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  1. Yeah I would agree that weapon build variety is deffinately still very weak.
  2. I think in terms of build content, warframe has never been in a better place. It's got so much bloody variety now that it's almost impossible to find a one track build for anything cause there's a thousand different ways to build for one problem. Keep in mind that two-three years ago when I was playing quite alot, there was no set mods, no riven mods, no peculiar mods, no amalgam mods, no exilus mods (and no exilus slot). A alot of the current augment mods did not exist and overall the game content did not allow or require new mods. Only a few years ago the game was extremely baren or variety and in only a short while, they've added a metric ton of build variety.
  3. I'd love weekly or monthly updates once railjack is released. New mission content, story stuff, or even something like nightwave for railjack that's monthly. I don't want them to release it and then spend another half a year working on the corpus version. Railjack js the last hope I have for this gaming keeping my interest. I've recently gotten extremely bored of the game cause there's nothing to do so imma be playing railjack very carefully and slowly so as to not burn out but if they keep up this cycle of updating so #*!%ing slowly then it's not going to last. Tbh, I'm actually very worried for railjack. I think the release version won't actually have that much to do...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPZz4NSjfeg&feature=youtu.be I don't usually get amazing download speeds but warframe had an amazing today with this update. Got up to 11MB/s as well at one point.
  5. I know you guys could easily do this, but can you please please make missions more dynamic and changing? I've been playing alot of no man's sky recently and even with how complicated warframe is compared to it, no man's sky still has better, longer lasting, more interesting dynamic missions. Please DE, make bounties more interesting and thick
  6. Hopefully it's soon. Love you all at DE. Super super hyped for the Tenno space battles. Also, you guys are traveling all over the world. Any plans to come to New Zealand for our Armageddon game show?
  7. 😞 god news and updates come so slowly 😞 Couldn't you move the devstream forwards instead of a whole week later? /s But seriously have a great holiday. Enjoy the Canadian summer 🙂
  8. Exactly the same feeling. I am beyond excited. Its probably the biggest thing to ever come to warframe. I'm so damn bloody excited
  9. My brother just started playing warframe for the first time so I've been having a blast playing with him and teaching him. I'm Mr 27 so before there was literally nothing to do but grind nightwave
  10. Actually they did... Sortof. They said at tennocon: we're trying to lock down this year. Hopefully. Maybe
  11. Is there an overall max cap to the number of enemies in a single mission? The plains and the Vallis can run an impressive amount of effects and enemies of multiple different types. I'm future, could you push this cap up?
  12. the immediate difference. No, I don't notice it. But almost every single update they drop it by 0.1 disposition. I'm fine with them nerfing it once cause it's expected and understandable, but it's been nerfed 3 times at least now
  13. hopefully with stuff like squad link, raids will become more of a space battle thing which could be cool. A multi-leveled mission that spans across multiple planets and requires you to fly and destroy multiple ships or take down multiple points of contention. Really still want the awesome 8 player experience so hopefully we can get that back, but I could imagine that being the future of raids
  14. AGAIN?!?!? Stop nerfing this into the ground 😞
  15. can you stop nerfing this? Every single update there's another nerf to this disposition. Seriously. Nerf it once and then don't do it again every single riven patch.
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