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  1. there is many of them
  2. AANND im done with Jugulus Eximus 5\5. After hours i understand something: Need to kill mobs around Purifier but dont touch it. Bcs it spawn mobs with other lvl scale (etc), origin environment have % to spawn eximus. And not matter 2nd, 4th or 5th mission, just started Salvage with 1st step Purifier (possible not necessary ??) (possible not necessary of 1st step for Purifier??; there is 2nd type mission where purifier can spawn at 1st, cant remember which one, mb with greneer pic) PS; i preferred to play solo, Fass. Spawns at first 5~10 minutes, or restart.
  3. same here, blocking gameplay impossible to close tabs, lags and freezes. DE dont get sick
  4. Tested with Cortege too. Mb can try it with status effect with LIMBO? XD But i think they are grows inside even with time stopping
  5. XD i mean CORPUS ships) There is only 1 normal - Grox (or something like this), other is elite with energy fields animation
  6. *Where can we find SIMPLE ships in Veil Proxima? There is only elite(
  7. I have 3 ingeneers ( not enter Neptune proxima yet) Tere is strange inwall turret (helis scan it) Strange rare crate without norm loot(
  8. Ingeneers spawns in mission with flameble pipes like i saw. Have 2 full and 1 80%. And in seconaru\y objective missions like MDEF in high room-ship
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