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Nearo's Riven Trading


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Currently have (max values, unranked if unspecified):

-Simulor 40.8% Fire Rate, 110.3% Damage, -22 Status Chance. 11 rerolls (Rank 10)

-Castanas 247.3% Damage, 93.8% status chacne, 72.2% fire rate. 6 rerolls (Rank 10)

-Afuris 74.8% Fire Rate, 126.8% Multishot, 92% Toxin. 10 rerolls (Rank 10) Works on DEX Furis.

-Buzlok 150% Toxin, 187.4% Critical Damage. No rerolls (Rank 7)

-Supra 77.4% Zoom, 121.3% Flight Speed, -24% damage to Grineer. No rerolls

-Supra -82.9% Weapon Recoil, 128.8% Critical Chance, 80.5% Heat. No rerolls

-Tetra 78.5% Ammo Maximum, 242.4% damage. No rerolls

-Hind 76.1% Magazine Capacity, 249.7% damage. No rerolls

-Rubico 162.4% Critical Chance, 86.3% toxin, 93.5% cold, -34.2% Damage to Corpus. 9 Rerolls.

-Ignis 68.6% Status Chance, 64.5% Heat, 34.6% Reload Speed, -24.2% damage to corpus. 2 Rerolls.

-Zarr 175.2% Damage, 90.3% Status Duration. 7 Rerolls

-Torid 53% Zoom, 143.3% Damage, -78.6% weapon Recoil. No rerolls

-Torid 39.9% Damage to Grineer, 40.3% Magazine Capacity, 84.2% Toxin. No rerolls

-Flux Rifle 77.6% Magazine Capacity, -148.6 Weapon Recoil. No rerolls


Want anything for: Sybaris/Quanta/Dread/Cernos/Lex/Spira/Drakgoon

Or plat. Plat's good too. Feel free to make an offer on any of these.

Gonna just update this thread with new things I gain/want, and monitor it periodically. If you want any of my goods feel free to message in game or post here.

Edited by NearoC
Managed to actually sell one
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