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  1. Breaches are the cracks in the hull.
  2. Then their default position and language with all changes that affect game play and mechanics should be that they are changes/rebalances following a review. The word "fix" would be reserved for things that are unambiguously bugs. Or just simply state what the change is without any labelling: "Venari's heal will no longer work on defense objectives."
  3. What is disappointing is what this reveals about DE's honesty. Even if we accept the nerf (it's their game, and their free to balance it), and even if you gave them the benefit of the doubt on other changes (nerfs) that they have called "fixes", the usage here is clearly spin. A feature is quite clearly being retroactively labelled a bug, and the nerf labelled a fix. This casts quite a bit of doubt over other "fixes". What's so hard about saying "we reviewed and changed our mind on how Venari's heal interacts with a variety of objects"? Why be tricky about it?
  4. ? "sentient boarding vessel" "sentient vessel" "sentient ship" You know, the ones that ram into your RJ and squirt sentients inside? I'm curious as to what you think I meant ...
  5. Even with Venari's healing and strangledome, as Khora you still had to actively monitor your oplinks and deal with enemies or they would die. She has pretty good defence, but it's not perfect and (unlike a certain frame who trivialises defending the oplinks) you have to play actively.
  6. I don't know whether the avionics are worth it. It doesn't seem so to me, though i've farmed them all. Splintrix are the sentient boarding vessel. One way to farm the avionics is to lure enemies and sit next to the satellite while the kill code is uploading, it will send out a pulse and kill all enemies around it. You could also use the railjack if it's good enough, but the enemies eventually scale beyond what the railjack can handle.
  7. After a lot of observation of the shenagigans we players get up to, I've come to the conclusion that grind does not extend gameplay. It can be used to pace it, but the length of grind has to be matched (as best it can) to the longevity of gameplay. Of course, this will vary from player to player. Some players may repeat a game mechanic thousands of times without getting bored, others might get bored after only a few times. The variety of gameplay available as you progress through the main starchart has been expanded on for years (new missions, new weapon mechanics, new frame mechanics, etc) so you end up grinding through quite a bit of stuff without noticing as you work things out. On the other hand the grind for new systems is often noticeable because they are typically shallow when first introduced, and its exacerbated by their isolation from the rest of the game's systems (islands of content). Or, shorter: You don't notice the grind if you're having fun.
  8. I travel the same distance with Flow Burn activated as without it. If I mark where I start, travel with Flow Burn activated in one direction, let it deactivate and travel with it in another direction (or vice versa), I end up back at the start.
  9. If you have lots of different arcanes to farm, and it doesn't really matter which ones drop, do Eidolons. If you have specific arcanes to farm, do Scarlet Spear.
  10. If you want to be efficient, you want to do just two runs and then move to another flotilla. You only need to hit the 5k cap for the emblem now.
  11. For damage? Khora with a good setup for her no.1 does pretty good AoE damage, her 2 also works (briefly) on sentients. Hildryn can strip armor (spam 2) and then just smack them with the paracesis or something (though you would need to use something like Magus Anomaly on your operator to cluster enemies). Mag can strip armour with a combination of her 4 and 2, and then bubble them to finish off (though watch out, her 4 closes the Condrix). Baruuk's 4 should work ok once you get it going. Trin can strip armour with her link augment. Unless I'm missing something, Vauban can only CC Symbilysts (not that common) and Brachiolysts (weak anyway).
  12. Do they play their shawins while waiting? DE really needs to add that go-equivalent board game as a gear item that you can acutally play on :-P.
  13. The answer will depend on what you use. People who use guns will probably want Primed Shred. People who use non-crit melee will probably want Primed Fury. I'm not sure who would want Primed Vigor, but there's probably someone :-P.
  14. Only one person needs to be on the Murex defending the 4 oplinks. Only one person needs to be outside collecting avionics (and if they feel like it, dealing with crewships while floating around the satellite to draw enemies in to explode when a killcode goes off). The other two players can go ... I dunno, play chess or something.
  15. schilds

    Rework Vauban

    Many crowd control abilities (of other frames) actually work, even hybrid frames who aren't primarily CC frames (like Gara). Mostly, I assume, because they are limited CC rahter than mass, hard CC. So Khora's 4 doesn't work, but Khora's 2 does work. The standout exception of course being Limbo's 4 + 2 combo.
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