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  1. Clipping happens when one object unrealistically passes through another. You can't keep track of your own discussions. Yep, another case of "the pot calling the kettle..."
  2. Hold your horses. I never said that War Frame is a dumpster. I'm simply saying that War Frame IS NOT an AAA game. Warframe had seven years of survivability and fair success. I don't tell/force people to abandon the game. I have my critiques towards it like everybody else. I have a PS4 account MR 28 called Felsager with one g. You can verify it. My account in the PS4 is public. I agree with the rest of the post. Carry on. Sorry for the interruption.
  3. Are you sure? True no one denies that. Happens in every genre. Hold my beer, please: War Frame is not an AAA game in any way or form. I wrote "DE only market is GAAS F2P games" here is why: 2013 Star Treck Developer Digital Extremes. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/star-trek-the-video-game 43/100 2015 Sword Coast Legends, publisher Digital Extremes. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/sword-coast-legends 61/100 2017 The Amazing Eternals, Developer and Publisher Digital Extremes. Online multiplayer shooter game in development. 2018 Survived By publisher Digital Extremes, developed by Human Head studios/ no further information available. Only successful game they have is War Frame. I never spoke about new tricks at all.. DE can't compete against Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica or Insomniac in the single player market. They don't have the muscle to begin with. Their only viable business they have is the GAAS F2P game, Warframe. Padre, I know precisely when Sony fumbles. True, because this whole thread is based on a speculation. We don't if Sony won or lost the bid. I don't speak in absolutes. Maybe I'm not specifying certain details. But when I do proofs I use references and evidence. When I don't know something I simply say, I'm not aware of that subject. We learn every day new things We can't pretend to know everything. That's my business, not yours. I do my business the way I see fit. I don't tell anyone how they should do their business when they post. Simple. People have their brain, they can arrive at their own conclusions. Nothing is written in stone. Don't worry about them.
  4. Wrong, you mention these games here: "you've provided third party opinions when we actually have concrete material and proof to look at in both LoL and PoE. And yes, PoE is very much comparable to WF" I'm simply giving examples of polished games versus an unpolished game that is War Frame. This is why we want a compromised publisher that HELPS financially DE. War Frame grew over the year up to a size that requires an AAA budget. That's the reality of it. An architectural firm of 12 people can produce a skyscraper in 7 years. An architectural firm with 600 employees with hardware, specialists and collaborations can do the same project in one year. That small architectural firm is capable of doing the project but they CAN'T manage it due to the volume and complexity of the project itself. Successful hmm? Lunaro, New Blood, Rail Jack, Plains of Eidolons, Fortuna, Scarlet Spear. Are these successful releases? No. To be honest, I don't want to sound disrespectful, but Digital Extremes resembles more a PR team than a game developer during the last four years. The game itself happens to be incidental instead of being the central set piece in any discussion. I don't see any true enthusiasm behind the project. They seems burn out because their resources and the job became way too demanding. Hold my beer. PoE: ARPG War Frame: Action adventure, platforming, third person hack and slash and RPG. I do know. Obviously when you compare PoE with War Frame I can simply state that you are crazy or you never played any of those game. I know what exactly War Frame is. I have six years playing it with an MR 28 account having almost everything in the game. You can't keep track of your own posts. I quoted where you mentioned them.
  5. This is 100% accurate. In this description anyone can understand why DE works by segments. They are victim of the improvisation illness. They don't follow a chronology or a story board that provides the complete picture other than mere appendages on the story. There is no coherence or development of the characters. There is no logical sequence on them or any development where the player can follow and make sense of it other than a post traumatic schizophrenic jargon thrown into a sea of speculation and loose ends. The story is not ordered and related to other sections of the story. Even in this description the player can feel that War Frame is made out of content islands where their stories are improvised as a piano impromptu. The philosophy of design is dispersed and sometimes dismissive with previous content. Looks like a the story is nothing more than a crutch that justifies the game. It feels like a background. When a serious player or writer dive into it the whole thing falls apart in contradictions and conundrums. It becomes a palindrome where there is no logical time flow in it. When a good writer design a schedule there are historical events and a time table in the story itself where all the events are organized. Such strategy of story boarding is fundamental for screen play, movie making, video game design and even writing. Any player can see that the story doesn't provide an insight to what is going on the game. The story is incidental and temporary. When a new caprice in design happens then the designers bend the story to a point of inconsistency that is irreconcilable with the previous events in it. The pedagogy of the story is missing too. What scares me the most is that such story came up with the community. Thanks to the community this story developed a Frankenstein story. These random caprices and plot twists makes the story disconnected with the game and convoluted. Some events seems out of place or drawn by the hair without studying the cascade of consequences. The list of inconsistencies is way too large. This is why DE most hire a set of writers and designers that fix this enormous work. This is why the game needs serious management. For Warframe we have all the pieces of the puzzle but the puzzle can't be assembled. We have a regurgitation and disparate set pieces all thrown together that somehow no one can't connect them all together efficiently.. DE must understand that their game is LORE DRIVEN. If the lore falls apart the game immersion drops. If the lore becomes an archipelago of good ideas the game feels like a swarm of great intentions without connections.
  6. Completely agree. DE can come up with a good lore somehow. They had something in second dream and many other single player quests. However they don't add up as a coherent whole. DE can produce good lore IF they hire a good writer dedicated to it. This is why DE needs resources and money for all these things. They barely can't manage War Frame. They are not inept, or incapable but they can't handle the volume of War Frame. It is too much for them.
  7. The things that everybody knows. 1. Single player games works differently than online games. 2. True we can't compare optimized games with PC developed games. Their conditions are different. 3. The rule of thumb is that some comparisons should at least attain certain similarities. Yes. However we are proving that DE can't produce an AAA game. They are out of that league. 4. DE only market is GAAS F2P games. That is the only thing they know how to do. They haven't done anything else for the last seven years. The videos that where shown proves that DE can't compete in the exclusive department that Sony has. They can't be compared with any of the first party developers that where mentioned before. The level of polish on War Frame is awful and that only pertains to a central topic in this discussion. DE needs better management. That is it. They suck at it hard. The list of content islands is way too long. Under the current administration and environment DE only had one success. Deadlock Protocol. That is it. Don't project yourself into others. You have that bad habit. When you are overwhelmed you try to snide. When you are proven wrong you move the goalposts. DE is only capable of one game War Frame. Sony is interested in Leyou for many reasons, War Frame is one of them. Sony never looked at DE as an exclusive developer. That is a point already discussed in the board. Those issues has been there for seven years in War Frame. They never got resolved. The clipping in War Frame is horrendous to say the least. The clipping and uses of props in the levels are horrendous and a shoddy level design work. Where DE redeemed themselves. Jupiter, Corpus Fleet and Kuva Fortress. They finally understood that good level design provides good dividends. The most visited levels are horrid. One of those are Hydron and Akkad. Right now the performance of Warframe in the PS4 on those stages are atrocious. I want a game that looks like a PC/console game not like a portable phone game. Tencent is interested in phone portable games, Sony is interested in console games. The links are already there. You are doing again selective reading. Wrong, can't compare LOL or PoE to Warframe they are different games in many ways. "Honestly, Ervin seems like they're flip-flopping more than my summer shoes." Ervin you lost your mind.
  8. I've been saying that for many years. DE can't handle War Frame alone. They need help.
  9. Imagine if you leave War Frame to Tencent. I would flip flop more than any summer shoe for sure.
  10. But the sum of these time gates artificially increases the exposition with the game. People are not playing because they are having fun or extrinsic game play, people are playing because they want certain item that takes time, resources and RNG probability drop chances. False. You can do almost everything SOLO in war frame. Again, Warframe is co-op but not team based. People can solo everything in the game. Planet Side 2 was mentioned because some user wrote "What other online multiplayer games aimed at such a broad range of hardware and platforms are at this level?" Because they show off polish and a high degree of quality something that DE doesn't have? You are trolling with those slow remarks on purpose. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/dark-sector Dark Sector was their attempt. They got 66 average review that AGREES with the user's reviews. Sony's developers are dealing with several set ups when they port Horizon Zero Dawn to PC. That point was already discussed. New Blood, Rail Jack, Plains of Eidolons, Fortuna, Scarlet Spear say hi.
  11. The examples are quoted because of this: "DE's art is often low poly and is not top notch. Animations are even worse. DE's artists are most certainly capable of making higher quality assets, but often what we've gotten is content that is rather low quality, particularly when it comes to Warframes and cosmetics." That's the point I'm proving. The discussion that is happening steams from this comment. "No one is going to use Digital Extremes to make a PS5 game. They wouldn't use Digital Extremes to make a PS4-exclusive game. DE isn't that good. More than likely, this is about having access to a broader selection of games from which to draw money, including Amazon's LOTR game." Sony is interested in DE only for Warframe as a GAAS F2P service game. The post that you replied was an answer to another user, who typed this: "As to the comments about how DE is so horribly incompetent and can't manage a big project, well, take a deep breath and step back. Take a good look at Warframe and what it has to offer." DE is not capable of producing high quality exclusive games. Sony is not interested in DE for exclusive games. False That was proven here: https://crappygames.miraheze.org/wiki/Tencent The answer for this was already given by another user: "Seems like there's a bit of pro-Tencent bias and anti-Sony bias going on here as well as the typical "Sony will make DE make a PS5 game" fear-mongering. Considering one studio (Sony) actually has PC games (and exclusives now being ported to PC and Steam) and the other (iDreamSky) is focused on Chinese mobile games, I'd trust the former with Warframe's future." I agree completely with this argument. LOL and PoE can't be compared with War Frame. Those are completely different games. I don't know why you mention them.
  12. Hold my beer: https://crappygames.miraheze.org/wiki/Tencent We are going to simply deal with what Sony produced. Their portfolio is outstanding and the quality in their game is over the top. Their quality control is nowhere near Tencent. Sony is a company that understood video games from a first person campaign mode and replay value. Tencent is focused on micro transactions. Sony is focused on the DELIVERY of the game and the quality output. Any example for this suffice. Horizon Zero Dawn. Tencent doesn't represents what DE is trying to make out of War Frame in my opinion. Sony seems to be more appropriate for what DE is trying to make. DE tried many times working on a single player campaign for Warframe. IT WORKED. DE tried writing a good story and lore for the game, IT WORKED. The best games that SONY offers are single player story driven games with a lot of lore. When the way a developer work and such work resembles what this boss, Sony, is looking then the results will be stellar because both entities speaks the same language. Sony focuses on a gaming approach that literally fits War Frame evolution of the game. Many developers are interested on helping DE fully develop their concept. DE proved to the entire world that their concept can survive. But there is a lot of reasons why Tencent is not liked by many. Copy pasting is not a good practice. It leaves a lot to be desired. If a Chinese company or any developer produces a game of high quality. Such game, book or item will be part of my library. However the problem is that some companies are famous for their copy & paste approach or the me too approach. Tencent is widely known for such practices. It is one of the worst offenders. We know about the fiasco of The Last of Us 2. We know how Sony silenced many and let Naughty Dog bribe those reviewers that gave The Last of Us 2 a low score. Yes we are fully aware of Sony's short comings. We are fully aware and we point out harshly when Sony makes a fiasco. Be careful when you judge people. We are not blind sheep, we are not ignorant as you state. We know what is going on with Sony when they mess up. They do and when they do we call them out for it. But we defend Sony's achievements because like any other human company they make mistakes. But when Sony is caught up, they try to fix things. In this era no one is 100% saints. Let me put it this way. I prefer 100% Sony over Tencent. I don't want to see War Frame becomes another 'ME TOO' or "the yes guy" game. WE ALL HERE WANT THE SAME. If Sony can dance and play the music for War Frame I'm fine. If Sony mess up. I'll be the first calling them out. However when Sony moves more than 2 billions they are not going to have the luxury to simply close the game or throw it away to the ground.
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