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Dear DE, from a Frost player thank you


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23 hours ago, Surly4Panda said:

Noticed that the lower end of my frost prime finally got cloth physics so they actually move when my frost do his parkour or sit down. The whole thing looks awesome, thank you for the cosmetic update. 


23 hours ago, bowiespoon said:

Getting to play TWW with frost coat physics was a whole new level of beautiful.


23 hours ago, Dhrekr said:

As another Frost player, I agree. I have basically played Frost for four days in a row, it's so glorious.


17 hours ago, Jackviator said:

+1 (another Frost main here; my Frost Prime looks even more fab now). Thx DE :heart: 

Eh, what? The coat is glitchy, especially in archwing where once I'd landed it floated all around me. It also floated into my archwing and got stuck there.

When I moved on a normal level it was always clipping and actually kept trying to stick in between my legs. It didn't respond to my leg/foot movements and kept twitching.

It needs fixing and wasn't great to look at as it didn't move appropriately.

Edited by Naith
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