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  1. Any mission you would fail with a speed nova you swap to a neutral nova, and any mission you would fail with a neutral nova you swap to a slow nova. If your team can cope, there's no problem in making the enemy faster :-P. Of course, some other frame might be better but that's a different discussion. For example, if its Defence then you don't want anything that forces you to chase enemies down across the map, so you would switch to another frame entirely and not a slowva.
  2. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Preparation
  3. The usual things should provide him with enough energy: streamline, fleeting expertise, arcane energize, zenurik energizing dash, etc.
  4. Have you tested it, or are you just assuming they add together?
  5. Steel Path survival has increased/max enemy density regardless of party size (though host migration seems to reduce it). Other Steel Path mission types don't, afaik.
  6. You can always use the augment and switch between forms if that worries you.
  7. For that tile, a high range Maim Equinox.
  8. I think the most likely reason people are ending up on their own railjack at the moment is because fewer people are playing it. I usually don't move to other railjacks these days either. Though I guess it's possible that they've tweaked matchmaking again :P.
  9. There's no guarantee. As long as you are solo on your railjack when you start a mission, there's a chance you'll be put in someone else's squad and on their railjack. I've been solo in a mission, completed it, started another mission, and ended up on another railjack.
  10. I believe they've been moved to the Railjack starchart.
  11. I'd probably (1) catch up on the quests first, (2) unlock any starchart nodes you don't have (you can hop on other railjacks, doesn't have to be your own), and leave the progression stuff to one side. So do the Deimos (infested looking place) quest, do the RJ quest, do any other ones you've missed. Then figure out which progression you want to tackle (mods, warframes, weapons, mastery, standing, railjack intrinsics, etc).
  12. Oh lol, hadn't even realised.
  13. Is the augment just QoL though? You can have, what, 6 reservoirs. At the moment you have to choose one bonus per reservoir. If you place at least a health and speed reservoir together, that's 3 locations. If you want all 3 bonuses, then that's only 2 locations. With this you get the full set of bonuses over 6 locations. You could argue this is in effect a range mod.
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