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  1. 8 hours ago, Shaburanigud said:

    IMO the Ferrox is out of the best spearguns, and doesn't really need much of an upgrade. They just have to fix the Alt-fire being inconsistent and buggy.
    It doesn't need a buff.
    What really needs a look is the Javlok though.

    Yes spearguns are clunky, and probably don't compensate that much compared to the clunkiness.
    But I'd prefer a variant in the future then just straight up buffing it to oblivion.

    BUT. I do agree with the retrieval. Its kinda messy and really hard to use if you have to jump in into the stuff you kill to get your primary weapon back.
    This I hope gets an update in the future.


    Also we need an Infested Speargun to complete the set.
    Then in the future we could have Scourge Prime, Javlok Wraith, Ferrox Vandal.

    Just asking for visual upgrades really. Wouldnt even consider it a major buff at all to change the way it fires or change the size of the magazine, but if it is it is. The retrieval would be cool if it happened.

  2. Spear guns are a pretty cool concept. I like them. I wish there were more. But I have a particular one id like to ask for changes for. Please hear me out.

    When throwing them, in general, being able to call it back would greatly improve playing with them...throwing them is fun. Its fun and thats just about it. I like nailing an enemy with it and seeing them hit the ground. But (especially with the Ferros) when you consider there is a timer on how long the weapon can stay out before returning to you, id like to just have the ability to recall it.

    Ferros specific:

    1).Bigger lightning effect when it hits the ground after being thrown, please please.

    2). Possibly change primary fire? More ammo or something like the arca weapons or an amprex rifle would be cool, but i just really want the shot to go "splat" in an electrical explosion when it hits. 

    (?). Have weapon drain ammo to hold enemies in place instead of timer. Have passive ammo regen like that one secondary weapon. Plus can use regular ammo.

    Actually important: If anything could be changed, I would just ask it could be recalled with the secondary fire button. 



    Firing a Ferrox using primary fire would cooler if it went sploosh instead of pew pew and throwing it would be cool if more electricity and if it came back. And hammer skin for it as well while we are at it. Thatd be cool.

  3. On 2018-07-19 at 2:40 PM, Glisp said:

    No doubt I'm going to get a lot of angry messages from players for this but hear me out first before you go around chewing me out or whatever. As a founder, I have access to Excalibur Prime and am an avid user of him actually. (check my most used stats). That being said, I love Umbra almost as much. Now there is one issue I can agree a little on here. Umbra is better than Prime. It's a sad reality yes, but it's the truth. I'm actually a HUGE fan of Excal in general. I even have three regular Excals because I like him so much. So really, as an Excalibur fan, I just want everyone to get along.

    I personally think that things can be done to make them both true equals. Sure they share the same stats but Umbra has an edge for a number of reasons. For one thing, on top of the Sword master passive, he also functions as a specter of sorts while the player is in operator mode. To top this off, he has access to mod polarities that no other warframe can have. By comparison, Excalibur Prime could theoretically run these mods at max but it would require using a bunch of forma and probably investing him in steel charge (since it has the greatest mod space potential out of all Auras) That being said, unless you're going for a specific build you probably won't polarize a warframe more than once or twice.

    I was lost in thought at work today about ways to solve this issue without making one better than the other overall. At this current point in time Umbra has the edge which I don't think DE intended for it to be better... it just sort of happened.  As I got to thinking about ways to balance this out I started thinking about changing both frames' passives so that they get some kind of edge with weapons other than what standard excalibur gets.

    Now with prime I was thinking that his passive could be altered to take advantage from prime single handed blades like Skana prime and Dakra prime, giving him a 50% damage bonus to his sword master stat if the sword is prime.

    Now for Umbra, I felt that him having single bladed swords didn't make as much sense since his signature weapon, the Skijati, is a Nikana. So then I got to thinking, what if he were more focused on heavier swords like Nikanas and large blades like Galatine and Gram.


    So in this state, Umbra would be more focused on the slow but powerful swords while Prime focused on prime single handed swords. A 50% increase in damage on single handed prime swords would also benefit Dakra Prime and Skana prime very well as they need more damage even if they're at least somewhat viable now. They can handle most if not all normal content but high level enemies are out of the question for these blades. A 50% damage increase to both Dakra prime and skana prime would definitely be appreciated.


    And I think some of you were wondering if this would apply to exalted blades for both Prime and Umbra. The answer is yes. Technically, Umbra's exalted blade more resembles a nikana or heavy blade than a Skana IMO so this could work quite well. He'd still get the sword master bonus from it since it could be considered a heavy weapon. Likewise, since Excalibur Prime's Exalted blade is technically a spectral Skana prime, it too would benefit from its sword master passive variation.

    The idea behind this is to hopefully end the fighting between founders and normal players, but that may be wishful thinking. Even so, I hope this is at least looked at by DE as a possible solution to this issue.

    No one who doesnt have excal prime will ever have him. No one who does will ever have a need to run him over umbra other than to show that they have him. So you think, yeah, DE shouldnt have given umbra an edge...but DE knew what they were doing, this was done deliberately, and i even have my doubts on if this is what umbra was supposed to be in the beginning, or if it was done to appease people for not being able to get excal prime. 

    Since excal prime is his own entity, he doesnt even exist in the game for anyone else except pc players, and since you arent asking to nerf umbra, i think you should just make a thread about him only. Maybe even just send that to the devs. No one here should be concerned. We have umbra. Excalibur prime does not and never will exist in my arsenal. Anyone commenting on this post who does not have him will never have him and should not be concerned. Its DE's thing.

  4. Nerfing his ult could only happen without pissing alot of people off if he got alot of other things in return. Why are you trying to do this? Everyone is just supposed to agree with you?

  5. On 2018-06-25 at 7:19 AM, (PS4)purpleskullgamin said:

    The hold charge mechanic could easily slow down a very fast paced frame, they'd be better off to add an Oberon style scaling where it goes off the Armor/Health/Shields of the enemy.

    Itd only slow it down if they do it like Ember. The time required is too much for her too for whats only a cool addition, not some game breaking power. Itd also only slow the frame down if thats what people only wanted to use, like when heavy attacks were first introduced. Yeah, itd be nice if Volt had all the controls the kirin from monster hunter does (you can see its shock has hold to charge, when it goes from one to a slightly slower set of 3 lightning strikes) or cole mcgrath who can guide a thunder bolt along the ground but....this is warframe. As long as they dont make it take too long, itll be viable. Theres no way itll be overpowered. Because Warframe is not trying to be any of those games.

  6. 3 hours ago, Checht said:

    Volt's 1 is actually perfect. One-handed skill (thus does not interrupt reload), chaining mini-stun with negligible energy cost. You use it for utility, such as stunning enemies while you're reloading, not damage.

    So...thats nice, but i think alot of people just expect more from warframes abilities altogether. Like, i get warframe is just warframe, but its easy to get carried away, and electricity does so much more in any other game...if your just talking warframe mechanics, yeah, that one handed stun that spreads is cool,but the hold the charge mechanic is doable, and wont hurt anyone. So its easy to ask for something small like that rather than being fine with it as it is. The only reason anyone should be concerned about people asking for more is DE has a penchant for taking away what we like and not even adding what people were "complaining" about.

  7. I wish her teleport could be aimed like hydroids tentacle swarm, and possibly had more offensive capabilities....i dont play nova alot but apparently you can send the drop throught the worm hole?

    Im also going to say something else unpopular, but i wish molecular prime didnt have such a wide range. It seems like it covers an entire map, and i feel like thats a bit much i have to be so far away to fight enemies not affected by mp, that i cant often reach downed teammates....that range is too far. Kind of just wish there was a reduced range, but with an aoe that would follow nova around. Because we all know molecular primed enemies will die, and the whole reason Nova constantly spams it is because she is so squishy... So it should just be there for you without multiple cast. Hold to charge should give more range maybe. And it doesnt make sense to even believe an ability like that could wear off, the antimatter should actually kill on contact, so there shouldnt be a duratio , but this is a video game...

  8. Just now, polarity said:

    Why not give us a toggle in the options to swap between what we presently have, and to make the backflip signal an OPT IN.

    When we've activated that mode, when a volt casts speed (or a limbo casts banish), we get an audio cue, and a timer pops up for a few seconds.  If we backflip during that timer, we get the buff.  If we don't, we don't.

    Problem solved.  No more getting buffs you don't want.  No more having to do stupid backflips to get rid of them for the whole of a mission.

    Nice idea...not sure how easy or not it is, but sounds cool. Just creating a universal command that switched between opt in and opt out on every team ability would probably be easier for other similar abilities and frames to use in the future...

    People dont really seem to like audio cues? Most seem to have mostly gotten used to the audio cue for the affinity boosters, but when they were introduced, the community flipped its collective ish....and the game can be so loud at times anyway..alot of already existing audio cues go unnoticed when its really needed.

  9. I saw the new spores, with the little green counter. I wish as long as toxic lash was active on its counter and you had hit someone effected with spores, toxic lash would carry that variant of spores (allowing you to keep the damage). I wish it could mutate, as its supposed to be fungus themed...you go from green to red or something. Like playing plague inc....instead of it just ramping up damage until everything dies(iv always wanted to make playing saryn feel like playing plague inc...). Another problem is i feel like its hard to spread as a countermeasure to being exploited, but people just use weapons to do it soooo....

    Anyways, with this, then it would be much easier to use, people wouldnt need the ignis meta, and they could stop worrying about that counter measure against it being spread and nerf the damage down to ramp up as it does BUT making it so you can keep the extra damage, or allow it to ramp up faster next time...or something.

  10. I may be wrong for saying this, but i think DE's version of how to use heavy and light attacks is wrong...and saying its wrong is already wrong, i know, but if you take a simple melee system like that of monster hunter, they have heavy and light attacks that can be used together, and you do so because there are times where you want to use one or the other, or both. In warframes case, its like a heavy attack is supposed to be an award instead of a basic form of melee, even in its current iteration, where you have to wait and hold through an animation, not finishing means you dont even get to attack with even a small amount of damage, and sometimes you cant finish it because something runs up on you or you suddenly took too much damage amd see a rocket heading towards your face....

  11. 5 hours ago, Tyreaus said:

    Interesting: I don't know about what the Corpus were like back in the day, but I believe the part of the Bombards and Napalms. Given the contrast, I can definitely see why it's preferred as is. Mind, I don't suggest buffing enemies to that kind of absurd level. Maybe altering / improving their AI so that particular ways of getting through missions can be easier / more satisfying (esp. if there's an external incentive to run stealth, e.g. bonus affinity), and maybe having that sort of agility scale in some way as levels increase (so that difficulty doesn't arise solely from bullet-sponging and insta-gibbing), but certainly not making them lumbering, level-80-equivalent tanks. Plus, it isn't like the horde type would go away entirely: the Infested are going to be the horde faction no matter what, so far as I figure (and being able to cut them down en masse is still going to be their draw).

    So I guess the follow-up question is: can there still be a way to entice that feeling of power / satisfaction without relying on the horde idea? Things that could be applied to non-Infested factions? Or do all the factions have to have the huge numbers to cut down (even if only in the few first stages of a mission) to be satisfying?

    I'm not sure how or whether it helps new players. For me, personally, that sense of "power" dropped off before I started getting wrecked at Neptune because I was still figuring out things like good modding. I could go on to point out the many gripes I have about it and how it falls short of other horde-based shooters and action games (L4D, Doom, Dynasty Warriors...) but I feel that'd just bore people lol.

    Fix'd. And I agree. I even said to my group when playing Index the other day that I found it oddly fun, and it's because the enemies feel dynamic and responsive. That and the artificial sense of progression: as they get stronger, they start to swap out units, so it feels like the new guys are actually stronger (even though every run randomizes who shows up).

    But my only gripe is that, when facing, say, 20 units on a level field, watching them all roll / dodge is likely going to look like an uncoordinated mess. One-on-one, it's intense and requires that flick to adjust: you feel it and have to respond to it. With a group, well, for every enemy dodging out of your crosshairs, someone is going to be stupid enough to dodge into them. Maybe if they could sprint as a group, it'd feel much more coherent, but I can smell the pathing issues and the lines they'd have to form to get down the myriad of small hallways from here.

    And that's one reason why I don't like the horde mentality in the starchart: it stops being unique. The Infested? Sanctuary Onslaught? The Corrupted (arguably)? It's functionally the same thing with slightly different rules and altered visuals. SO isn't the place where you go for horde mode, it's where you farm Khora and get more focus.

    Disclaimer: I could talk factions all day long. I have multiple ideas that i have been thinking about for years, amd ideas i have seen from other people i have loved. Im trying not to write too much here.

    Direct answer: all the factions dont need hordes, no. But i would not say that the grineer and corpus would be "fun" if all their missions were like the index and trials respectively. Your on to something if you can find a nice balance between the two, for the factions themselves or a few missions.

    Hesitation. I hesitate to imagine a game where the infested left unchanged, are the only horde mode available. I would love for them to be less spammy with their attacks, ancients stronger, less common, and less buggy, and so on... But we do have the corrupted. 

    I hesitate to imagine the corpus as the faction where you have to go through puzzle rooms. The rooms in the orokin maps were novel, you have a chance at finding one, and it isr just one. Maybe im imagining the wrong kind of thing, but using this as an actual obstacle for a player combined with lower spawn rates...skeptical. Im skeptical about the infested and the corpus...

    The sentients were supposed to be the super challenging faction, but they are only on the moon, and they are either cheese or be cheesed. So much hype, and then entirely forgotten...

    The grineer...a lower spawn rate i guess would feel like the planes? Enemies every so often....

    Thinking on it, yes we have the infested and we have the corrupted for hordes, but every other faction would just feel like it was slower paced unless there was something else going on? Yes, more interesting enemies and mechanics will go a long way, but the missions would just ultimately feel slower unless they were radically different than anything else currently offered...


    The corrupted are also a good horde because they are literally mind controlled meat bags/chess pieces thrown at you by an ancient super computer with no regard to loss of life. To go on a tangent, i feel like they missed an opportunity with the orokin sentry. Like now we have these randomly appearing void fissures, and its supposebly because the void is falling apart or something, but itd be more interesting if it was the sentry itself, or corrupted capatain vor trying to target us, sort of "get back here, im not through with you yet". Imagine if the queens found a way to get into one of the towers....

    id like to expand on all the factions and their roles, and see the derelicts and dark sectors to be important again. I want the star chart to feel like space exploration, like its a story being told, rather than points on a map where you go farm stuff.



  12. 18 hours ago, Tyreaus said:

    Like others I've seen point out: then something else is going to replace it. Then that has to be fixed, then the next thing and so on and so forth. I'm just suggesting something that could nip that entire process in the bud, at least in part.

    And if you believe my motivation comes from liking or using a Maiming Strike build: guess who doesn't even have a whip yet!

    If I may ask: why do you like having the horde elements? (the "numerous, slow, dumb, easy to hit and kill" sort of thing) I understand the lore / theme part, but these don't necessarily lead to enemy densities (but do rationalize how we can kill so many Corpus throughout the system and have little effect on the empire).

    I do agree with more unique enemies / "miniboss" enemies appearing in later waves, and Corpus healing items (I derp'd a bit with the Grineer idea...) and Grineer "repair" seem interesting (if not the latter being difficult for me to figure out how it'd work with often disappearing or dismembered bodies)—better than mine at the very least. And the inconsistency with Survival missions exists even now, so regardless of this thread, some kind of consistency / reason might be desired.

    Plus, I don't think occasional swarms of units is bad or even contrary to the ideas I've posted here. It's more the constant swarms that are setting the proverbial stage.

    It goes back to that feeling of "power". This was something the community struggled with back when the corpus were the unfun faction, nullifiers and bursas had just been added in all their horrific glory pre nerf and lvl40 bombarbs and napalms could just pop up and wipe you off the face of the earth if you werent paying attention to everything in a 360 degree angle for 0.1 seconds. The game made us feel insigificant. I like having the minions to kill, honestly with the right set up, you can kill anyone as if they are a minion, but for newer players, i think it helps. Lore wise, I like the idea of the corpus using their brains to try and fight us after theyve thrown enough of the office workers they hate at us to realize its not going to work. I like the idea of the veteran grineer realizing the noobs that just came out the test tubes arent going to cut it, pushing them out the way to show how its really done and iv always wanted enemies, grineer especially to figure out how to dodge (dbz meme somewhere...) which is something infested runners can do.

    We have a lot more now to that keeps alive then we did back then, itd be a shame to lower spawn rates, even if you did up enemy levels. I heard people calling sanctuary a horde mode, but when i went there, there were barely any more enemies then you would find in a normal survival....

  13. Dont completely get rid of the horde elements. The ideas you have for the corpus and grineer are great, but dont need to be implemented alone. Take survivals. Corpus probably shouldnt throw as many humans around as they do, but i think the whole faction is supposed to be a representation of the rat race that goes on in real life corporations (and its always been suggested they probably have ridiculously high populations due to their ridiculous longevity, darvo is 100 something and still treated like a kid, rather he can actually have children at that age, who knows). 

    Example: survival. You drop into an area and cause havoc. Enemies shut down life support. But they never do this when you drop into extermimation or sabotage missions....missions should be streamlined...

    Its strange to go 40-1 hr into a corpus or grineer survival and see them still throwing meat bags at you. So this is when the corpus should start relying on those security measures. The horde element shouldnt go. Id love to have a mass of androids drop down like in fallout 4, but thats different....

    The grineer should start sending out specialised teams. Enemies like the gustrag, manic, and guardsman showing up in a mission (well, manic isnt really) shouldnt be hyped up as much in missions as they are, they arent that special, especially if youve made it past a 40 min mark in a grineer survival above level 50-60. Gurdsman need a revamp, possibly even to be like infested ancients to grineer. pretty much all the lower level bosses found throught the system should be found in higher levels. The veterans come out looking more rag tag and less uniform. You are not bombarded by dialogue. They just show up. Like bursas in corpus missions.

    Stuff like that.


    The corpus should have medi paks, and healimg stations...protecting that vulnerable health under their sheilds. Grineer should have a heavy dron that flies around picking up injured grineer, sawing off limbs quick, painfully and gruesomly, and sticking on a prosthetic or two that allows them to drop back into the battle and start unloading clips on you again

  14. The original rework for her left many things unfinished, or thats how it felt, i would say this is just finishing that work from a few years ago...

  15. Who would waste 10 minutes doing this? Im sorry, but i dont get the point. If its a problem, its a problem and should go...but why bother jumping in and out for 10 minutes? I guess its easier than getting a sniper rifle and putting forma into it, to someone somewhere...but it just sounds really lame and unrewarding to me...

  16. I dont know if i should bump this, but i saw the kod today. 3rd time since harrow dropped. I saw him, but he didnt do anything until i used my operator. I had to walk all the way back up to the ship, not sure if hed still be there. Even though i knew what would happen if he was there, it still sent a shiver down my spine. I felt my spine. Now he is just chilling here. But its only novel or interesting every few months or so. Any more often, and even if it wasnt scary, itd be an annoyance.

  17. 19 hours ago, skcuf said:

    Limbo works worst with another Limbo in their squad. I have three limbo builds:

    1. Low range & high duration with run speed and friction reduction - Useful for spy, mobile defense, rescue, and anything else that movement will make easier.

    2. High range & decent duration - Useful for solo cataclysm play.

    3. High range & low duration - Useful with banish and rift surge to keep enemies in the rift without affecting teammates too much.

    The third build is completely useless if there is another Limbo in the squad because if he uses stasis then all bullets in the rift are frozen and I cannot remove his stasis. So while you say "There is only one 'rift plane'" and it cannot be fixed, you're neglecting the obvious option for me to remove the stasis myself using my own stasis. But, alas, if I use my stasis it has NO EFFECT.

    Even across the map? 

  18. The person ROFL stomping the content needs you too. Because enemy spawning, and therefore ressources and affinity and whatever else are much lower when playing solo....if DE would incentivize playing solo as well as public, that would help. When i used to actually farm for this game before giving up the clan i had been in for years and paid money for(bitter bitter bitter)....i used to almost beg people to stay, even if they wanted to sit in a corner and watch you tube...that was different time, spawn rates may not be that bad anymore, but its like relics. Why would you solo for 1 option at a reward, instead of going public and having 4 different options? You might not even have the relic you need, but just farming whatever else during that time might have you get lucky and be paired with someone who had it...and putting a team together takes too long.

    Theres no reason for the Rofl guy to solo either, especially if farming.

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