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  1. Let It Die x Warframe plz?

    What is let it die? You can see how much I care about it
  2. I bought 551 Eros oros, beat that!

    It's a streamers glyph. His name is KiWad
  3. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    I never played destiny cause I was never interested at all. It just looked so boring just from the look and style of the game.
  4. I bought 551 Eros oros, beat that!

    Nein. That's my special gem. Plz... I don't want it to come back. That's very unique and my favorite thing in my ship
  5. I bought 551 Eros oros, beat that!

    This. I kinda wish they kept it in the event. I understand wanting to bring back weapons, but now they're bringing back cosmetics? I thought that was supposed to be the one thing that can be exclusive?
  6. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    Number one, raids where easy to do in 20 mins. Number 2, the highest farm of all three caps as many times as possible that I have seem is by a friend of mine. It's difficult, but he has done 4 triple eidolon caps per night. That means 4 * 3 arcane per eidolon meaning 12 arcane per night. He usually is able to do 4-6 nights in one playing day, which means up to 72 arcane per playing day that he can jump on. But that's all extreme. For me at least, I do usually 2 or 3 triple caps per night and I usually only have time for 2 nights per playing day. So for me, I could get about 18 arcane per playing day
  7. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    I super doubt that people that could run the raids; the super buggy, glitch, very laggy missions, would have trouble playing PoE. For me at least, raids where 100 times less optimized than PoE and ran horribly slow on my relative gold computer. Even my friend with a 1080 and an i7700k quite a hard hit to his fps in raids but can run PoE butter smooth.
  8. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    Also this. I did raids, an I enjoyed then for a period but they got super boring. Even though I did them and now arcane are much easier to get, I'm all good with that.
  9. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    This. 100% this. I have everything else I could possibly want from quills. The only thing I haven't really maxed out in is arcane and focus...
  10. Please just don't change the font, DE

    WHAT? how in the hell do you not know? Do not read any updates, follow warframe in why social media or watch their devstreams? They've been saying for ages now that they're planning to change the text for better scaling and to make it a lot cleaner looking. They've now done so
  11. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Idk about anyone else. But I'm way more hyped for the venus landscape than umbra. I'm not really hyped at all for umbra since it's been what, 3 years now? Apparently they're showing off the venus landscape in the next devstream

    Quick. Inb4 🔒
  13. What if Loki got a rework?

    Actually no. Thesr suggested changes actually look insanely fun and good. I'd love for Loki to get a change since he's so boring right now. These changes are the first I've seen for a Loki change post that actually look super fun and interesting and might make Loki extremely fun and powerful
  14. Syandana battle

    Misa by a HUGE stretch. For me, it far, Far out reaches anything any other syandana could possible offer. Second is Uru because it has the same awesome effect as Misa but I don't really like the over use of gold... Third is Teplo. It's got the really nice energy colouration effect which I love, and with the new arcane change where they're not locked to syandanas, I might start using Teplo again. Last is Nsaru. It's nice on certain frames with small bodies because it makes them look delicate and powerful. Like Gods kinda. I really love it on mag.