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Helios Sentinel Issues

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so this Sentinel still has issues related to its codex ability.


while sentinels like wyrm, deathcube, shade, and carrier all have working abilities.  Helios is a bit of a drain without payoff.



what do i mean?



Failed Scans on enemies(they die as scan begins) uses a scanner. -no scan gained

Failed Scans on objects(lose line of sight) uses a scanner. -no scan gained. 


Earth Specific Missions(main reason i got this thing)


In addition to failed scans on objects, once an object has been scanned so many times, it stops scanning them. this is good as you don't want to waste scanners on those anymore.   except this means it wont scan extracts on earth.   if you want them, you literally have to hope you've never had those scanned before.  or do it yourself.


to compare this to other sentinels

its like a Wrym AoE stun not working if the enemy is blocked by line of sight

or death cube inceration not working cause it has to charge before doing dmg.

or carrier not picking up items cause it already picked them up before(like its picked up a mod before. so it doesnt pick them up ever again)







1. Make Helios not consume a scanner unless scan is successful.

2. Make Helios continue to scan specific items(extract stuff on earth) provided item gives an item for being scanned.




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how about instead they make him use the simaris scanners and respect the widgets attached. Then you could have unlimited scanning without eating scans anyway,


As for extracts, seems like you would self scan though instead of hovering around them until helios gets to them.

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I have no issues with his scanning....he is a tradeoff. In order to keep your hands free he just scans slower and can be broken by LoS. He got most powerfull sentinel weapon (just with potato and no formas, it deal 200+ damage, in fact even more because he aims always for head) and amazing single target sonar mod (might be slow, but occasional 250% dmg multiplier is worth it).

He is good to get additional scans while you can remain full mobile.

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