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  1. This is really great thank you. I've found the arcana missions so inaccessible and such a trudge that I've never even done them because I couldn't be bothered trying to find a squad. Glad you've changed it to be more accessible and quicker. Also, drop table changes are fantastic
  2. This is got to be, by far, the longest patch notes ever released. HOLY SH** Thanks so much DE
  3. I absolutely LOVED this boss fight. Warframe unfortunately has an issue with health on bosses always being too low which leads to invincability stages where you the player is just forced to wait. But this boss fight PERFECTLY fixes both issues. By adding challange, a puzzel type gamemode and difficulty all at the same time while making the boss fight seem longer without adding boring waiting stages for invincability. This fight was perfectly crafted and amazing to play. Please update some of your older boss fights to this style. Like the lephantis boss fight or tyl regor. I
  4. Previously with the Deffered Rendering engine option in the launcher, I would never get these weird reflection glitches. But with the new Enhanced graphics option, I have no idea what you changed since they're meant to be the same thing I think; but I am getting these really annoying and gross reflection artifacts. Please fix
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