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U17 Final Thoughts


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Ok then. 


So I've spent enough time with U17 to give it my 'final thoughts'.


1) Let's get the bugs out of the way. 


a) The melee button "e" stops working randomly. Always irritating. Coupled with this, you can no longer stick to walls also.

b) Sharkwing is riddled with sticky geometry(you get stuck) and unresolvable situations.
c) Conclave - same stuff from before, getting 1 shotted by people who are not aiming at me, unloading clips into enemies face only to do 0 damage. Could be lag. But probably not.
d) Scan targets falling through the level so that you cant scan them
e) me falling through the level
2) Natah: Epic. Shame on all games that are not Warframe. The intrigue deepens. The mystery deepens. This game is epic.
3) Sharkwing general - fun as hell. Buggy. But fun regardless.
4) New weapons: Harpak - fun! Though it does smell like a Paracyst reskin. Fun nonetheless. Grattler - havent used yet, but looks epic. 
5) Parkour 2.0 - growing on me. Bullet jump is epic. Wall stick is fun. Wall run is clumsy.
6) Equinox - Pretty cool. Looks grreat. Day form Ultimate OP vs low level content. Probably worthless vs high lvl content. Night form looks epic. Ultimate great vs. high lvl content. Waste of energy vs low level content. Sleep - Neat but completely overshadowed by radial blind.
7) Utility slot - more slots = less diversity in builds. That's simple math. An unfortunate decision. But whatever.
FINAL VERDICT: I have to give this update an 8/10. Excellent additions, excellent quests/voice acting/production value/world buildning/great amount of content being added... my only gripe is the bugginess and the utility slot.
All in all, EPIC work DE! I Pity anyone trying to compete with Warframe. KEEP IT GOING! Please give Archwing some love! 'Missile Lock' warning is so nessesary!
Anyway. Great work. 8/10.
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I love the update. But, with each passing hour of not getting the Natah quest after it bugged out the first time and my Sealab runs quickly rising well into a hundred, my love rapidly turns to disdain.


That's hatred for the RNG. We feel you bro. ;w;

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