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  1. After a bit more testing, the demolyst moa becomes completely immune to status effects and powers (including lockdown) after it sticks its head in the ground.
  2. To get a high score you need to activate the conduits simultaneously. That means everyone on your team needs to be able to handle themselves, so every player should have: magus lockdown or something similar high damage melee weapons (guns don't keep up at high levels) frames that can survive, preferably without powers, since demos will cancel them out while you're trying to melee them There is that one cloaked demo which is a pain, and some tiles where the demos start too close to the conduits, that almost require you to restart if you want as high a score as possible. It's true that demos only dispel powers in short bursts, so debuffs will work if you time them right, but frames with those powers are usually squishy and will die a ton later on.
  3. Because you can fit lockdown and anomaly in there which are tons more fun :-P.
  4. Why would you waste operator arcanes on healing your warframe?
  5. I take Ember into most high level content just fine (arbis, sorties, kuva floods, eso, etc).
  6. Use a corrosive status secondary (e.g. Pox) to strip his armour (you can do it while he's invulnerable) then shoot him in the face/speaker with a high damage per shot weapon.
  7. I find most people leave after the first reward.
  8. That wasn't a complaint. I find excavation arbis the most fun/interesting because they're accessible while still engaging at a different levels of player skill, and they offer choices to trade off between multiple objectives.
  9. It's great. Arbis were too easy. Now we have properly scaling enemies, and when someone dies you're not just down one player, the team gets debuffed, so overall double the penalty for a death. It's even more exciting in an excavation arbi where you now have to try defend 2 or 3 excavators around the map AND try to coordinate the revival.
  10. It's no wonder everyone missed your point, when your post is full of exaggerations like these: When apparently all you really meant was to distinguish between people who do/don't regularly plan weekends away.
  11. That's a bit of an exaggeration. It takes less than a minute to check what he has. What's stopping you? Go ahead and farm them ahead of time.
  12. You are not correct to make a general statement. The correct thing is to do the maths. I would not assume CC/CD outdoes Damage/Multishot without doing the math for a specific weapon. Even then you'd probably also want to take into account other stuff that might affect a weapon's output, like arcanes, pets, frames, team mates, etc. Also note that each stat (cc, cd, raw dmg, ms, elemental, fire rate, etc) is additive with itself, while multiplying with other stats. It's usually the case that some balance of all stats will be more effective over stacking one or two.
  13. I'm pretty sure bounty rewards are saved on completion, and fish/gems are saved on acquisition. Other drops may not save (mods, etc). Whether or not they show up in the rewards screen if you abort or host migrate is another issue.
  14. I'm not putting mine on anything until either I get more of them, or there's a significant benefit, e.g. something that's hard to access without it. Currently there's nothing like that.
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