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  1. not to shabby at all. Thanks so much guys 🙂 Excited to see tennocon
  2. This seems to be highly inconsistent and with how many nullifiers there are + the fact that the amalgams themselves also can instantly nullify every ability when close to them (which you need to be to kill them) + the fact that at high levels, the amount of CC and damage in a room even when your trying to slow them will melt a relatively squishy nova. We've tested nova for long duration runs and she melts almost instantly even with her 1st and adaptation at higher levels and because the room is so full of very fast running nullifiers + the very fast amalgams it means nova isn't too useful after a while.
  3. Suggestions: 1 - Remove one type of the nullifieing or muting enemies. There are too many different nullifying or muting enemies in this mission type at higher levels. You need to either remove Nullifiers, or the cloners, or the complete ability immune enemies. I'd be fine with one or two of those abilities, but right now all of them combined makes the entire mission incredibly unfun. 2 - Remove the ability immunity on the bomb enemies. I wouldn't mind if they had everything they currently have except the ability Immunity. It forces you to play the game essentially without abilities which makes the main core aspect of the game completely useless. It's also a super lazy way of adding challenge. It's lazy and cheesy to just remove abilities 3 - Each amalgam should be colour coded on which bomb they're going for. It's quite difficult with the screen flashing and so many CC abilities going off and worrying about the amalgams and so on to see which amalgam goes to which bomb...
  4. Yeah like that one BR game that killed itself when the devs listened to LITERALLY Everyone. every single idea put forward was put into the game and totally killed it cause you got a hideous mix of good ideas and trash ideas
  5. 0:08 He dismisses anyone who might happen to not agree with him - that's not OK. 1:38 He can't log on for more than an hour a day before he wants to play something else. - I agree with this. I personally just login and then out and go play something else. 4:40 "I'd rather play warframe solo because it's more optimized to do so" - this is incorrect, however as a vet, the game is just boring and when you want to logout as soon as possible, more people become a bother. 5:50 "there is no reason to co-op in warframe outside of the main focus of the game" - I agree with this. Besides the new Vallis bosses, what the point in playing with people? 6:00 he then goes on to say that he enjoyed playing the raids - I enjoyed the raids because of the specific people that I played with. After they where removed, all those old friends literally stopped playing because the game got boring and catered to newbs too much. Even the new Vallis fights, whilst fun for a bit, get boring and are too easy. 7:15 he talks starts talking about how time is important - it is. I often can't wait to logoff after the days grind and go play something more fun. 8:30 "Muh one key for 900 rewards" - imo, I like the new reward systems, its just that since I own everything, I don't care about the new rewards unless there's enough of them to last me a whole. But even then sometimes I don't care. I haven't even finished little duck because I have to get repella systems which are locked behind a boring and repetitive bounty system. 13:00 "compare vauban prime vs equinox prime" I think the hype and tension for Vauban prime was deffinately higher than equinox prime because of the trailer and I do think DE is slacking a bit with the trailers, however, the newest stuff does actually hype me. Railjack and so on look genuinely fun to play. 13:35 he starts listing things that "nobody" - people like this don't know what they truly want in the game. So far I think alot of the content updates have been pretty cool and interesting so there's nothing I haven't wanted, but there are still things I do want to see. 14:50 calls forum threads for recent arbitration changes and how people are saying they'll never revive a player. - this was a ligit issue. People EVERYWHERE where saying this. Personally arbitration are really boring and need more worthwhile rewards. 15:50 "de doesn't listen to us" - there's a certain level of listening and not listening that a company should do. Obviously you don't want to listen to absolutely everyone, but they should listen to some genuine concerns and issues that a huge majority have with the game. Like for example, true vets don't have jack sh!t to do. There's literally nothing left to get or farm. 16:45 "what even is the point of playing this game anymore?" "why should I get mr27" I set that goal and then got bored. The hover boards and amps are boring to farm. "why would I be excited for the next update if I finish it in a week" I actually stretch it out and make it last months but I'm still board because it's just the same old same old. "why would I grind for a new mod with useless stats" What the point? It's bloody boring and the mod really isn't that useful unless you go for a super niche build but what's the point anymore. "same could be said for warframe updates" each update deffinately ads more life each time. But it doesn't last long enough. Even for someone stretching it out. 18:20 "playing with my buddies is always worth it" I do agree that chatting with my old clan mates and friends from warframe makes it worth it and fun to play, but I don't see them often. 18:25 "if you don't have X you can't play with us because I'm being an elitist" no one really does that. If they do they are genuinely stupid. When I play public I don't give two S#&$s about who is playing what. They can have fun and do whatever for all I care.
  6. Could you give an updated explanation of ALL the original items on the white board that haven't been released yet? And possibly, if you decide you're getting hyped, whether or not each item will show up in tennocon? Just want to say that I love you all at DE and I'm hardcore rooting for you to do well. I belive in all of you guys.
  7. Arniox


    #*!%in hell. 0_O That'll be $60 sir
  8. Arniox


    Yes, most definitely
  9. Normally I like season content. If done well like in rainbow six I really enjoy it. I love the idea of getting exclusive skins and so on. But I agree that in warframe it doesn't really work. Sure, I wouldn't mind exclusive skins or armour which they have already done, but the whole concept and idea of a 'seasonal' thing in warframe doesn't make too much sense because of the style of gameplay in warframe
  10. Arniox


    No, but there's blackjack and hookers. And $30 cocktails 😂
  11. I think the problem lies in balancing which unfortunately, at its core, is screwed. The problem is that some weapons and frames remain extremely underpowered respectively and will take 20 minutes to kill high level enemies. Whereas some content is extremely OP and can kill them in seconds. The difference is stark and completely broken. You cannot realistically make a 'hard' boss or challanging endgame cause someone will come along with a stupidly broken combo and do it instantly. If they want real endgame they can either do one of two things: - balance everything up and down around specific content. Say a boss for example takes less damage the more powerful a weapon is and more damage from weaker weapons. This is extremely lazy and makes different content respond differently depending on the fights which is really bad, but easy to do. Or massively nerf stuff to a more controllable level and buff weak stuff to a better level.
  12. Exactly. I mean I'm a Mr 26 with over 5 years playing with good builds but only just last night I asked another Mr 26 what build he was using for his chroma because I aporicated how #*!%ing strong it was. Even as vets with basically everything, I still learn new stuff
  13. Arniox


    Welcome to the club
  14. This. I agree with so much. I don't give two S#&$s about the rewards anymore. I just want challanging content and even though I'm a pretty casual player, even level 100 enemies are too low for me. I yearn for harder content but DE forever will never give it to us
  15. It's because @[DE]Rebecca is actually terrible at the game in general. Her builds are mostly half finished and very weak. Now I'm not saying that's her fault. She's a very busy woman, but I am saying that she, or at least her account with her mod setups is not a good point of reference to use on a devstream... At level 35 the new mission type will completely worthless to me... It's so piss easy that it will be 0 challange to most people my rank. If DE wants real challange. Start them at level 150 at least. Please
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