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  1. That Rhino clearly has the iron skin off, everything's legit.
  2. DnD is a terrible system for Warframe. There are other RPGs that would work better.
  3. Sentients are immune though, so that one you'll have to forget about.
  4. Thank you. DE's sound department is probably my favourite. You guys are like mailmen, you always deliver.
  5. a) when third orb mother heist? b) (When) will we get new lich personalities? Two templates - stern for women, silly for men - across all liches gets old pretty fast.
  6. Small addendum - I tried checking in every region and it seems ram sleds on Earth still have that sound, though a bit faint. Saturn and Veil have nothing.
  7. As per the topic title, the sound that ram sleds used to emit and that served as a warning that they are incoming is now missing. Pretty sure it was not intentional, so could that be fixed?
  8. And now, maybe another year till Dex cube...
  9. Both pistols have a clip jutting out of their sides. Could you fix that as well? Pretty please?
  10. Please make it again so that only Railjack's owner can pick missions on the screen. Personally I loathe an idea that someone who is not me can take my Railjack for a spin. What's the point of owning a ship if you don't actually own it?
  11. Inkling and Sans is even younger, so it's not like we don't have a precedent. And to answer your question - yes, I do. I don't see what is here to be so reverent about, being an older game series does not mean anything.
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