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Chroma elemental ward electric need buff.

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As a Chroma in TOP3 favorite warframes, I found that electric element in Chroma is useless.

Elemental Ward: 

Ice add 150 armor and slow enemies that are shooting him, which is great for survivability.

Fire add 200 health which is great too for survivability, because health is affected by armor so the extra health will not disappear in second.
Toxin add 35% reload speed and holster speed, which is fine for more dps and quick change weapons.
Electric add 100 shield and some damage to nearby enemies. But here is a problem that electric won't hit enemies if Chroma is out of shield and shield on higher levels disappear in second. So this ability is kind of useless.

Electric should add 300-400 shields and add 100% shield recharge rate. This should make Electric Chroma worth to use, just like other elements.

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The root of the issue comes down to shields still being crap.

DE is working on something to remedy that that will hopefully help out shield Frame survivability. They're adding shield-gating which will make a big difference, but they also said when testing it that wasn't enough so there is some other change coming as well that we don't know about yet. I've frequently suggested damage resistance for shields, like armor to health. Though, I don't think shield "armor" should be as strong as health armor since shields regenerate rapidly. But it would make Redirection and Fast Deflection more useful in higher end content. 

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