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  1. Tennocon

    If i buy Full Day ticket i receive swag bag if cant join party in London (Canada)?? Or my role is be satisfied with Digital Pack only?)
  2. Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.4.0

    Matchmaking for The Index now uses wager levels*-- EXCELENTE!
  3. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Removed secret enemies from appearing in the Codex --- THX!!!! And PLS give me all Apotics((( 1\3
  4. Hotfix 19.13.1

    just in time
  5. Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1

  6. 2nd place – 750 Platinum!3rd place – 500 Platinum!4th place – 250 Platinum! 5th place – 100 Platinum! Really DE??? 100-1000 pl? Cool (no)
  7. The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #3

    Fixed Grineer Manics not being included in the Codex properly. * Not included my Aptothic 2\3 scans from Quest and part of items in Item codex)
  8. The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #3

    Lol there was holed door on Jordas Trial (from the beginning) and no acrions
  9. The Silver Grove: U4.2

    Huzzah! He posted first....©
  10. The Silver Grove: U4+4.1

    You can now access your Inventory screen when in the Dojo. Just a few years for did it XD
  11. The Silver Grove: Hotfix 2

    Your nickname is not correct. ShirO Hagane...
  12. The Silver Grove

    Liebe Samurai, i'm your butterfly...