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Trinity, can you hear me?


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How long has it been? For years I thought I was you and you was I until I was awoken from the Reservoir. My memories aboard the Zariman Ten-Zero were a distant dream until The Grineer Queens made me remember. I remember my Mother and Father slaughtering each other with maddening glee, along with the rest of the adults. I was frightened but took solace with the other Children as we hid and shut our eyes.

When Margulis found us, the Void had change us, changed me. I was deem a "Demon" by the Orokin Rulers, but that was never true! All I wanted was to be able to protect People! Protect others from what had happened to me! It's funny really, I remember the day I first met you, I thought you was simply a augmented suit of armor until I was placed until the Somatic Chair. They told me that you was to be my new body and that you were simply a tool of war. But that can't be right, can it?


That can't be True! I know that there is someone, something inside that rescued me from the Shadows, from Hunhow that day aboard the Orbitor "Remove's Broken War from Warframe's Holster" THIS! You removed this from your Body without my influence, I know it to be True. By the Lotus WHY DON'T YOU ANSWER ME!!!

"Begin's to break down"

After all this time, you of all things, has been the closest to a Love One that I could have. Is it too much to ask, "clutches hand" that you embrace me? I never did like Black, it reminds me to much of the Shadows, its why the first chance I had, I painted you as Blue as Neptune, it helps me smother the fires of hatred deep withinside from what the Orokin made me do with you.


Thanks if you read my little Introspection, on a related note imagine this being narrated by Space Mom:


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