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  1. That sums up how DE ride their bicycle. Amen, my good sir. I can't say it better. This has been the quotidian practice since day one. Finally someone verbalized it with dead accurate precision. Indeed. The design of this product never connects people with the responsibility of quality delivery. For example, CDPR sold a lie and called it a day. They got their money despite their aftermath. They went out feeding pockets of hopes for a redemption with a future fix. The epitaph of a second chance will not redeem the game despite the effort. With Warframe, DE has th
  2. I can't say this better. Common sense says "PLAY YOUR GAME UPDATE FIRST THEN LAUNCH THE UPDATE LATER". Start playing your own new content updates. Playtest. Organize a team of play testers so you don't run into a debacle of bugs. Your team most organize priorities and structure how this delivery most be made. To be honest working from home has become an 'illness' of game design. Many of us are aware about the conditions and how problematic has become working from home. Nothing can replace the work area and the workforce in the studio. But for better or worse, it is man
  3. Agreed completely. DE discovered that Rail Jack can be good. This update proves it. Rail Jack is finding its way into the game giving great results but these are the first steps towards something great. DE is starting to play their own game. The activity and transitions are way better. The first Grineer maps may get a good revision too. They need to be crowded. I think RJ has a future because DE decided to put effort in it. Now I can dive into it in full force. This feels part of Warframe.
  4. 1. Please add custom face for our crew members. We want more options for their customization. 2. I want more options for the tenno features like body type, size and of course spoken lines. Spoken lines could be tactical commands for the team. That can certainly make a difference in the game play. 3. DE can we bring up the Rail Jacks to Fortuna, PoE and Deimos. Would be appreciated if these maps get a revision for a larger size and some updates. Don't let them turn out into content islands. Rail jack got a lot of justice integrating content. Please continue on with those
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