and suggestions, i believe i will use the one supplied by Firetempest (a thank you directed just to you for that by the way). So thank you all, it was my first attempt at photoshopping with pixlir.com/editor. I'm stimm not sure how to use different features, or even figure certain features exist.

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I suggest you think very carefully with that Emblem, any Emblem really. And its 150p, 200p is to change the Clan name.


Try to make the best possible, try to find a 3D model of the Moon, maybe even shattered, Youtube is FULL of videos on how to use Phtoshop, even ones that can make your image seem like 3D.

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