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  1. VisionAndVoice

    How do you update a profile on the forums?

    Forum rank has no connection to your ingame rank. It changes according to your post count.
  2. VisionAndVoice

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    From what it looks like, you will get a choice of 3 Primed mods. On Day 300 you will get a choice of 3 weapons, Zenistar should be one of those.
  3. VisionAndVoice

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Maybe swap that for x3 Shotgun rivens? Evergreen C has Rifle, Scondary, Melee, but no Shotguns.
  4. VisionAndVoice

    Shotgun Riven Mod

    Alternatively Take Loki, go on an Infested Mobile Defence. Put a datamass into a console, latch onto a wall, and start racking kills once they get there.
  5. VisionAndVoice

    Ridiculous Riven Challnges

    Trivial task.
  6. VisionAndVoice

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    How is the new Eidolon type (flying one) coming along? What about Grineer burrowing tanks for Plains? Is it still happening?
  7. VisionAndVoice

    Where are Fomorians?

    The indicator for the Fomorian event has been sitting on full for some days now, but no Fomorian comes. Have they turned them off for the relay event and forgot to put back on?
  8. VisionAndVoice

    Kuva Fortress: Purple Lotus

    What did it say?
  9. VisionAndVoice

    Memories of :: Draco ::

    It sucked and it should stay dead.
  10. VisionAndVoice

    Need help looking for this song for somachord

    Tip: you mean "mandachord", not "somachord".
  11. VisionAndVoice

    What to do with this riven

    Reroll it obviously. Rivens' characteristics are generated randomly, and not always optimally.
  12. VisionAndVoice

    African Inspired Warframe When DE

    You want an excuse to ask people if they no da wae?
  13. Human!Ash reminds me of someone... Oh yeah.
  14. VisionAndVoice

    Dargyn Fighter Piloting in Plains of Eidelon?

    Hijacking dargyns? For a while now. You can find the parked on the ground and jack there or shoot out the pilot and take the dargyn once it falls. Now next thing you will do on the plains is try using Loki's Switch teleport on a flying dargyn.