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Old Melee Blockign Vs New Melee Blocking And How To Improve Stuffz (My Opinion)


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First off an explanation to how the old Melee worked:

You had a weapon and if you were Blocking each hit blocked would take a bit off your stamina

There were/are mods to allow auto Blocking and damage Reflection.


new Melee Blocking:

Blockign Now goes endless but only blocks some percentage of the damage, same percentage for all weapons.

to reflect damage you need to channel your weapon and each hit blocked costs as much as 1 channeling hit would have costed.

It was said somewhere that Damage reflection mods would be turned into cores but since I still use mine that seems like it was miss information ( tested this .... the reflection mod does no longer work in any form)


The change =?

Instead of beeing able to block a high amount of damage over a short time you can now block but some damage will come through no matter what you do making blocking a less viable choice than actual dodging or outright killing/ out dps'ing the enemy.

Damage Reflection Now uses your Finite energy which you also need for abilitys instead of just influencing your sprintspeed.


in the end blocking is a far less viable option to absorbing damage or reflecting damage.



How to Improve this and maybe ad some customication?


Well the first part would be... give Shields like Aegis higher damage reducion or Block numbers ... their Shields for a reason.

While  also decreasing the blocking ability of daggers and other small weapons.

2. Bring back/introduce  reflection mods which decrease or take away the energy cost associate with blocking... or u know make damage reflection and option only obtainable by mods.

3. Damage reflection needs a different scalling.

Instead of reflecting x% of the damage done to the frame which has a - for damage blocked and - for damage absorbed by armour / iron Skin we will make this simple:

damage reflection is apply'd before blocking  so if you have 50% reflect thats 50% of the damage the enemy would have hit you with... then the other 50% get the - block percentage and - armour and resists and that damage hits you.

This way instead of reflecting no or realy low damage you will actualy hurt the enemy with his own bullets.

dun dun dunnn.


So what is your opinin random reader?

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