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  1. Previously with the Deffered Rendering engine option in the launcher, I would never get these weird reflection glitches. But with the new Enhanced graphics option, I have no idea what you changed since they're meant to be the same thing I think; but I am getting these really annoying and gross reflection artifacts. Please fix
  2. Can you take a look at other resources and reduce their costs? Some stuff is super expensive. Even for verterans. I have 4100 hours and some stuff is still expensive. Here's my suggestions: Oxides: 15,000 Alloy Plate -> this is fine. I have 5 million as a vet. 10,000 Carbides -> 4000. 10,000 is way to high. Especially for a recently added, mostly railjack resource. 20,000 Ferrite -> 15,000. 20 thousand is a bit too high. You should just make these very common resources each 15,000. 25 Gallium -> 15. It's too expensive right now. Especially since you reduced th
  3. I don't believe this is supposed to be intentional. When they added them in the first place they said they would not contribute to more mastery. This is from the wiki: Kitguns have to be gilded to earn Mastery Rank points, with their progression tied to the weapon's Chamber alone. For example, if a player levels up a Gilded Kitgun crafted with the Catchmoon Chamber to 30, any future Kitguns forged using the Kitgun Chamber will no longer provide Mastery regardless of what combination of Grips and Loaders they have. As there are four Chambers currently available, the maximum amou
  4. All kitguns are showing up in the primary weapon section of the player profile as a seperate weapon that can be seperately ranked up to the secondary version. My profile shows the secondary version having been mastered, but the primary version as not being mastered. Pretty sure this is not intentional.
  5. Why are you introducing more and more predatory monetary systems in this once beloved game? I just hope you don't go as far as Valorant.
  6. DE have a habbit of over nerfing something. If something is way to powerful they stomp it into the ground so hard that no one remembers it. They did the same thing with the synoid simular and even synoid gammacor back in the day and with tones of other things. Personally I don't really care too much. I didn't really like the idea of Marked for Death anyways. It didn't fit my play style and I didn't find it very fun but I know alot of people are annoyed by this habbit that DE have.
  7. Usually I get around 15-30mb/s in the warframe launcher and have not ever had any issue before. This is the first time it's slowed down so much it's going to take about 2.3 hours according to the launcher to download. What is going on in the DE servers? plz....
  8. download speed for this update is extremely slow.
  9. How the hell are you that close already? Wtf???
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