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transference survival tips?



I absolutely LOVE the update, but one thing I'm struggling with is the new transference mechanic: it's difficult for me to get used to. my main problem is how squishy the Operator is: yes, I know we're just kids, but 100 health is nowhere near enough to survive outside of the frame. I'm often getting one-hit straight back into my frame by even light enemies, and when that happens it seems you lose energy and health from that " Transference static" or whatever, which only serves to make things even harder. Kuva Guardians in particular have a massive reach and hit me almost every time.

my second problem is that I now have to hold the L1 button if I want to activate Zenurik; WHY is this a feature when pressing the touchpad handles transference? why not just leave it at "press R1 & L1 to use Focus, press touchpad to use Transference?". now almost every time I need to activate Zenurik, I jump out of my frame, get killed back INTO my frame, and lose health and energy because I got killed in Transference. it's starting to become a real headache.

can anyone on PC give me some genuine advice on how to best avoid eating dirt when using Transference? otherwise farming Kuva is gonna be a serious pain in my behind. thanks in advance.

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Try to use it in short bursts, rather than using it for a longer period of time. You also start out with max void energy when you first activate Transference, so it's entirely possible to abuse the void mode, which makes you invulnerable.

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I don't have much help to offer with regards to keeping yourself alive as a Tenno/Operator but I do have a few for hopefully helping to protect your fellow tennos while there running around.

One I've been using the seems to work pretty well so far is Ash using his Smoke Shadow augment mod with an 8 second Smoke Screen duration. 
- I keep watch for Tenno to be out and try to get to them asap and pop a Smoke Shadow on them, granting them Stealth. This is really great if I can get more than one of them at a time and even better if it also includes their Frames too (I think it works on the "abandoned"  frames, not sure now that I am saying it tho =p).

- the 8 second duration is because that's the default duration of the augment and it seems to be about long enough to get some things done but not so long that I can't re-cast it again for long either. And the stun on that doesn't suck so that's nice for re-cast-ability there too. 

Another one that comes to mind which i have not used yet though is Frost's new Icy Avalanche augment. I expect it should work on the Tenno granting them some amount of extra "stuff" to pad out their effective Health. The Snow Globe can help with at least blocking outside fire from the extra summoned mobs, although it can get in the way of shooting sometimes too and be careful not to just add way more visual noise/screen clutter to what is going on there.

I've been finding Banshee's CC and Sonar to be rather helpful too. CC-ing the spawns and boosting damage to take them down faster is good.

Same goes for Nova and Molecular Prime.

And Frost again with Ice Wave Impedance.

So like i said, not direct tips for making your own harder to kill, but controlling the battlefield and protecting your fellows cam go a long way.

There's also a fairly detailed post around here about solo-ing them. 
How to solo farm Kuva the easy way.


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