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Unable To Use Melee/wall Cling At All After Some Bullet Jumping And Wall Clinging


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Only happened to me 3 times since U17 but it's enough to warrant this post. Didn't know anyone had the same glitch happen to them? Only fix is to drop group, end run prematurely or continue with out any melee or wall cling. 


Can use both primary and secondary but no melee even if you switch to it.



I love my melees and wall clingies :-( 

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Did you wall cling/bullet glide until your bullet glide/wall cling time ran out then neglected to hop off of a wall to refill your timer?

As for missing Melee, idk, it happens without wall clinging too.

Edit: Tell me all you know, and I'll see if I can find the cause. Be sure to include loadout (maybe not mods) and actions taken prior to losing functionality.

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