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Stupid Bug With The Fomorian Core And Frost In The Raid


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Hello DE,


[edit] : as Kuestenjung noticed, the bug seems not be related to Frost... [/edit]


This night we had a stupid bug when using Frost "buble" in order to protect the Fomorian Core : we was unable to give energy to the Fomorian core, causing it to go back in electricity and causing a 'game over'... Fomorian Core had stupid behaviour like go forward / go back, all 4 warframes in the raid have tested to give its shield to the Fomorian but it has no effect. The Fomorian Core was randomly red / green, and the player just above was full shielded and he was not moving!


It seems that the Frost 'buble' after the rework cause issue with interaction of warframe shield and Fomorian Core.


We lose a key for nothing. We are unable to finish a raid with this bug.


Please solve this bug since we always have done a raid with a Frost in order to protect the Fomorian Core.


I have no screenshot to post since the strange behavior we witnessed tonight would rather required a video...

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Why do you need a frost globe on the core?  I have never done that.  The only globe I pop during that section of the event is when g3 drops in.  I stand in my globe and kill all of them then move on.


OP is talking about a possible bug

you question him about <his> game-play and <his> choice.


mind to stay on topic please? I believe he don't have to answer you as well

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@Kuestenjung you are right, this is the same bug. I have done a research on the forum before posting, but I thought that the post you indicate was related to nightmare raid.


So it is not a strange interaction between Frost and the core? 


Good new!

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