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  1. VisionAndVoice

    crappy RNGesus luck all radiants btw

    If it helps, we sympathise.
  2. VisionAndVoice

    Do you think Mirage should have a rework

    Mmmmmm, no.
  3. VisionAndVoice

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0 +

    The description of Vauban's passive in the Abilities screen in the arsenal is still the same.
  4. VisionAndVoice

    Is Frame Fighter Gonna Replace Conclave?

    Hope not.
  5. VisionAndVoice

    Can people see your head move when you look around?

    Yes we can see it.
  6. VisionAndVoice

    what is wrong with "the glass gambit" quest?!

    Because a) it's a safer option. b) more importantly, we don't know their exact location. They're always moved about. The Index match after that does not require a cred investment and retunrs the credits you lost on that, so no loss. Your problem. I played quest solo, had no problem whatsoever. Bring friends, recruit people in chat, git gud - pick your solution of choice. No rebuttal here, but them's the breaks. And this just prevents from taking you seriously in any way. If you want to swear, swear. If you're afraid, you're too young to be here. Though from the tone of your post that much os obvious anyway.
  7. VisionAndVoice

    VR Chat In Relay

  8. I think OP meant that he noticed a cyst on Limbo on the same day his Valk got infected. A weel apssed and he could remove one from Valk but not from Limbo. Most likely OP's math is a bit off and Limbo got infeccted later than he thinks.
  9. No, cysts grow at the same rate whether you're using a frame or not.
  10. You can just replay sorties.
  11. VisionAndVoice

    Worried About Universal Umbra Polarity

    Why don't you rather base it on facts?
  12. VisionAndVoice

    I got scammed. What should I do?

    Try contacting support, if that does not work you're S#&$ out of luck I'm afraid.
  13. VisionAndVoice

    What is the point of playing one and the same event every month?

    Only Ghouls are automated, Plague Star was turned back on manually. As for why would people want to play it again? Well, flavour of the event for one. That's sufficient. Dear me, that's some quality salt. Chill, it's unhealthy to be this salty.
  14. VisionAndVoice

    When's Armstice end though?

    Armistice will most likely end when there's going to be a new system instead of Dark Sectors.
  15. VisionAndVoice

    The end of void keys was also the end of a cool farming

    That's because it never existed in the first place. Noone came there for fun. It was always loot and loot only, you're delusional for thinking otherwise. -farming -fun Pick one and only one.