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Warframe to Operator Transition and Back


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I've been playing around a bit with the transference transition, while in the middle of jumps, slides, etc.


Would it be possible maintain (just) the last move (or maybe just the momentum) through the frame -> operator, operator -> frame transitions? It would be nice to chain the sequence of actions together and have it feel more fluid. You can almost do it already, but:

- frame to operator, you just stop (though "throwing" the frame is kind of fun), the operator pops out the back, it'd be nice if it popped out the back while moving along with (surfing? :-P) the frame

- if you do it while in the air with the operator, the point of view follows the operator as it drops, but then teleports back to the frame as it appears at the location where you started the transition (higher up in the air, for example where your point of view drops a second time)


Also, during the frame -> operator transition while jumping/sliding, it would be nice if the frame itself (once you've left it) also finishes its move, landing/standing up up properly instead of instantly transforming into a wooden dummy.

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I know that part of the reason the Warframes stand is for the 'walking out' visual, but I still like the visuals of the Warframe kneeling like when you use your Transference ability. It is weird to see all of those wooden statues when people are in Operator mode.


And more on topic, yeah... a lot of polish is needed for Operators, apparently they will be getting a lot of love with Focus 2.0 (As teased by [DE]Scott on the last Devstream).

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A couple more suggestions:

If the frame is on the ground, have it crouch and stay crouched. As it is, you come out with your view blocked.

If you're sliding while you activate transference, have the operator come out cloaked.


Basically it would be nicer if the transitions were more natural and could be chained/combo'd together smoothly with moves both before and after transference.

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