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Lopsided Aseron Sekhara Placement

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The Aseron Sekhara placement appears to be wonky, with the left one being rotated around 90 degrees and pointing in the opposite direction as the right one. Happens on any frame.


We have this:


Right Shoulder:



Left Shoulder:



When the left shoulder should be more akin to this: (Pardon my extremely quick and dirty Photoshop. The picture is a nowhere-near-perfect-rough-estimate to show what I mean.)


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The Sevati is broken too. Just try putting it on over armor. Or on a Kubrow. Or on some frames like Nyx Prime (whose left shoulder sekhara appears to be slipping down her arm).


Sekharas in general have apparently had broken placement issues since release. Still unpatched like the weird uncolorable bits and texture bugs on Ash Prime (so numerous they have a megathread). Bumping for a fix.

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