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  1. boi.....!! lols. Richest playa :P
  2. How so we know that the entire comic is not 1000 pages long and doesn't come for another year in total? Soon(tm) confirmed
  3. lol. It's bloody Saturday it's coming out for me
  4. that moment when you change the website code so the text boxes are all black and you can immediately see the text :P
  5. wait, do we still have time to do this challenge?
  6. I laughed way too loudly at this :P
  7. Banshee just makes noise or lack thereof. It's like Octavia is this beautiful singer. But she has a daughter. Everyone feels like she could aspire to great things. But it turns out she's super emo and into heavy rock and screamer. :P
  8. Hahahahhahah. I never thought about that. I wonder what would actually happen.
  9. I LOVE the name Octavia. Can't wait. Add soon as I saw that name in council chat, I knew 100% what I was going to her as.
  10. Yeah, they increased drop chances and drop amount for them in derlicts, but Stiv himself said he is 110% not changing the mutagen costs. I don't know why people still treat this as a garinteed change? never coming. Why do people reference it anymore?
  11. Overwatch has a music character that does decent damage. Also, there's a video that shows how in real life, lucios gun would be like a million nukes going if at once. :P Bard frame is the same :P
  12. I'm sorry for you. I've never encountered those types of people. So I count myself lucky. Hopefully DE can help. Gl.