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  1. Also, one of the iso vaults rooms - the one with the flesh pit - has a broken mech beneath it.
  2. You don't need to tell me about trials, I was there to see them with my own eyes. Trials had flaws, and "forced cooperation" was far from the real one. Don't project your views on everyone else. You've got the whole rest of the game for your "me time".
  3. Why are you so scared of interacting with your fellow players?
  4. The amount of time it takes to get enough arcanes from that diluted rewards table killed the appeal ages ago. The only ones who will suffer from it will be the arcanes scalpers who mine those from eidolons to sell for platinum, and they deserve everything they have coming their way.
  5. Grendel pong. Two grendels spit out a grineer trooper at each other.
  6. It's not like it's especially energy costly, or the other mech is any serious threat. All that goes off quickly.
  7. It's a crisis of ideas. DE needs to constantly add new and new features to keep the player retention, but with time good ideas run out. It's a tell that they are scraping pretty close to the bottom of the barrel that they added a frame that works on cooldowns - even though I remember that back in the day Steve went on record basically saying that their design philosophy was avoiding cooldowns.
  8. I don't know if I'm really "newer", I was around when Fortuna premiered and had VS at the current max rank when Profit-Taker dropped. However, things like what you described would be annoying to me anyway - these hour-long marathon grinds that only work with limited loadouts and exploits are more soul-crushing than taking things slower and more gradually. But that's details, I think overall we agree on this one.
  9. That's a separate point, but I will make it nonetheless. Another thing why I think mechs don't belong in the game is that they are redundant. Frames can be just as much of unstoppable killing machines - it's really symbolic that in order to get a mech you need to thrash multiple mechs with your frame, kinda creating a picture that you don't need a mech in the first place, you have a better toy already. Gameplay reinforces it - apart from Voidrig's 4 stupid OP mechs don't do anything that a frame already does not, and with some jumps through hoops they can match even that. Frames and
  10. His parts are sold by Little Duck. So you need to max out with Solaris United, then rank up with Vox Solaris to get to his level, then buy them. To get to the necessary rank with VS you need things that can only be obtained from Profit-taker bounty's diluted reward pool, and to get Rep to get to those milestones you need to grind Toroids. It was a far longer and far more monotonous grind than with mechs. Mechs were friendlier in that regard.
  11. I think it doesn't matter. I'm talking about specifically Arquebux, and that thing is broken even with a naked mech, as I've already mentioned.
  12. Because they wouldn't do this to get people to complain, it's to fix an imbalanced weapon.
  13. Baruuk is easily the most frustrating thing to get in Warframe, far exceeding mechs. And since I have both him and mechs I can compare, and mechs are easier. Don't move goalposts, we were talking about mechs not mods. Mech mods don't really matter though. I think I had some when I crafted my mech, but Arquebux is OP even with a naked mech.
  14. No, why would I do this to myself? I didn't purposefully grind for necramechs until Oprhix Venom was announced - and then I found that I was somehow sitting on an almost complete set for both mechs, because I did do vaults for bonus vaults and its resources. I also have Baruuk, and I believe that's nuff said. So to summarise - grinding necramechs ain't S#&$. Forums are constantly angry, it's their norm. Whatever DE does people whine about it, so I don't see the big deal.
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