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  1. Yep. I guess that makes sense. I forgot that warframe didn't have regional servers..
  2. yeah, true. But, AGAIN, it had me confused because it was similar to the blizzard analogy. It is not irrelevant. What DE said; their specific wording took me off guard and gave me dejavu of what blizzard said.
  3. lols. How'd you guess my country? :P But yeah, the reason I made this is because of confusion. DE worded their PSA weirdly that gave me dejavu to overwatch's release and fallout 4 dlc releases.
  4. This. To restate the original posters post. DE is not from the US, they're Canadian. As for all these comments: Calm down. You don't have to be so rude (Airwolfen's comment was not super rude though). The ONLY reason I was confused was because of their different format on their prime access info page. It is differently worded to any other prime access and I should know, i've bought all the rest. I was confused because it gave me dejavu from when overwatch was released in different times BECAUSE, SPECIFICALLY, the wording in DE's post is extremely similar to how blizzard originally worded their release info. Sorry for the mistake. As for everyone else, I obviously know about time zones, as I also know how the world works (mostly), again, I was confused SPECIFICALLY about the wording on DE's part.
  5. no.... Why does no one finish what I posted. They're format for their release info was different to any other time they released prime access and the info was extremely similar to when blizzard released overwatch at different times in different time zones. I was confused about this change in format. That is all. Sorry I assumed things, jesus. It's not that bad.
  6. As the title says, it's the 12th now and according to DE, the prime access switch is meant to happen on the 12th world wide. I had assumed this mean that when it was the 12th for you, Mirage prime would arrive. People in countries where it becomes a new day early would get Mirage prime early. This is what happened with overwatch's release date and they used the exact same wording as DE did. Or will it will release everywhere today since it's the 12th for me, so it's 12th 'world wide' so to speak... So is it coming soon (am hour or so from now which is the usual release date for my time) or is it going to release on the 13th (tomorrow) ? If it does release on the 13th, why did DE word the release information different and weirdly this time round...?
  7. How is Mirage Prime Even Possible?

    But that didn't directly make them money, and nor was it something the community have now had for years (ie: prime access)
  8. How is Mirage Prime Even Possible?

    People have already answered this quite well. But you also have to remember that DE said everything will be primed. It doesn't matter if it's lore breaking or not (eg valkyr prime). Everything will be primed because DE are a company, and they need money
  9. A "Report Player" Option was Added

    This is quite nice but could be abused. As for leeching, no. It's not against any rules. Just some people don't like it. Why should it matter to you what other players do in a mission and why should whatever they do be against the rules. They can play how they want
  10. more productive foundry and simulacrum

    What? Why the hell not? That's just stupid
  11. Unairu Void Spikes build is OP.

    Well, if they made it 1000% damage reflected, it would do 80 damage. So what about making it 10,000%? It would do 800 damage. To make it work while, they could crank it all the way up to 100,000%. That way it would do 8000 damage. Which seems quite reasonable :P
  12. i'm done with Focus 2.5

    Yeah. I agree. I love the changes because with work and university and family holidays all stacked up. I don't have that much time to focus farm. But now it's much easier
  13. i'm done with Focus 2.5

    K, I didn't assume. It's just really hard for me in general to pick up on sarcasm or jokes, and even harder when it's not face to face. Sorry