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  1. Main idea behind these abilities: Broken frame is fractured across the special and temporal dimensions and uses this against his foes to split their bodies apart in a visceral display of power. 1 – Discontinuance: Aiming at a singular enemy, broken frame rips their reality apart; briefly gaining health regeneration, damage boost and movement speed. The enemy is dealt with increased duration slash damage and impact damage and is knocked back at high velocity causing any enemies in the way to also be knocked over. 2 – Oblivion: Broken frame creates a short lived, brief black hole at the point you’re aiming at. Duration is very short and it creates a brief, but extremely strong sucking force that forces all enemies nearby to be knocked to their knees and take huge impact damage. The black hole also pulls energy from the room causing lights to break and go out and the air to become extremely cold; doing cold damage even after the black hole has closed. 3 – Glitch: To escape a dire situation, Broken frame shatters the temporal fabric near him and teleports to a new position in the room (this could either be somewhere you’re aiming within range, or a random position in the room), gaining a small health regeneration as he also moved back in time a few seconds. The area from which he previously existed is hit with a massive burst of temporal energy flowing from between worlds; exploding enemies outwards from that point dealing explosion and fire damage. Using Glitch when aiming at enemy would do the same effects as Discontinuance and instead of teleporting to (either a random position or an aimed position), you would trade places with that one enemy. Trading places with an enemy would still leave the Glitch explosion where you previously existed. 4 – Crack: In a large sphere around him, broken frame shatters the fabric of space. Shifting different parts of the world through each other and forcing bodies, objects and light to be ripped in half, break and distort. Does massive slash damage. This is also a duration based ability and while the sphere is still up, it freezes enemies dealing constant slash damage over time. Using Oblivion within a Cracked space causes a massive implosion, immediately shutting off Crack and sending shards of the spacial fabric inwards along with the enemies. This heats up the center of the black hole and when Oblivion ends; causes a huge flash explosion and spreads fire across the room instead of the cold damage usually spread by Oblivion. Passive: Broken frame uses temporal energy instead of his usual energy. And because he constantly draws energy from the space around him with every ability he uses, this causes strain on his body. Thus, each time he uses his abilities his current state is moved backwards through time by how much energy his abilities use. This could either give him a health boost from being previously higher in health, or it could bring back damage done to him previously. In some situations, this could also kill you if you’re not careful of when you use your abilities. The main visuals for his abilities would be like 3D broken glass. Imagine being inside a big glass cube that shatters and distorts light coming in.
  2. This is basically the same thing but now you can't heal shields from 0 I assume? That's a fair nerf. I like it
  3. For some reason, with deffered on, there are some very specific effects that cause huge fps drops. The kuva now thing. When it explodes, it literally drops my fps by 30. From 130 to 70 instantly. It's horrifically unoptimised. So yeah I see your point. A 9° increase is absolutely massive for a single change in settings
  4. 80° is fine. That's actually quite low for a gpu under stress.
  5. This is Nvidia I assume? How do you set this up? It looks so good. Also any other settings I can use with nvidia to make it look better?
  6. I love this new rendering. It looks soooooo good on PoE and Vallis. But it seems to lack the same fidality in older tilesets. The void for eg does have much of the new lighting and there seems to be no character shadows in some tilesets. Plus, I noticed while scooped in, your character model is not rendered and the shadow disappears.
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