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What's Up With The Diamond Mark?



I've been noticing that a lot of mods have this...little...diamond shape, like a cube viewed from a couple 45 degree angles. It's on a ton of Stances - more of them have it than not, really. Is this is some kind of Conclave eligibility mark?

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The mods that have the diamond will be in both Conclave and non-conclave.


The mods with the Conclave symbol on them will be Conclave-exclusive.


The mods without any symbol at all are non-Conclave-exclusive.

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Well yes and no. The one OricSharp meant is seen on Maglev in the screen shot. It's the symbol to the left of the name. The symbol for utility mod is on the top.

They symbol OP was talking about is the conclave eligibility mark for mods. These mods can be used in, but are not restricted to, the conclave.


The symbol ickyickes is talking about is the Exilus mark. These mods can be used, but are not restricted to, the Exilus slot.

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