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Vauban Vortex Steals Gear?


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Very bizarre bug happened to me the other day.


During my mission as Vauban I was downed by enemies near my vortex. Since I was playing solo I died, and my ragdolled body was dragged into the vortex that I created. Amusing, but my amusement quickly vanished when I realised  after I'd ressurected that all of my consumable gear (scanner charges, energy restores, specters etc.) had disappeared. 


It was there when I quit the mission and checked the inentory, and I still had it when I went on my next one, so no permanent damage had been done, and it's not like it is a very frequent situation, but still, I'm sure that it's not something that should happen.

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This seems to be a random bug with reviving as it happened to me (as Zephyr) during the Emergency Exit Tactical Alert and I had to do the last 5 or so waves with no gear. It didn't affect my gear count either, it just unequipped it for the rest of the mission.

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