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  1. It's not super OP or anything, but it's a nice combo with spores. You get the blind and sustained aoe radiation procs, and a small mount of extra damage.
  2. ^ I mean, I put TB on, and I use his 1 & 2 (and I replace his 3 :-P) but it just feels like I'm being busy for the sake of being busy. It's there so why not use it :-P. My build would probably be closer to optimal if I just built for 4.
  3. Tesla Bank is wholly unnecessary for Vauban.
  4. I'm not sure what you expect. Players have been complaining that they are forced to take specific frames into missions, that they can't use what they like, and that they have no choice. Hence you *can't* have missions which need a Frost (or any specific frame), and indeed, the game has moved in a direction where there's no particular benefit to bringing him. The only way to bring Frost in line with Warframe's current direction is to give up his distinct defensive role and just make him a generic ice themed dps/aoe frame.
  5. While I don't think flawed warframes would work, I'd like to see clans have an armoury/arsenal or similar which would accept donations of equipment that can be tested/trialed/checked out by clan members, with some restrictions on how, where or when (or how often) donated equipment can be used.
  6. Tesla Bank has its own set of conditions for it to perform well, as such I think it's also pretty niche and won't see use on most builds :-P.
  7. On some further thought, MfD can't do more aoe damage than the target's *remaining health + shields*. The Bronco setup requires damaging the target before using MfD, so will end up with a lower damage explosion. That *is* a serious weakness of the current MfD. You end up competing with other sources of damage. That's why you want as easy access to finishers as possible.
  8. lol. I would ask if you've been stalking me(looks around nervously for hidden cameras), but if you really were you'd know that I've used it both before and after the nerf. I wouldn't put it on most frames either, and the frames I would put it on I wouldn't use it in all scenarios. It's more niche than it used to be. Just to point out that these types of screenshot comparisons are nonsense. I'm not endorsing MfD :-P.
  9. They're lancers, they're right there in the picture ... Unless *all* the lancers with the +affinity on them happen to also have a Butcher hiding behind them :-P. And if we want to be strict and compare numbers, then the MfD screenshot is off in the corner in a cramped, less accessible spot (on an easily recognisable tile with jumping platforms) with no LoS to anything, while the Larva screenshot is in a fairly broad, open corridor. In any case, I agree with you that you wouldn't use MfD on Nekros. It no longer performs well under conditions where it used to work.
  10. The old MfD would pop a group of any type of enemy at pretty much any level. At high levels: Saryn's abilities serve as buffs/debuffs more than anything. Mesa takes a fair while to chew through enemies. Maim takes a lot of buildup. I'll give you Khora :-P.
  11. Fair enough, I didn't look close enough :-P. But now that I have, I see +affinity numbers popping up in the Bronco picture which indicates you did in fact kill a group of enemies with it. The Larva picture just looks more impressive with all the red crits.
  12. Nobody said it's "good", but the conditions under which it performs are narrower than they used to be, and you're demonstrating it under conditions where it will obviously underperform. You should only be considering it for frames with easy access to finishers. Nekros is no longer a frame to use it on, and a pistol is not a weapon you should be using it with.
  13. While MfD spread true damage, it also used to spread overkill damage. That made it useable with heavy attacks or other high damage single attacks, not just finishers (and by useable I mean it could pop a group of armoured units). The current MfD caps out at enemy health. To be effective, you *have* to use finishers to ignore armour and shields. In any case, the point is that this comparison is rather silly, because it's showcasing a *suboptimal* use of the current MfD. As pointed out, on armoured enemies MfD can be made to work using a finisher, whereas there's no way to help Tesla B
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