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  1. [citation needed] You know WoF was nerfed into total uselessness, right? What's the point of keeping it in this state? Let's get something new and powerful in its stead if they won't bring it back to its original level of raw "press 4 to win", which they won't, because abilities like pre-nerf AND post-nerf WoF are bad for the game for different reasons.
  2. There goes my investment... Saved up all this cred just to spend it all on Kuva and now it's all gonna go to waste! 🥺
  3. Vauban's new Minelayer I could have personally done without. Its previous funky and non-functional gimmicks have been replaced by... more funky and non-functional gimmicks. Just give him a gun with legs like you were talking about, or turrets! No one is gonna miss boost pad. Nobody needs those. I promise. It's fine. Vauban's new Orbital Strike is very impressive as well as powerful, and I'm certain the cast times are simply a product of the WIP nature of the dev build, so I'll keep my mouth shut about it. Bastille into Vortex is also a clever way to making space for that ability, which happens to synergize well with it. I liked what I saw with Ember, it seems like improvements across the board, but I'm going to share my opinion with a lot of folks in here and say that: Ember being harshly punished by losing all her energy for using abilities is... not great, but that goes without saying at this point. What surprised me the most is that Fireball barely received any changes. There was a slight boost in charge time, and the damage will increase with Heat being reworked, but... To me, a good charge time ability is something like Nezha's chakram. Charge time that really feels like it's increasing power as well as altering function without hindering gameplay. Please look into this, it'll really be worth it. Speeding up her 1 much like you did with her 3 is a great idea. In fact, why not make it so that when she reaches the tippy top of her overheat gauge, she triggers a world on fire effect that drains energy instead? that could give people a grace period and another niche thing to build towards while calling back to her previous kit. Inferno looks great, but!!! really should not be line of sight. Or at least, y'all really need to fix line of sight before you make abilities based on that mechanic, imo.
  4. I'd like to mirror something XandyPants said on stream at some point and point out that it's perfectly okay for some veteran content creators to feel disillusioned with the current version of the game compared to when they first started because it's fundamentally a different game now, not to mention they've played for wayyyy too long without a break. Sometimes the game has dry periods and that's fine, because there's tons of other stuff out there to play, gives you some breathing room to do just that and such.
  5. I'd like to see the mod drop chance booster added to daily rewards as well, but in any case this is fantastic news for space ninjas everywhere. thank you DE for listening to feedback!
  6. I'd like to think Corpus would willingly turn to Alad V for amalgamation, and Infested would "self-replicate", like Lephantis/Phorid and eventually turn into powerful ancients with a memory and hatred of you
  7. Since Gears 5 got some pride flags in their store, maybe y'all could add some pride flag sigils/emblems when next pride month comes around? It'd be super nice of you. ❤️
  8. Goodness me, sounds like someone has a complex.
  9. My idea is this: Riven Transmutation should be innately possible, considering how many Rivens you need to make a new, veiled one. I don't believe there's any stat bonus either, nor is it likely to be for a weapon you already have equipped. Pure RNG. You know what I'd like instead? I want something completely different. A Lens Extractor. A one-time use item that allows you to freely remove Lenses from weapons and frames WITHOUT destroying them, so you can arrange them again however you like, or possibly upgrade them. This seems especially relevant now, considering a new tier of Lenses just came out. Tridolons, something you do for focus, should absolutely let you mess with other focus-giving stuff, wouldn't you agree?
  10. This is a fantastic solution to retroactively give warframes the lore they desperately need!! The presentation is top notch and just hearing about all this flavor and history makes me shudder in excitement. I hope for, NO, demand more be made! ❤️ It's good is what I'm sayin'!
  11. Thanks fellas! Lookin forward to it!
  12. Those two deluxe skins you showed are very avant-garde and I LOVE it. ❤️
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