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  1. Need to kill 150 enemies with Toxin but doing this with Gas type. No idea, this is ok for 1 of compound element? Never saw this before.
  2. Riven for Zhuge or for all bows idk. 5.5/2=0.05? Shot 1 arrow/min ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌
  3. Still no fix for ZAW links energy (blue). For melee ground strike trace for client (blue ) and same for opticor explode aoe trace etc. And Thugs Jet for K-drive still blue for host (how?? not for client like always). WHY? =(
  4. Joyride still not fixed for Steam?
  5. To sad of all client energy colors or kitgun clips etc always shows in standart. And melee hit track too 0_0
  6. yes its broke progress for party (not solo) DE pls -_-
  7. DE?????? Where is NUMBERS for Resourses when we excavate them???? DE? Hotfix?
  8. **Revenant Mesmer smoke effect is now only seen on yourself, not other players, to improve performance and visibility. ???????????? WTF DE?? This prevented me and not the players. This is a kind of aura coming from the Revenant, why did you put it away for everyone but left blindness to me ?? It is NONSENCE. Alogical....Why? Why you always , why every 50% of fixes for those 5 years always contradict the meaning of Lore\Game\universe of this game (
  9. Fixes fixes/ DE pls? what wrong? 1 mons or more a saw trade problem with [Coolant Leak]. If you have more than 1 (hve 6) you will se in trade only 1 in sentinel mode. and all 6* will be like you have only 1. It is just 1 annoing problem. Im to old to write everytime all bugs for 3 years (holes in textures, glitches etc) But you fix only usable funny bugs in 60%. and no main errors. And sorry for Lang. I did not learn English
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