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Warframe abilities should work on Firbolgs and Bolkors


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Firbolgs and Bolkors are considered invalid targets for a lot of warframe abilities (if not all targeted abilities).

Mag's Magnetize would be a great way of taking them down, but you can only target the passengers - once the ship is empty you can't magnetize it.
Mesa's Peacemaker would also be fitting, but no.

I'm fine with the obviously inappropriate skills not working, e.g. Switch Teleport or Larva, but damage and damage-boosting utility abilities should still work on them.

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So true. I feel like only opticor kills these things and blowing them up is the best part of eidolon. Seriously I want a mission of just that, maybe a mini game like flappy zephyr, but a space invaders clone with rhino and an opticor. Spartan lasers are good at all but I feel like my bazookas and space magic should be able to do it too.

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