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What Are Your Favorite Loadouts?


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I know it's a generic thing to ask but I'm interested to see what everyone uses


my favorites are

Ash p vectis p rakta ballistica tipedo carrier prime and sweeper prime

Loki p dread hikou prime dragon ninkana carrier prime and sweeper prime 

Chroma hek vaykor Marelok scindo p carrier prime and sweeper prime (again)

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-Nova Prime 

-Soma Prime


-Glaive Prime

-Carrier with normal sweeper (I'll get you some day, Samurai prime...)


Honestly though, I use too much variety to have a particular favourite since I mix it crazily depending on where I go.

Like a Prisma Grakata with Vile Acceleration. Have you seen how fast it empties 120 bullets?

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Soma(soon to be replaced by Prime)/Snipetron Vandal/a bow/an explosive weapon

Atomos/Despair/Brakk/Rakta Ballistica

Orthos(soon to be Prime)/Boltace/Atterax/Dragon Nikana

Shade w/ Sweeper(gonna hunt for Carrier P just for Sweeper P after the next batch of Primes) - i'm so close to wanting to forma it(Animal Instinct aint cheap), but i'm assuming it's the next prime sentinel... For that matter, same goes for Trinity, as i have Nova and Mag P now. :V

When i go into a 'serious' game this is always what i bring.

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Valkyr/Saryn/Loki Prime

Gorgon (still waiting for Wraith's rerelease, Prisma sounds horrible)/Soma Prime for more high-end stuff

Vaykor Marelok

Prisma Dual Cleavers/Tipedo

Carrier Prime/Helios

5 Forma'd Sweeper Prime because overkill

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