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  1. One option for high level is to build around his 2. Hard to die if you're making significant use of it. High range, duration and efficiency. You don't need power strength.
  2. I jumped (heavy attack? can't remember exactly what I did) on some ball that was floating in the pit just above the entrance and crashed it.
  3. The OP didn't realise they could pick a team mate's reward. That probably explains why they find ducat farming inefficient.
  4. No synergy. Pretty sure it only triggers off one pellet.
  5. She stays alive because everything else is dead.
  6. You wouldn't expect to see a big difference. There isn't a whole lot of dynamic lighting in the game. The point is now they can add more in.
  7. That didn't help either :-P. Some people did see the green balls shot out by the Crewhips, without noticing the field. If you were inside the field it could be hard to see (I'm trying to remember if they came out full size or they grew slowly like they do now). Hosts could see it, so it's not like there weren't people who reported seeing a green bubble, but even then people didn't necessarily connect it to the healing. Regardless of the *source* of the confusion, the codex did clear it up before (as I recall) the bug was fixed, and made it clear the bug wasn't some invincibility glitch (t
  8. The codex *does* have a practical use. It tells you where things drop, and the weaknesses of each enemy. That information does eventually end up on the wiki, but that doesn't mean the codex has no use. I still recall when Railjack was released people complaining there was no information on the enemies or on drops . The codex entry for the Veil crewships also tells you that they can deploy a healing field, which cleared up all the confusion of players (at the time) who couldn't figure out why the fighters weren't dying.
  9. It's not that 90 levels is insufficient, it's that seasons should be shorter, as they were originally intended.
  10. I've tested both on multiple frames and with multiple builds. Typically I use a mod like Equilibrium with Dispensary. Spectrosiphon may take an augment, but generates significantly more energy orbs than Dispensary, sufficient to consider going without power efficiency mods, *if* you can get sufficient enemies affected by it. It works well with frames that have pulling abilities, e.g. Vauban.
  11. Survival could do with some improvements. It's a fairly bland and slow game mode. Steel Path increases the enemy density quite a bit, at least, which helps make it feel a bit more active, but doesn't make it any faster :-P.
  12. It really depends on how you play and what you want out of it, and how it fits with the rest of a frame's kit. Some frames I prefer Ensnare, other frames I prefer Larva, other frames neither. Same with choosing between Dispensary and Spectrosiphon. On Gara, I replace Spectrorage+augment with Dispensary. That is, I believe that on Gara herself, Dispensary is better than her own ability. Does that mean I think Dispensary is better in general? No. On other frames I choose Spectrorage+augment over Dispensary. It's not so simple as one always being better than the other.
  13. I don't know if it's coming again, but it did happen earlier this year.
  14. Best time to sell prime parts is either on release or just before people find out that something is going to be unvaulted. Best time to sell junk parts is when Baro is around with something nice in his inventory.
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