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[Updated: 12/24/16] Post Devstream 84: Dojo 3.0 Discussion


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In the Devstream 84 overview, there is a quick note about dojo improvements:  "Damage 3.0 and Dojos are serious conversations that will be happening next year.

We are finally seeing DE trying to help us fix, change, & improve what we only use for trading & mastery gain (research). But now we should be trying to help them by spit balling ideas to present to them in order to help not only the dojos become what they should be, but to also cut back on the inevitable complaint threads that will show up right after the update. What are some of your ideas? Drop links to old posts you may have made, throw something fresh in, or even help shape other ideas.


Some of my ideas, some of which I am sure have been posted about before:


  • A grid design mode where you can place & move rooms, as well as save build plans in order to plan a head for dojo building. This will show what rooms can & can't go in areas before we mess up & waste our resources.
  • Remove or update build capacity in the rooms. They are not bad right now, but they do limit creativity. The biggest issue is that the nice, big observatory room only has a 15 build capacity. This is the same as the smallest room you can make which is a tiny hallway that fits into the observatory 20 times over. Give the observatory at least half what you give the largest clan halls of 400+ capacity or just remove it all together.
  • Control over the weather/lighting/ambiance in dojo rooms. Similar to the variations brought in by the "newer" large garden rooms.
  • More chances to see the skybox(es) would be nice. All we get is the observatory, the ceilings of some garden rooms, & the best one we never get to see is outside of the Orokin lab.
  • tMPAER0.jpg
  • Changeable skyboxes. I would love to look out of my observatory to see the void outside.
  • More colors to hunt down for our dojos. I personally wouldn't mind killing Sentients or more bosses for some new colors.
  • Different versions of rooms such as choosing whether to build the grandest hall with sand or water along the side of the main path through the middle with waterfalls down the pillars, Orokin style rooms with gold trim & fancy designs, maybe there are Infested spores all over similar to the ones on our ships or on any infested tile-set.
  • Placing a decoration should be it's own adjustable 360 view. Placing it based on where & how we place our warframes SUCKS.
  • Arsenal to change frames, weapons, or loadouts while in the dojo.
  • Spoiler

    Let us be our operators in the dojo. (We all know about these kids & running around as them, but I guess some don't so spoiler just in case.)




  • Fix trees so they can be placed easier. They seem to be very limited right now just because a part of decorative grass at the base is clipping through the floor, wall, or where ever you want to put it.
  • Color options or variations for decorations, not just the dojo itself. Would be kind of cool to have a shiny gold Buda statue rather than the old bronze looking one we have now.
  • Bring all the decorations from the ships into the dojo. We can fill wall space with posters, add noggles all over to guard places or looking up to the balcony in the grandest hall, maybe a corner to store all those Argon pegmatites, Orokin cells, & Ayatan sculptures.
  • As a large decoration or maybe a room for itself, add the huge Ayatan sculpture from The War Within. Maybe add others of similar size, but different designs.
  • More statues! All we have are a few Grineer & the event ones IF we won them. Bring in some Corpus, Infested, Orokin, Stalkers, Warframes, & maybe even Sentient. Different colors & poses.
  • Speaking of statues, let us change the huge one in the trophy hall. When building the room it will have Excalibur in the center on the thumbnail, but once built it only has Loki. Let us get all frames, multiple skins/statues like deluxe, prime, & maybe even TennoGen. Different poses. Even change the color because, again, cool gold statues.
  • Holographic banners. Just like the current ones with your clan's icon, but digital & transparent.
  • Banner options for clan or alliance icons.
  • More chairs. We only have like one bench & it is just a plank on some rocks.
  • Make benches & chairs usable on their own without needing to emote to sit/meditate.
  • More trees. Snow covered, low hanging willows, twisted creepy dead Halloween trees.
  • More interactive decorations similar to the bells & drums. Maybe harps?
  • While the calm ancient eastern style decorations are nice, maybe add some futuristic ones like the ring lamps in the relays.


  • Bigger dueling room where you can fight multiple people in free for all or teams without dealing with conclave.
  • Obstacle course races where multiple people go on the same course at the same time rather than one at a time or one per room if you make more than one obstacle course.
  • Notable design differences in the barracks. It feels cold & boring. Maybe storm motifs in the storm barrack, mountains in the mountain barracks, moons in the moon barracks.
  • Sentient research lab. New weapons, companions, archwings, &/or warframes.
  • Snow garden(s). Optional snowfall.
  • Optional rain for the water garden rooms.
  • Optional sand blowing around in the sand gardens.
  • Optional falling leaves in the red leaf gardens.
  • Small personal bedroom type rooms for the ones in charge or of importance to your clan. If you have enough room, make a room for everyone.
  • Make some use of the spaces near the top of the larger clan halls by turning them into smaller rooms that overlook the halls. Turn the white light walls into windows & make the rectangle circled in red into an elevator up to it. Could be used as the bedroom idea.
  • 54yp6De.png
  • 0 gravity room to fly around in archwing mode.
  • On 12/10/2016 at 6:22 AM, Lypher01 said:

    I want to be able to make rooms from different eras.  A 70's inspired lounge with velvet paintings and shag carpet.  or arcade cabinets for Happy Zephyr and Wyrmius.


  • Customization for the obstacle course is already being talked about, but if anyone has ideas for obstacles leave them here.
  • Death orbs from Orokin towers that have lasers & stun AOEs just like in the missions.
  • That one Indiana Jones boulder that always hits me on the Lua tile-set.
  • Going back to the idea of a multi-person race: Teleporter trap that switches either two people just like Loki's switch teleport or it switches the places three or more, maybe everyone.
  • Drag race mode. A straight line with or without obstacles. First one to the end wins. Mods & warframe powers need to be usable.


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26 minutes ago, Haldos said:

Please do not utilize the "Megathread" tag as it is reserved for administrators and moderation. 

Much appreciated and best of luck with your discussion. :thumbup: 

Didn't know. But if we are not meant to use it, why is it an option for us to pick?

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The most important part, IMO, is to let us access all Orbiter stuff from Dojo. Currently, if you're in Dojo you can't do much, you have to get back to Orbiter if you want to do it. This means that you only go to Dojo if you need something from it, or you don't plan to play the game and just want to run around in it.

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