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  1. guys don't worry about giving us another big surprise (and crunching in the process), just keep working on lifting the whole and it'll be alright!
  2. Usually they go all out for the concept art then tone it way down when they realize the way frames are animated makes it a lot harder to slap everything they want on it without it all clipping or glitching out. It's real disappointing, but that's just how it goes, so I'm used to it.
  3. big fan of your nezha skin, can't wait to see how this turns out 😄
  4. yeah kuva drops were more than fine at 5%, and it's a resource everybody needs, what's the point of removing them?
  5. I LOVE the idea of transferring your kuva weapon's progress into a stronger one. Will this only be achievable with the same bonus element? Just wondering.
  6. I just want a way to shoo away my lich if i don't have the required requiem mods without having to kill myself, like maybe downing him and having him disappear if you don't finish them within a certain amount of time. It'd really encourage keeping them around long-term too, and maybe you could have them adapt when you kill them with a warframe power like you showed at TennoCon 2019.
  7. I LOVE the stance changes, they're really nuts! My only exceptions would have to be for Bullet Dance (never liked the backwards roll attack in the first place), coiling viper basically only having 2 combos (unfinished?) and the Nikana stances restricting movement heavily. Unlike the opinions I've seen stated here, I love that the w combos let you move forward freely in almost all cases, it's intuitive. If you're holding forward while attacking, it's natural to expect to be able to move while doing so, right? Nothing frustrates me more than holding forward while attacking and going... really... slowly... forward... while locked in an animation. That was a big problem with the previous melee iteration that you've completely fixed here, and I appreciate it. There IS something I'd like to point out about the new heavy attack system- maybe if a heavy attack misses, it shouldn't consume the combo counter? That's just a suggestion though. I like how much faster you build up the combo counter now as well, it lets you hop into a fight with more confidence.
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