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  1. VisionAndVoice

    What are your thoughts on a weekly/monthly Platinum reward?

    This. Technically, we already have reward incentive to play Conclave with Teshin's weekly challenge, for all the good it does. Plat prizes won't change anything, what with how easy plat is to get in the first place compared to other f2p games and their premium currency. Conclave, as with many things in WF, is trapped in a vicious circle. Where people don't play it so DE doesn't work on it (because to stay afloat they work on what will attract the most players first and foremost), and since DE doesn't work on it people don't play it.
  2. VisionAndVoice

    Wukong's Passive

    While it's true, Combo Counter Duration mods do a better job at it, making the passive redundant and greatly overshadowing it (I practically never run builds without Drifting Contact). So I hope he gets something better.
  3. VisionAndVoice

    Tips for dealing with level 40 enemies?

    In my opinion, Interceptions solo can be easier than with a team that drags you down. The main tip for going solo is not to play tug of war with them. Capture a point and move on. If the enemies start recapturing the point, don't try to push them out. Let them have it, and move to the one that is currently empty of them instead. If you focus on that, you will be capturing points faster than they can recapture them. And if you can consistently have at least two points captured all this time while doing this, you are guaranteed to win - with two points yours and one in recapture you gain more than the enemies. With this tactic, all you need to focus on is your survival, so pick whatever frame is easier for you - tank, CC, damage, whatever. The reason why solo is easier than bad team with this is that when you're alone fewer enemies spawn, so you don't have to deal with too many mobs. If you're carrying bad teammmates it's actually getting harder, because enemies spawn in larger numbers and cover more ground - so the above tactic may not work if your cellmates don't pull their own weight.
  4. VisionAndVoice

    valkyr in fortnite

  5. VisionAndVoice

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Are flying eidolons and grineer digging tanks still happening? What of the Nemesis system?
  6. VisionAndVoice

    Persisting sliding sound in Conclave

    If I get downed during a Conclave match the sliding sound accompanies me for the rest of the match - I think it happens if I get downed during a slide OR if the person I am spectating before I respawn decides to slide. It is however tied to my movement - if I stand still, the sound diminishes as if when I slide with little momentum left, but if I start moving it intensifies to the "sliding at full speed" level. Please fix, it's incredibly distracting.
  7. VisionAndVoice

    Fortuna exceeded my expectations

    It works for me. Must've fixed it.
  8. VisionAndVoice

    Fortuna exceeded my expectations

    I'm enjoying it. Haven't explored the world that much, but the new mechanics make a difference. Such as optional conditions to tasks, and tasks themselves seem more creative. The ability to get new tasks without getting back to Foruna etc.The new enemies feel new, unlike Tusks who are just a palette swap. Fluff-wise it's also more compelling. Fortuna has more character and flavour - if Cetus may feel like a place to hang out for some moments and then leave, in Fortuna you actually want to stay longer. And, you actually want to help these people. Not all flawas have been adressed, but so far it really is "Plains but better".
  9. VisionAndVoice

    Space Ghosts

    Your mind is changed. Done. Merry Christmas.
  10. VisionAndVoice

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    From what it looks like, you will get a choice of 3 Primed mods. On Day 300 you will get a choice of 3 weapons, Zenistar should be one of those.
  11. VisionAndVoice

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Maybe swap that for x3 Shotgun rivens? Evergreen C has Rifle, Scondary, Melee, but no Shotguns.
  12. VisionAndVoice

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    How is the new Eidolon type (flying one) coming along? What about Grineer burrowing tanks for Plains? Is it still happening?
  13. Human!Ash reminds me of someone... Oh yeah.
  14. VisionAndVoice

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0

    Redtext mentioned new AMP parts, but I see nothing about them in patchnotes. Which one is msitaken?
  15. VisionAndVoice

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    That's called being greedy.