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  1. The map to end all maps

    yeah true. Mine has wisp locations though... use whatever you want, I just made this to help out where I can. Also, update 3.0 - I've added a bunch more cetus wisp spawn locations that me and clan mates have found.
  2. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    Probably on Halloween tbh. When's that exactly? The 21st or 31st? I can never remember the actual date :P
  3. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    I never use any fish or gems for standing. That seems like a massive wast to me. I would rather have a crap tone of spare resources and just do bounties for standing. I was leveling up very fast last night doing just bounties. It's really easy, fun, and doesn't require me to essentially waste fish or gems
  4. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    Can you tell me if Garas third actually give herself 90% damage reduction? Cause it doesn't specify it anywhere.
  5. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    Nice. Ty. I didn't like how chunks of water where basically broken
  6. The map to end all maps

    Edit - updated map Will be adding more wisp locations soon.
  7. Prime Trailers: Did some not exist?

    No, I guess you're really new to the game. They started doing Ballas trailers with Saryn prime. Before that, all we got where little snippets and some of the older ones where so short and small that even from the trailer, there was still guesses of who the prime was.
  8. I HATE this about DEs design decisions. I hate how they constantly have a mandatory look to certain frames. This was ligit the argument @IgnusDei had with DE. He wanted a new, fresh look and DE wanted to stick their mandatory chicken head onto it. Its just sh1tty situation tbh
  9. I mean, pretty much all frames do well. I've used frost, Gara, mesa, Inaros, mag, trinity, chroma. They all did quite well. Mag though is quite squishy, but if you have a team, she does really well
  10. Lols, I feel like there's hidden irony here. Like the fact that this statement seems like the opposite of saying pardon my French :P
  11. Giant Fish Shark Thing?

    Probably similar to how cross country animal breeding worked on the 1700 or 1600 hundreds. Cats, rats and so on where brought from Europe either by accident or on purpose as a culling method and slowly spread throughout the new world. I live in New Zealand and unfortunately some of those animals brought a cross ruin our natural wild life and kill our native birds, kiwis namely. Same could happen eventually if we ever spread to the stars. I'm not saying there's sentient life, but with quite a few habitable planets out there, there's bound to be animal life on other planets. Although, the real question is being that if these sharks are from uranus, they're used to swiming in liquid methane and liquid helium. I'm not sure they would ever adapt to swimming in simplistic water and living on a calcium, carbon based world
  12. Need a PoE "Do Not Disturb" mode

    Yeah I got hella triggered last night cause they just wouldn't leave us alone. Like, we literally didn't do ANYTHING to them, we stayed away from their camps and I'm pretty sure we where out of their sight range but some how, some f%"ing way they spawned directly on us and kept attacking over and over. We moved positions multiple times as well. It's super fu:king annoying and I really want it so if you ignore the grineer, they ignore you.
  13. Norg bait not working?

    Little bit of cheeky self promotion here, but you can use my map for any fishing locations Norgs only spawn in the lake, they're both rare at night and day, they spawn pretty deep, and you need to use the bait on the bubbles as has been stated here a couple of times. Gl fishing :P
  14. test 7

    Right side, as soon as you enter the room. You can practice on any rank once you're one away from the rank