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  1. Fixed killing a Vasca Kavat on the Plains of Eidolon not counting for the Pest Control Achievement. OH mb fix Joyride and Deimos Achievements?(
  2. Gives this gratitude to the 30 ranks some kind of effect in the end, or is it just a "like"?
  3. PLS fix Achievements!! ( Adjusted Flagellocanth hit box to allow for easier targeting. -> no SUFFER mode anymore when fishing
  4. not Isolvault? Interesting. There is no entry
  5. Deimos Leaper - really no new speciments( How about Deimos Juggernaut Eximus?
  6. but....bp of Spinosa and Sporotrix???? Still untradable?
  7. AAAAND Aurum and Sporotrix BP's is still untradable? -_-
  8. how about Spinosa/Sporotrix BP trade 0_0
  9. And still no fix for Steam JOYRIDE(((((
  10. Man who say that but still here and wrote something.....so sad -_-
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