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Hey, i'd like to join this clan. I was in a previous one but I felt rather unsatisfied with the overall inactivity of the clan so I decided to join another one, hoping to find what I'm looking for. I also live in Australia so my play times can be a little out of whack but we'll see how things work out if I get an invite.

IGN: Liacu

Also I've never heard of Outlaw Star it has gotten me intrigued. Too bad the manga doesn't seem to be translated so I'll just have to make do with the anime which are kind of a pain to watch in comparison =/

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How do i join this clan? I'd love to game with you guys, and i have experience with TONS of games similar to this and yeah.... Please hit me up!

Occupation: Student 15 years of age (dont hate)

Play style: I usually play more support style but i also love to rush.

I have web design skills that may be helpful, and i love to make graphics so if you need help with signatures or logo's i could help too!

Looking forward to playing with you all!

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