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IGN: taterD

Mastery-Rank: 25

In game: 2650hrs since 2015

Country: Russia

Language: Russian, English

Discord: taterD#7669

Current Clan: unaffiliated

I am an  friendly and active player. I want to join such a clan ^^

Thanks )

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IGN: -Falco- 

Mastery-Rank: 28

In game: 9613 hrs , since 2014

Country: Russia

Language: Russian, English 

Discord: Falco#6557

Current Clan: Great Hele 

About me: My name is Alexander, I am 32 years old. I play almost every day when I have free time. What else can I add: My main character is Nova. I prefer fast missions. Regarding long run - everything is a bit complicated, because at this stage, we live from update to update and do long runs, to be honest, they are a little tiring. In general, I am a friendly and active player and would like to join your ranks.


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IGN: fangtimes

Mastery Rank: 25

Country: United States

Current/previous clan: Quasars, Zenith Rank

Discord ID: fangtimes#9084

I stopped playing Warframe around mid-Fortuna to take a big break and I am looking to get back into the game. 

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IGN: R3vfor


1.1k+ in mission hours

Country: Nepal

Language: English(I cant speak it properly tho)

A friend of mine recommended that i apply to join so we can do the clan challenges and stuff

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IGN: Chanzi
Mastery: MR28
Country: USA
Current Clan: Black Widow Company
Started Playing: 2016, ~1,400 hours in mission
Discord: Myrdamo#0146
About Me: I've been playing Warframe on and off since 2016. The clan I'm currently in isn't active anymore, and I'd like to join a group of friendly and talented Tenno. I'm a min-maxer, and I enjoy working with a team, completing challenges, learning, and improving.

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Posted (edited)

IGN: Zulna18


970+ hours / 670 Hydrolysts eidolons captured.

Country: France

Current Clan: Tennocraty

Started playing: 2 years ago

Discord: Zulna#6197

Language: Français/ English

I Previously tried to join the clan but without success, and i really would like to pass the playtest again and try to join Quasars !!!!




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Ign: SuuqMadeeek

MR: 23

Country: India

Previous Clan: Renegade Legacy

Started playing mid 2016.

Discord: uhhh#5505

Want to join a clan with experienced players.


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IGN: Seir (Used to be --Q--Nyu)

MR: 24 - Almost 25

Time played: 1152 hours

Country: CA, USA

Current/previous: Quasars

Discord ID: Seir#6666

I was previously in Quasars, did all the clan member rank up challenges, and had a lot of fun. Sadly burnt out happened which forced me to take a 2 year long break, but I would love to reconnect to my old clan mates. I am recently getting back into it all and can't wait to do some endurance runs with the team once again. 

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Posted (edited)

My gamertag is hellfightercb on PS4 I've been playing Warframe well over three years and I'm stuck at a standstill of a low rank and low supplies but I play almost every day my discord is redxslayer81#8209 please help me.(not trying to be desperate and or helpless)

Edit* I am stuck at rank 7 have almost all trophy's progress is at 57% on PS4 I have no clan I speak English and german...also I could try to beat the one hour survival


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Extra info
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IGN: Panera

MR: 27

Time played: 2500 Hours

Country: United States (EST)

Current/previous: Remnants of the Void

Discord ID: Chalee#2019


Looking for another Top Tier clan to play with, took a break due to school and what not but I am back to grinding full time and am looking for a group to do so 🙂

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Would love to be back in the clan. Was in a region with no Warframe servers thus could play gor a very long time. 

But I'm back in full swing and ready to contribute to the clan like before. 

Please do consider.

IGN: --Q--Virus213

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Hey I just traded a few times with one of your members, and we had a good chat. I would absolutely love to join your clan!


800+ Hrs

Country: USA

Languages: English, German

Looking forward to hopefully being a member of your clan!

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IGN: Dayrup


Country: Sweden

Current Clan: Yggdrasil

Started playing: When nekros prime was vaulted

Discord ID: Dayrup#4208

Reason to want to join: I want to get leader board scores with people who are down to optimize strategies


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IGN: Azg0

MR: 24

Country: France

Current Clan: Cawotte Korp

Started playing: 2014 but I really started playing around 2017

Discord ID: Azgo#1778

I always kinda played the game solo when it come to optimizing or in depth mechanics and currently I'm looking for a clan with a lot of great peoples to learn new things, puching limits and have fun.

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IGN: Ynellqt

Mastery Rank: 28

Play-time: 1440 hours

Country: France

Current clan: Eagle Rising

Want to join: Quasars Storm

Started playing: Summer 2018

Discord ID: Ynell#0001

About me:
I'm mostly an Endurance player but I'm always eager to learn more about the different aspects of the game I haven't been seriously involved in yet such as Eidolon Hunting and Speedruns.
I'm constantly branching out into newer activities and I've played with a few Quasars players over my playtime who showed both a good attitude and dedication towards pushing the limits and setting their own goals in the game.
I'm looking for a high level clan with players willing to solve problems proactively in a like-minded environment and I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to achieving the best scores in the leaderboards!

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Posted (edited)

IGN: KamiAzrael

MR 25

1400+ hours

Previous Clan: Vitruvian Guard

Country: UK

Language: English 

Discord: Rushifã (KamiAzrael)#5694

I've been playing for 6 years (I have a taken a few breaks here and there). I love doing endurance runs/events and am looking to find a friendly clan which like to do these as well and hopefully make some good friends along the way. 

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IGN - AinNxenes

MR - 23 | 950+ In - Game Hours

Country - India

Current Clan - Ashen Tennoshen

Language - Hindi, English

About Me -  Eidolon Hunter, Endgame survival like Arbi,Mot,kuva 2H 30 min current personol solo ,  Intersetd in Joining clan for grinding Events and endgame runs

                   Fashion framer.


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Posted (edited)

IGN : GainGizeerz

Mastery Rank : 24

Country : Asia / Philippines

Previous Clan : Anime Kingdom

About me: My name is Tan been playing the game since 2013 but unfortunately i stopped playing like 2-3 years since i have scholarship in school that i need to focus on maintaining grades and my laptop is not so good at that time been playing 9 fps XD for like 1 year and lead me to achieve being strong with that frame rate only yah feels bad and my years of age is 19 and now i can manage to have time playing warframe since i have a laptop that can manage to run the game Like to run long Endurance run and can help any player if needed.And interested on being long time member :)

Side note:The recruiter is nice, communicating with the guy is like 2 min he/ is you're friend already :)  hopefully i get accepted as a clan member soon.

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Posted (edited)

IGN: MRobespierre

Mastery Rank: 23

In-game hours: 720+

Country: Poland

Language: english, polish

Current clan: Black Paper

About me: I desire a commuity of experienced players, who are not afraid to push the game to its lmits. I love endurance runs as well as speedruns - i feel that these activities are really what shows your skill as well as let you explore the game deeper. I would love to be a part of this amazing clan, as I see that competitiveness is a top priority here, not just chilling and lazy hanging around.

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IGN: Arsonistic

Mastery Rank: 28

Country: Sweden

Current clan: Yggdrasil

Started playing: FEB 2019

Discord ID: Arsonistic#6282

About me: I do Arbitrations. Hi.

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