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  1. The original poster argues about the agency of priorities. A game is a product between utilities and purposes that are written on the lore. If the game is strictly phased on utilities it becomes another sterile GAAS F2P game. The interest of the player is rooted on the curiosity of the game where the lore drives the intention and justifies game play mechanics. When a game is simply poised on utilities the player is thrown out because the game behaves like a job. The game design, in any game, is a balance between utilities and purposes. Utilities: GAAS F2P sales. Purposes: Interest o
  2. Do I have to? You already spoke for yourself eloquently. However I see you hitting the same cords over and over with well placed arguments on their performance. How can anyone be happy with a product that is hitting the life support for the last five years. Of course we still play but do we really enjoy being in this loop eternally? What would happen if Cyberpunk 77 becomes a success and CDPR decides to convert it in a persistent world? What would happen if other games goes on full force and delivers? Why should I stay here battering myself up or trying to raise my expectations whe
  3. Voltage doing justice as it should with his analysis. I'm going for a harsher truth without being harsh. DE you should show true interest in your game and devote more commitment to it. People are here asking, critiquing and pointing out problems because people care in your product. People write "too little, too late" because you are not genuinely responding. People are here pointing out technical issues because the game achieved a stature but somehow you DE are working against your precepts and your ambitions. Don't let War Frame die. Please don't. If you genuinely are not in
  4. Invites are not working on my PS4. DE this is the life of the game. Please try to fix this as soon possible. I know that we are going throughout a generation installment but the game Warframe is based on cooperative game play. Playing alone throws away all the fun. Our clan is losing members too. Give attention to this important feature.
  5. A true honest opinion. DE should focus on open Worlds if they are elaborated and well designed. Deimos was a good example. DE, you have to increase your work force and your departments so your work gets coordinated, revised and tested. DE you must increase your number of employees and personnel for multiple tasks in the game. The game grew up in complexity and specialization, your management is not small. It requires dedicated 'divisions' on modules of the game such as Rail Jack and Arch Wing, The open Worlds, the lore and single player campaign quests. DE please
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