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Void fissures - difficulty. Too easy = so boring.

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Today I wanted again to make some fissure missions for prime parts. But it's just incredibly boring in my opinion. Sitting in defense without any difficulty, because enemies don't deal enough damage to kill you and other team mates just clear the maps. Was doing Axi(40-45 level) defense mission.

I think it's time to rise the level of fissure missions by two times to make it actually somehow challenging and less boring. From these missions you can get PRIME parts, it need to have some challenge and not be too easy to make.

But to be real we just need more challenging content for veterans and end game player. We have at the moment just Eidolon and sortie missions that aren't hard, the only boss that can bring you small difficulty on level 100 sorties are Ambulas and Hyena pack, the rest of the bosses are weak or annoying with invulnerability states. So we have like 2 good bosses but only when they are on Sorties and Trio Eidolons as a challenge. Maybe each mission should have difficulty selection and the more difficulty the more multipliers on resources drop for example. 

"Warframe at the moment is the game where you always WIN" 


Example of difficulty selection on an mission:
Normal: level 20-25
Hard: level 40-50 (Resource drop chance multiplier 1.5x)  (Requires Mastery Rank:10)
Very hard: level 40-50 Eximus stronghold. (resource drop chance multiplier 2.0x) (Requires Mastery Rank: 15)

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Here's two things to keep in mind :

1- Primes parts farming aren't supposed to be end-game designed. They're a form of basic progression.
For you, the player with a 4 corrosive projection team and weapons that deals billions of damage due to efficient mechanic by-pass, it's not hard.
But for any other player who's just recently finished Pluto or Sedna it's quite a challenge to over-come even at wave 5.

2- Your suggestion doesn't fix the issue you literally just talked about.
From the post above, I am inclined to believe that you can already slaughter enemies that are 100 times your level.
Eximus are barely 10-20 levels above the normal units with, for most, meaningless extra abilities.
The only ability that's actually effective against you would be Siphon, which can and will be put to rest by a spamming Energy frame.
The gameplay isn't going to be anymore active or less boring, it's simply going to be more annoying and more "Resource/Exp efficient".

There's things to be fixed and changed, but you're definitely not making it any more active and challenging by just adding levels to enemies.

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