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  1. I love playing around with depth of field and getting far shots that look imposing or dark themed. This one is of frost in the far back, standing stoic as a wave of ice passes forward.
  2. thank you DE :) also thank you DE :) some of the reloads for weapons are quite cool and interesting to see in slow mo :) @[DE]Megan ^ This doesn't change the damage does it? Only the visual number displayed?
  3. yeah, all in the eye of the beholder :P
  4. Really? On all my frames, I have at least 4-6 forma. Banshee has 6, banshee prime has 5, and so on. Every frame has forma. The only exceptions for those rules is Loki (2 forma) cause of his 0 requirement for damage and Excalibur (9 forma) cause I had to compleatley rebuild when his super jump was taken out.
  5. Meh, your thoughts. Not mine. I like the game. Nearly 3k hours. I've got everything. Still really enjoy it. Just took a week off and I'm about to jump right back in. Absolutely love it. Next time, offer constructive criticism. Then we can agree to disagree. This post is just a long winded whine. Sorry.
  6. It doesn't actually effect your ping. Just your latency. There is a difference. But I get what you mean. Although, the latency drop is so small that unless you wanted perfect timing for a pve game, you don't need to worry too much. I prefer high settings to low latency. But that's just me :P Also, my settings are all maxed (AMD so no physx), I turn reflection blur and motion blur off cause I don't like them. Colour correction, and weapon effects like trail and elemental effects are also off cause they look ugly to me. Everything else is maxed and unlimited fps. I don't know why, but unlike alot of people who have problems when there is no fps lock, I get an amazing performance boost with no loss to my graphic cards life. Cooling and all is fine.
  7. YES!! de confirm it now. This is an amazing idea :P
  8. 1- that play style is only disliked by a few Nerf warriors. Most people don't care or enjoy the playstyle. 2- would. Not wood :P 3- who cares if only the 'hands of steel people can naturally get that fast. Not all gameplay needs to be balanced around everything and everyone. Spin attacks are fun, but when a 'hands of steel' guy comes along, I think it makes the game even more entertaining. 4- it would hurt me and a lot of other vets alot because we've gotten used to the speed at which we can play. DO JOT TAKE IT AWAY FROM US. 5- I don't think you fully read my last comment. Not many people want this. hardly anyone likes this idea. So, either get gud and as fast as us, or don't play at all. Do not go around calling out for nerfs. We don't need them. The system is fine and fun as it is.
  9. Agreeness. Much yes. Many +1. Extreme wow. Plz DE, ((((((((((properly)))))))))) re-work Oberon. Make him the true fairy king he needs to be. Enlarge his cod piece i mean, sorry. Make him him more enlaring engaging. Soon(tm(update 200(2075(oberon rework 4))))
  10. No sorry, volt is quite boring for me. Will leave conversation. Gl volt mains :P
  11. I was referring to council forums. Council chat is just a place for a bunch of the first of warframes trolls :P TIS a fun and merry time there.
  12. Oh. Missed the word augment :P my mistake. Carry on :P
  13. Eh. Complain away. I think I'll just stay away from platform specific topics from now on :P
  14. Umm.. Sure Lol. Well If you've answered everything, then technically this forum post is done... Nothing is changing, we've talked, and discussed this topic. And now we're done... DE plz lock thread. We're done ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›
  15. They kind-of do. In council chat. Octavia, Nidus and almost all other frames where named there.