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  1. Patch today?

    Yeah, saw that after I posted my comment :( Welp, no hype at all right now. Hydroid prime is meh, just mastery fodder for me. At the moment, only thing I'm hyped for is PoE
  2. Patch today?

    Um, I'm from gmt+12, Thursday is nearly over for me. When you say today, what time is it for you guys over in US?
  3. Because it's tasteless, edgy and easy. You don't need skill nor plat to do it. I prefer nurtured colour schemes. Stuff I work on for literally weeks with trial and error
  4. Well technically teleportation still counts as moving a specific distance even though it's instant. I know a lot of people don't count teleportation frames because it's kinda cheating in the speed department, but it's still fun to calculate their speed. Also, no, because of nova's casting speed and 0 need for specifically placed objects and with a macro and both casting speed mods, she can traverse distances WAY faster than loki or ash. They have to line up a target and must have a target in the first place. If you bullet jump with nova and macro portals you can traverse much faster than loki or ash. But again, it's very hard to judge teleportation speed since it's not real speed, it's instanced movement. Also, nezha does not even close have the best teleportation for long distance. His glaive flys slowly and doesn't go that far. Loki or ash have the best, and Nova has the fastest. All in all, meh. It's all nice and cool calculating speed and such on paper, but I think the true test is PoE with all these frames on an actual race timed and everything. I honestly think if you counted teleportation, those frames would win, however, if you don't count them, volt wins by a hell of a lot.
  5. When and who is the next Prime Unvaulting?

    well whatever it is, really want edo prime armor to come back :P that's the very last prime accessories I'm missing besides the odd sugatra which I don't care about (although love the volt prime access one. The electric chain is awesome.)
  6. please not this. I don't mind the other things, but I never delete my messages cause I like the nostalgia of knowing when double weekends came around. Please don't get rid of these and please be VERY careful removing these emails. I really like having super old and nostalgic emails in my inbox.
  7. If Nova has a maxed range build of 250% range, she will have 125m of portal range. Because this game is not super complicated and doesn't have space folding mechanics or super complicated quantum properties, then she is essentially making and going through a portal in less than a second. For ease sake, imma say it takes exactly 1 second to create and move through a portal, meaning with max range, she has a speed of 125m/s or 450km/h or 279.617m/p so she's going pretty fast (36.733374474712745011607746334009% the speed of sound) But maybe we can times that by 4 since she can have four worm holes active at the same time, given that she daisy chains them. ok, assuming she places them AS SOON as she exits the previous one, and assuming she doesn't place more after her 4 are used, it means she's travelling 500m in roughly 4 seconds. Again, if we assume for ease sake that it takes 1 second to place and go through a portal, then it takes 4 seconds to travel through all 4 portals. However, I want to try to get more accurate. I'm going to assume that the portal casting speed is 1/4th of a second. It seems that fast, I can't accurately test that and there's nothing on ACTUAL casting speeds on the wiki. So if we assume her casting speed is 0.25seconds, and we also add on speed drift and natural talent it brings her casting speed down to 0.0375 seconds . If we then assume that it casts right in front of her, and she moves through it in 0 seconds, it means to cast and move through 4 portals takes 0.15 seconds. So, she travels a total of 500m in 0.15 seconds meaning she's moving at 3333.3r m/s which is.... really, really, really fast. That's 11998.8km/h or 7455.709m/h. If we assume all that stuff, and she can only use 4 portals at a max, with your setup of 7 nidus + volt, she will come close ish in a race but won't beat him unless you add on a whole lot of buffs because I only calculated this without any buffs. In the end, she is travelling at around 979.45869699374063298950894825002% the speed of sound, nearly 1000% the speed of sound, and 0.0011117691292954407812353971893449% the speed of light :P For reference, a commercial airliner travels at 500knots, Nova is travelling at 6478knots so she's moving at around 1295.6% the speed of a commercial airliner :P
  8. Fastest Frame?

    A friend of mine made this. Read through the whole thing because I comment and do some math on how fast something like nova is. Read all the comments cause some other peeps pointed out some interesting stuff
  9. August 23 Database Upgrades

    Because on melee each stance and each swing has a different range. DE explained how it'd impossible to properly classify range on melee when it'd constantly changing
  10. Lenz Awesome Bow maybe need Nerf?

    Meh, I really don't care. Above level 80 with armored targets, this thing is useless
  11. Yep same here. I own and use both items but none ever says anything about them. They're nice though.
  12. Dev Stream 97 : rip ember Deluxe

    the reason was mostly because the creator was fired from DE due to disagreements. It was a nice skin, but there was so much arguments over it that DE probs just decided nah, we'll make a new one. All in all, meh. Just hope that the new one is not weird or wonky like nova's.
  13. Your Most Annoying Enemy?

    shield lancers.... Nuf said.
  14. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    oh so it wasn't just me :P
  15. What are you guys Graphic Settings?

    Everything high/on except: Motion blur off, depth of field on, bloom set to 20 with bloom on high, colour correction off and the AA I leave on SMAA +high because my resolution is quite low/small and the TAA looks horrible and blurry on my screen.