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Hotfix 8.0.3: Some Like It Hotter!


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Here are the latest hotfixes:


- Fixed Nyx Absorb not working, resulting in "Power in Use" bug.

- Fixed remaining levels that resulted in Critical failures, sending users into emptiness.

- Snowglobe bug fixed.

- Fixed issue where end-of-mission rewards were not being saved (namely in The Void).

- Fixed issue where Login Rewards (including Forma) were not being obtained.

- Fixed issue where Foundry would break after receiving certain drops.

- Fixed Ash  Chassis tag appearing on incorrect items.

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But Thanks! :)


BTW could you guys take a look again at Nyx's powers and compare them with the others?
Shes.. well other than chaos... Underpowered.


I wrote a whole thread on how to make her just better.

98% of it is about absorb.

So hopefully this gets implemented in the hotfix friday things.

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