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Isn't There a Better Way for Glyph Codes?


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So it seems like every time a smaller Youtuber I follow gets glyph codes, they only get a bunch of the one-time use ones. And it just really sucks for a lot of reasons:

  1. Trying to find a valid code results in an IP ban for trying out every single one. That's just bad design right there
  2. All the codes are gone within minutes. It's essentially promoting people to come and claim the codes without actually watching the video or destroying the experience of that video
  3. Having a video show up while you're a work, school, sleeping, or even generally away from your computer means you won't get to redeem it in time, and there's no sure way to get your hands on a code unless you happen to stay at your computer 24/7
  4. It shouldn't be that hard to have an infinite number of codes. It's digital, and the glyph is already in the game, so people should be able to show off their pride of being a follower of that Youtuber without having to no-life competition for one
  5. Giving away the free universal glyphs won't stop people from buying deluxe glyphs if they want to. I mean, just look a mine, bought it because I though it was cool, even after redeeming all the free glyphs that were released with PoE
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What makes it worse is that the big streamers like Summit, bikeman, etc. got codes that are reusable and they probably only played the game once. The actual content creators and the people watching them get screwed over because they just get a limited supply (though 1000 codes is still quite a lot) of one time use codes.

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Ugh, again. It happened again. Omni Voice uploads a vid. I get there almost immediately. I try to claim a code, but they're already all claimed. And what's worse is that now the console players are also trying to redeem these codes and getting locked out of the site because they're trying to see which code has yet to be redeemed, but they are only met with a website block

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I think it's up to the content creators to decide what to do with them. They can hold a giveaway/contest or whatever to reward actual fans of their channels. Or they can just decide to hand it out like candies and turn it into a first-come, first-serve thing designed to attract as much attention and views as possible to their channel, which is dumb in my opinion and turns them into mere collectibles to be shown on the walls of your Orbiter, instead of

On 11/30/2017 at 7:10 PM, KotoKuraken said:

...people should be able to show off their pride of being a follower of that Youtuber without having to no-life competition for one

But still it is up to content creators to decide what to do with them, and if a fan is truly dedicated to watching their favorite content creator then they might as well no-life for one of the glyphs. That's just how it is...

Plus you will appreciate your hard-earned glyphs a lot more. 

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I think it's currently fine. The way I do it, is I make sure I follow all the partners on Twitter with phone notifications so I get notified when they tweet. This makes it really easy for partners that give them away via Twitter. 

There's then a few people that give them away if you simply ask. Some give them away with special tasks or challenges which aren't all that hard. 

There's only very few that are very hard to get because so many people want one. But glyphs are really not that hard to get. 

Just got one today as well. 

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It is quite a corrupt system. I have 151/152 obtainable content creator glyphs, and I will give my experiences with this system. 


My issue with the website is that half the time it doesn't work, and it will ask you to login game. This results in missing codes. Likewise, IP bans can be dished out for trying codes that are taken and used.


- Youtubers paste codes in comments sections, put them on twitter, or hide them in videos.

These codes go very quickly as anyone with youtube notifications gets there immediately.


Corruption central. Twitch is easily manipulative, and can be easily abused by both the glyph hunter and the streamer to make money/views.

- Most streamers give their glyph to subscribers as a sub perk, or do giveaways. This system promotes players to subscribe to the channel, or hope they get lucky in a raffle.

- Some streamers do alternative methods such as dropping codes in chat, special challenges, just giving them away, or external websites (speedrun.com for zopney glyph \o/).

- A third option some streamers use is Streamlabs or Streamelements. These sites have you build points and their glyph is behind a time wall.

Every Youtuber who has a glyph has been considerate in placing codes for first come first serve. On the other hand, some streamers can be very annoying when it comes to giving non subs a chance at a code. The whole system needs work. People like @zopney are the ones that deserve praise. They are not alone, but players like them give their glyph for activities related to this game, not an engine to gain twitch views.

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Since I was pinged here, this is my two cents.

The system established isn't corrupt or broken (I agree though, it can be improved), because I think the freedom to choose how to distribute is probably the biggest factor on poor execution. This isn't to bash any one content creator on how they distribute their glyph, and it shouldn't be a reason to flame any one of them for a separate ideology that one may think. There's no punishment for not distributing all the limited codes, and there should never be one. The content creator is free to distribute how they please, whether it's the best or not is irrelevant to why they are partnered with Digital Extremes in the first place.

I, personally, developed a way that allowed me to enforce a restriction based on an activity and does not involve myself being actively available for a player to complete. You want my glyph? Earn it on your own time, not on mine. It's a sacrifice I've voluntarily made in an attempt to force players to try a new activity and to enjoy a thing earned not based on luck. However, I still receive criticism and not everyone is keen to follow my requests, but I handle that privately.

tl;dr there's no right or wrong way to distribute glyph codes, but try messaging your favorite content creator for a code, most are reasonable.

P.S. - The glyph I'm wearing is Qynchou's, not mine. I just like it alot that I'm still wearing it. Sorry for the confusion!

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4 hours ago, KotoKuraken said:

It just really sucks when you can be a longtime viewer who has supported that YouTuber for *years*, but some new no-lifer can come in and just claim the code within nanoseconds, then never return to watch any videos at all.

It. Doesn't. Work.

Exclusive cosmetics in a video game attract that audience. There is no system in which glyphs wouldn't have these players. Call me a no lifer, but glyph hunting is very fun, and I could spend the first day of a new round of glyphs on twitch and social media all day grabbing codes and entering giveaways. The system is not flawless, but the way it is now is probably the best it is going to get. The point of glyphs is to attract an audience with an emblem, not supporting some subscriber and not anyone else because they are "new no-lifers".

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