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  1. This bug has been around for a LONG time, but I've only really been getting annoyed by it with the acrid that I've been using recently. I think it's because of its model size, but when you stand too close to an enemy, where you're about 1m away from an enemy, the gun seems to actually be passing through them even though you're aiming at them and the cross hair is definitely on them. The bullet doesn't seem to hit them at all, passing completely through them and not damage them. it's only when you move a few meters back, then it finally hits them. This seems to occur with snipers, bows, some secondaries like acrid, or eupohna prime. And a few other guns and weapons. Can you possibly fix this? Love you DE :P
  2. Thank you. This annoyed me.
  3. this still kinda happens. They still get pushed into walls and under stairs and such. But thanks anyways :)
  4. yeah, that's what I mean. Also: I'm hoping they do give others a chance to get them though. You mean the vandal weapons right?
  5. Ok maybe you're right. I think the scaling went a little too far with those two frames :P However, if they decreased their scaling so it took maybe 2 or 3 shots to kill enemies (scaling), then it would be better. That way mag would still have uses at extremely high level corpus missions and limbo could still do some nice damage.
  6. No, the thing is, again, this is a perfect example of what I am trying to point out. These things were great scaling abilities, BUT because they whole community are so used to flat damage numbers, this insane pure scaling damage was OP. The thing is, they weren't OP by themselves, but in comparison to what we're stuck with every other mission, this type of scaling damage is quite powerful. Not OP, just different from our current system.
  7. I find this kinda useless. There's nothing extra to gain from this except maybe fissure missions giving higher and higher buffs. But you could just do 20 min runs over and over and get the same stuff. I see why they do it; for bragging rights and cause they want to challenge themselves. But I personally don't see any point in doing it.
  8. many agree, much support, lots of yes. +1 But yeah, all of what you said makes sense and I agree with. Still a lot to fix before they re-look at scaling...
  9. in all honesty, we had this trick of rushing to the end of an exterminate and forcing the enemies to respawn all at the end. Then dive into the middle of over 100 enemies with saryn and nuke them all with 4th :P you get insane xp really quickly.
  10. lols, yeah what a time to be alive :P :P
  11. yeah, I agree with this very much. I'm saying scaling damage might be an interesting investment, BUT, I would like to see a proper end game goal before then. I own everything, I could stop playing right now and not need to worry until the next update. I literally have everything besides founder. I need something to do and something to aim for. I miss the old days of trying really hard to get the next frame and being super excited for it. Nowadays a new frame takes only an hour or less to farm unless it's from a quest that takes longer than an hour.
  12. why? I sometimes use this all the time? Or do you mean using as a pricing method? I don't do that, but I sometimes get messages from peeps wanting my listed stuff on or I sometimes pm peeps about items they have listed. You get cheap prices there. Also, I think I have only blocked 3 or 4 people. The reasons were that they were rude and aggravating to the point of being hurtful and one of them I blocked because he stole someone's warframe account and bragged about it. I blocked him and reported him cause I really didn't want to get involved with that. But I forgot all their names and I don't know how to look at my blocked/ignored list. I usually don't have any reason to block anyone since almost everyone I meet is friendly and nice. I only block/ignore the truly bad ones.
  13. I cry many tears. I live in New Zealand and would be delighted beyond belief to come to tennocon, but it would cost me $2,633 as the cheapest round trip just to get there and back. Then I would have to pay for accommodation and the tickets. I'll just have to stick with my trusty digital ticket :P
  14. hey, can you also (eventually) take a look at how finishers work? Cause finishers basically manually move you into a position where the animation can take place. Alot of the time, this can mean that the animation will force you into a wall or underground, or through stairs or wherever. There's a lot of places where this takes place and is an easily replicable 'bug'.
  15. you also forgot braton vandal. Also, DE actually stated very clearly about half a year ago (or maybe longer) that these items ARE definitely coming back. They're just not sure when.