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Dark Split-Sword holster style and skin bug


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I found a bug with Dark Split-Sword. When using dual melee stance then cant apply Dual Swords Nari & Vali skin and holster styles.

When i add skin, it shows name of skin in weapon apperance and holster style but weapon skin is original one and holster style also didn't change. 

Did try with other stances too but non is being applied properly. 

With two hand stance two hand weapon skins like Heavy Blade dominion and holster styles are applied correctly so its only dual wield bug.

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I can select the Nari & Vali skin, but after you exit the skin options, it just goes back to the old dark split sword appreance TT

I was just able to gather enough plats to buy the loki deluxe skin package, and the dark split sword is my favourite melee weapon. Can DE please fix this? >.<

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