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  1. PLEASE! Fix JOYRIDE achievement in STEAM. We are will be 30 rank with 99.9% achievements(
  2. OOH boy but PLS do something with JOYRIDE
  3. Seems like it is one choice, Just now tried 2nd account and NOTHING. But i dont wand use cheats((( 7 years i played.
  4. Some of EASIEST way - reboot this achievement in game for all. To open it again. Or we need to create trash accounts(? Soon ill be R30 and have 1 hole in Steam achievements -_- its so stupid.
  5. Range increased from 15m to 26m with Shrewd Grip. but....it was 18-19 already or it was +blast radius ?
  6. but why we need to duplicate account for this bug(
  7. Still no fix for JOYRIDE https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1180648-joyride-achievement-in-steam/?tab=comments#comment-11554772
  8. Please FIX Joyride achievement bug! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1180648-joyride-achievement-in-steam/?tab=comments#comment-11554772
  9. Steam crack for Achievements but Whats point and its violation. But if Steam cant help bcs its DE trouble? What we need to do? Waiting and believe? For 7 years of bugs its too hard decision)
  10. have 29rank(( what will we do??? Steam cracking after 30? For what? DE fix it or do something
  11. Still have'nt "Joyride" achievement in Steam. Have all ingame achievements ( besides 29 and 30 rank) Almost a year has passed
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