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  1. 1 month is not *just*, it's plenty of time to make up your mind. I stuck to Charger before because out of all other companions it was the only one actually exotic, and not "big cat/big dog". Now they will fall in the same niche.
  2. Forgot to put Predas/Vulpas in. And don't give me that they were too recent, MOAs aren't that old either, especially the melee one.
  3. I can't be the only one who hopes that if we get the actual Lotus back as our mission control she will be with her Natah face? I like how it looks.
  4. No, frames and operator are normal. What@NightmareT12 posted is exactly what I have - though I have that option off.
  5. Since vulpaphylas equipped with devolution mods are effectively immortal, those notifications for them dying or getting revived lose all meaning, and only serve as a distraction. And since vulpaphylas are pets, and pets are fragile, on high levels we will see that distraction quite often, as pets die frequently. If possible, could that message be removed in this particular case?
  6. After the ensmallening update it seems that something went wrong with the textures of people's images in communication bubbles. They became brighter, and many people now look bleached/white. The biggest example that I have spotted is Ergo Glast, whose clothes now are fully white. The Red Veil guy also has more white in his appearance than before. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I don't think it is intentional.
  7. I know I'd made this thread before, but since there is still no change here I am making it again. Please add mercy invincibility time for pets after they are revived, same as what frames have. Most companions tend to be fragile and so die often on high levels. Which is frustrating on its own, but what's even more frustrating is that very often once they are revived they immediately go down again. It's especially infuriating if what's killed them is a toxic cloud, and since pets are too stupid to move away they die instantly if the cloud hasn't dispersed by that time. So they keep dying an
  8. As the title says. As far as I can see, while you're inside it is impossible to tell in what phase the Drift is in at any given moment and how much time is left in that phase. You can see that from the star chart, or while you're out in the Drift, but not inside. So, if I want to do an ISO-vault run but forgot to check if the time is right on the chart before going into Necralisk, and I won't be able to see that without seeing some more loading screens. Which is inconvenient. So, please add a way to see the cycle time while in Necralisk.
  9. Half of the suits we have could fit for a stillsuits. And the real OG's will know that for the real Dune look you will use the Emissary armour for that Leto II style.
  10. To be fair, we did have an ARG to preface the Fortuna launch, that was hot.
  11. Something definitely needs to be done about the Avichaea. Its tags were the first time in 6 years I gave up and just bought progression with plat instead of earning it myself, what with it having only one spawn point that does not refresh until you enter and leave the map. Giving them more spawn points is the bare minimum.
  12. Actually it's both. The ship we're walking around on is a larger ship that our landing craft docks too, but I recall devs saying they are indeed supposed to be "bigger on the inside".
  13. According to some artwork I've seen online - yes they can.
  14. In my opinion using the fragment of the main theme for the generic mission end screen is a poor choice. Firstly, because is undermines the theme itself. Before that it was only used for special, triumphant occasions where its impact was fitting, and in fact formed a large part of the grand impression from those moments. Using it as a common jingle removes the special-ness of this theme, and lessens the impact from it and any grand moments that it underscores. Secondly, because it's triumphant mood does not always fit the mood of the end of the mission. I feel nothing triumphant when
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