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  1. And still no fix for Steam JOYRIDE(((((
  2. Man who say that but still here and wrote something.....so sad -_-
  3. Why sumdali main color binded to main color of ship? I think its accents stile. Looks strange on ship.
  4. BOYYY ....legendary bcs like this XD Spawn into the wall
  5. Ride, Juggers. did it but it is broken, What need to do with nests + fire i dk it is broken to. But i burned many of them with Cortege) Ang soon ill have last Rank. With buget Joyride in Steam)
  6. not working for me. Then ill be 30 rnk Founder with 1 missing achievement in Steam. Like memories of BUGFRAME XD This is what they wont mb
  7. oh thx -_- Fix Achivement system((
  8. BIG thx. May it be with Necros too?
  9. have 9-10 since 4 vaults
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