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  1. You guys have a real busy schedule! I like that. But make sure you don't overwork yourselves out there! ❤️
  2. invincibility drones are barely real challenge, more of an inconvenience. why not spend more time and design unique support enemies that don't make everything invincible? also, 10 waves/10 minutes/2 rounds for 1 reward takes way too long. the reason i do void fissure missions and barely even touch arbitrations is that i get rewarded every 5 waves/5 minutes/round in regular missions.
  3. hey there OP, got a better question for you. ever heard of grim fury? it's basically sparring weapons' quick attack but a little bit more developed and doesn't lock you in place like brutal tide does. the truth is, melee 2.9 didn't ruin anything, most stances being jank is what's ruining it for ya.
  4. that's so wonderful! these skins haven't been seen in ages, correct? they date back to a time when i wasn't playing the game yet, so i'm glad to finally have access to them! ❤️
  5. darling, what you're looking at is the weeklies tracker, not a countdown to the end of the event~
  6. There was a time when practicing the test wouldn't bar you from actually doing it straight away OR practicing as often as you'd like, but they've since added a 24 hour waiting period on it, which they mentionned was completely intended even, whether or not you pass the test in practice, which is... concerning? confusing? it takes away the point of having a practice mode in the first place. it's just a timegate trap now. i sincerely hope the dev team reconsiders that choice.
  7. I think you mean a lottery, in a lottery, in a lottery! 😛
  8. wolf should not drop generic 120% damage mods. incredibly low spawn chance even now.
  9. to be fair tyl regor and vor could always come back, grineer are mass-produced clones after all. who says they don't have backup genetic slurry of the both of them?
  10. you summon the literal sun through a portal and shoot a big fat fire beam at enemies. so like world on fire, but you have to aim it. which is way better.
  11. I dunno about you but I was pretty upset when I saw like, my DREAM ultimate for Ember... on Wisp. a frame that's ghost-themed, using a clearly fire-themed attack. Why not give older frames some love? Ember is capital p Pathetic right now. Absolutely no survivability and no reason to use her besides nostalgia. She could really use a look-see and that ability you showed off frankly belongs on Ember.
  12. Now, this is coming from someone who has bought all of the palettes currently available in the game, minus the ones that are tied to specific events I may have missed, so this isn't from an upset newbie or anything, I just figured I should voice my interest/concern about this issue. The Classic palette at the beginning of the game, is entirely restricted to the middle row, with no possibility of unlocking it unless you pay the full price of an entire palette, which I believe may throw off beginners into believing the game is pay to customize. I feel like this hostile design decision contrasts with the generosity DE usually showcases, so i've come up with a solution that drums up more engagement from the player. My idea is to implement a gameplay tie into unlocking at least the classic palette, like researching dojo pigments, but solo. This could work for a handful of other palettes as well, but not all of them? Maybe the faction-adjacent ones, which could be unlocked via amassing pigments dropped from the corresponding enemies of that faction, like Corrupted could drop Orokin pigments that you could use to gradually unlock more colors from that palette. I think this would make the game more engaging as you could always work towards the goal of unlocking new colors to customize your warframe with. Then, when you're done, you'd probably be more interested in buying the paid palettes, since you got a lot of the colors through your own hard work! Other ways of obtaining (some, but not all) palettes may include tying some of them to specific achievements or mastery rank increases. Specifically, the Classic rows could unlock more early as you progress through the singular digit mastery rank tests.
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