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Latron Prime Sound Effect


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Please change the Latron Prime's sound, atm it's really lame. Why not make the sound the same like latron.

latron pr. is "better" version of latron. so it gets new skin and sound. if you use it you will be always somebody special. so you not only get visual effect.. you get acoustic effect too...

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Well, apparently the sound is popular, but I don't like it either OP.

I don't really have an opinion on whether it sounds powerful or not, it's just an annoyingly shrill sound to hear 700 times in a 20 minute level ;)

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Here is a friendly solution, OP.

Replace the sound file. I believe there are people who do this.

It's client sided and you can enjoy it while the others enjoy it.

If 5% of Latron Prime users dislike the sound, you can't change it to fit their preferences. The 95% of others will be angry.

I'm not saying 5% dislike it. It could be more (or less) but it seems majority like it as it is.

Oh, is changing soundfiles a bannable offense? I heard it was in some games.

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DE seems really inconsistent with wep sounds, especially the new Gorgon sound which seems reaaaally off for something that's basically a minigun. I think one of the problems is that most of the sounds overall sound too "dry", considering that you're always wandering around narrow metal corridors.


It'd be nice if they just gave us someway to use custom sounds. Reminds me of CS:S where replacing sounds was as simple as making a folder and inserting the .wav file with the correct names.

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