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Chroma ability tweaks for future.

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Passive ability: Changing energy colour to get different elemental and buffs from elemental ward isn't enough, you just chose it and this passive do nothing on the battlefield.
Fire: Immunity to fire status.
Cold: Immunity to cold status.
Poison: Immunity to poison and gas status status.
Electric: Immunity to magnetic status.

1.Spectral Scream
This ability is useless because it do almost nothing, 60% status chance which is too low, not good range and damage is really weak.

Range/Meters: max 15 (from 10)
Status chance: 100% (from 60%)

Chroma spectral scream starts at range of 5 meters, after 5 seconds of using it gets full range of 15 meters. Damage should get better and better scaling with maximum enemy health, max to 5000 damage per second (1% for every enemy hit per second)
Spectral scream leaves on the ground a trail:
Fire: Leaves Fire trail that deals fire status damage rise with scaling the ability damage.
Ice: Leaves Ice trail that slow enemies for 12 seconds (Like ice wave impedance do).
Poison: Leaves a poison trail that deal poison status rise with scaling the ability damage.
Electric: Leaves a electric trail that deal shock status and fills the enemies with a load, that shock other enemies in range of 5 meters.

2. Elemental Ward
Some elements are good and some aren't good, so those are changes it should get:
All damaging auras stays as they are, but bonuses should change.
Range: 25 meters (from 12)
Fire: For every enemy inflicted by fire status in range Chroma gain for himself and allies maximum health buff 10% per enemy hit up to 300% (from 200%)
Ice: Chroma and allies in range gain additional 50 armor (from 150) for every enemy affected by cold status Chroma and allies gain 15 extra armor buff for a duration of 15 seconds up to additional 200 armor.
Additional armor is still buffed by Vex Armor.

Poison: For every enemy hit by poison status chroma and allies gain one stack of status immunity. Every enemy hit by poison status inflicts to Chroma and allies 50% less damage for 15 seconds.
Electric: Chroma and allies gain extra 50 shield that can go to overshield for every enemy hit by electric status, for every enemy affected by electric status Chroma and allies gain 3.5% reload speed and holster speed for 15 seconds up to 35%.

3.Vex Armor
This ability is great, but it's too much powerful in my opinion and it needs some small tweaks too.

Change shield damage into Damage boost and health damage into armor boost.
Chroma need to lose 400 shield to get full damage boost.
Chroma need to lose 300 health to get full armor boost.
Damage increase: 100% (from 175%) [Look at effigy change, that buffs damage too]
Every time chroma is hit by status, lose 20% armor of his maximum vex armor buff.

For example, you have bonus for armor from vex armor of 200% but your maximum armor in vex armor can be 500%, so taking 15% out from 500% is 75%. So after applying status to you, your armor % buff will drop from 200% to 125%. (Statuses like slash, poison, gas, fire are as a one HIT, only lose armor while applying status, not while hit by status, so you won't lose rapidly armor)

Right now Chroma with high strength is too tanki to be killed easily, by adding status removing some vex armor, will make you not that tanki, still will need to avoid bullets and attacks from enemies.

This ability drains too many energy for what it is doing and take half of Chromas armor for a small speed.

Leaves a trails like Spectral Scream should do, from this topic.
Drains: 7.5 energy per second (from 10)

Chroma while using effigy, should still sacrifice half of armor, but at the same time should gain double damage boost (not affected by power strength, just like armor reduction). That scales with Vex armor buff.

This will make almost all abilities synergy.
Elemental Ward + Spectral scream = Gain faster bonus for elemental ward.
Elemental Ward + Vex armor = Reduce incoming damage even greater (This was already in chroma, except for poison)
Vex armor + Effigy = Even greater damage boost, for armor sacrifice.
Effigy + Elemental ward = Great CC, for double trails from dual elemental wards.

What abilites grant:
Spectral scream = Good CC and decent damage.
Elemental ward = Good boost for team mates.
Vex armor = Damage and Armor boost.
Affigy = sacrifice armor for damage and CC

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