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  1. I've been running a "shield tank" Hildryn. She works fine (not going to debate "fun" because that's subjective). Infested probably require a different build. I think the potential gimmick with her passive was too obvious and people went straight for that. Initially I was running arcane barrier and aegis, because shields, amirite? Totally pointless due to pillage. You'll never need her clutch unless you do something silly. I now run Arcane Avenger, just because. Regarding status effects: Between adaptation, her passive, and pillage, status procs that might bypass her shields barely tickle her. Her staple ability is pillage. I recast it the moment it becomes available again: A couple of casts and no enemy within a tile will be left with significant shields or armour. You never run out of enemies (or energy) to pillage if you're killing them and they're respawning. You don't have to react to status procs, because you're casting this as soon as its available. Most things without shields or armour take reasonable damage from a combination of her 3 and 4. Her 3 and 4 do a little bit of everything. They aren't fantastic, but they are helpful to both Hildryn and her allies. There's no reason not to have her 3 always on (except against infested), and if I see a reasonable cluster of enemies I'll user her 4 to take out light/medium units and generate some energy globes. Her 1 provides an alternate weapon that I use occasionally. tl;dr She doesn't die, she doesn't run out of energy, enemies within a tile won't have shields or armour, all her abilities are useful to some extent, and while she provides limited support to allies it's still helpful.
  2. DE decided, some time after introducing the helmets, that they do not want what is essentially another mod slot for certain modifiers the helmets provide (hint: power strength, efficiency, range, and duration). That's why we're unlikely to see them re-introduced in another form (unless they change their minds). DE's preference seems to be to remove them entirely. Keeping them in their current limited form is the compromise DE is prepared to make with those who invested in them. In other words, talking about QoL or some kind of bonus is to mistake the basis for DEs decision. if you want them to change their decision, you need to make a case for what is essentially an extra mod slot.
  3. Not sure what causes it, as I tried to reproduce it in the Simulacrum but couldn't. Then it happened again in a mission. Image below shows tidal impunity buff active along with a toxin proc. Here is a older thread on what might be the same issue.
  4. Too long, didn't read: Don't just limit players to the 3 starter frames. Throw personality testing questions at them and start them with a frame (out of all available frames) based on their answers.
  5. If you don't want to use warframe powers, then as others have said, Ignis. You could also try the Propa Scaffold.
  6. Unfortunately, this looks to me like Vauban is going from 2 abilities that I don't use and 2 abilities that I use (Vortex and Bastille) to 3 abilities I won't use and 1 ability that I will use. Why would you waste energy on an orbital strike when there are so many scaling, 0 energy ways to kill enemies stuck in a Vortex? We now know the combined Vortex/Bastille can't really be used simultaneously as putting out a Vortex collapses every Bastille. I'm not even going to mention how slow and unreactive all his abilities look like they're going to be, what with all the toggling, hold to cast and long animations (though the last is apparently under review).
  7. I agree that it's definitely not a new player or casual item. However, what's this about killing Eidolons? If you're referring to Eidolon lenses, they are from T5 bounties.
  8. Ember and Saryn were already best friends. Saryn strips armour, aoe. Stuff without armour dies really fast to Ember, aoe.
  9. In other words, every time I drop a Vortex I have to redo all my Bastilles?
  10. Unfortunately it looks like you can't have Vortices and Bastilles out simultaneously.
  11. Mission rewards: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rathuum/Rewards 0.34% aka don't bother. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Conclave/Rewards 0.25% aka don't bother
  12. I think Saryn is too easy to use, but I'd rather the devs spend time on other stuff than adjust her again.
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