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  1. There's still not a good way to find where resources come from in game. Maybe within the foundry make the resource section significantly more clear as well as labels on each resource that tell you the planet its on.
  2. I've found a slight work around for forcing host. That's to run missions from the dojo. If you launch a mission from the dojo (preferably in a squad already of at least one other mate) then it seems to always force host. Still this option deffinately should be implemented game wide. I've been waiting for this for soooo long. I hate high ping hosts or laggy hosts.
  3. As the title says, the entire railjack becomes unresponsive and unmoving sometimes when loading into a new mission. We can exit the mission to dry dock either because it's a new mission so the navigation is not accessable. Plus we cannot even exit the railjack or use any of the weapons as well as the railjack becomes unresponsive. Only way to get around this is to abort the mission. Thank god you kept resources from the previous missions.
  4. As title says, if I alt tab during the loading screen between railjack missions, the mission reward/end screen remains stuck open and cannot be closed for any reason. Requiring an ALT-F4
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