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  1. Indeed. Many people on these forums knows how to prevent this. DE MUST PLAY THEIR OWN GAME before the release of these updates. DE IS NOT PLAY TESTING THEIR OWN UPDATES FOR THE GAME. Many of these mistakes are fundamental. It takes few plays with the content to uncover them. Many suggested that few players play test first the content and see if the proposal of the 'grind' makes sense with the rest of the game. Why not let few veteran players playtest the game and address the possible recommendations? Pretty much. Experimentalism should not be the philosophy of game design when people pays for a product. However improvisation on content for Warframe is the quotidian practice because the nature of this product is based on another form of indirect payment. 1. MORE GRINDING IS NOT CONTENT, DE. How could anyone consider time sinks, time foundry gates, gear checks, XP gates and RNG content for a game? Isn't that Pachinko? Do you remember how amazing was Second Dream? Do you know how amazing was the Sevagoth quest with those chanty music? Yes, this is what we love about DE. We want more of that strangeness and enigmatic approach to the Warframe Universe. Content like this is hard to produce but when is done right the impact on the game is positive. 2. CAPITALIZE ON WHAT PEOPLE ENJOY THE MOST, DE. We all like customization and design. We like exploration and puzzle solving. We like and enjoy exploring hidden items in the game. Somehow the Tenno customization is a bit limited and rudimentary. I would like to customize the colors independently the sleeves, legs, hood and suit However some colors are tied to the whole suit ruining my idea. People invest money for these options because they enjoy them. More customization tools always provides more variety and personalization for the game. Hydron is the presentation card of the game for many users. Make farming levels more interesting instead of an up and down piston in the case of Hydron. The new tileset of mars and the new corpus ships is amazing.
  2. That sums up how DE ride their bicycle. Amen, my good sir. I can't say it better. This has been the quotidian practice since day one. Finally someone verbalized it with dead accurate precision. Indeed. The design of this product never connects people with the responsibility of quality delivery. For example, CDPR sold a lie and called it a day. They got their money despite their aftermath. They went out feeding pockets of hopes for a redemption with a future fix. The epitaph of a second chance will not redeem the game despite the effort. With Warframe, DE has the license to screw up and try again without consequences due to the TOS we signed . Cyberpunk 77 had a lot of critical flaws during the development time but it went out pretending to be Warframe where such debugging where about to be paid by the costumer. No Man Sky happened once. That trend rarely will happen twice in the video game market. We need to understand the basics here. DE doesn't have the burden of establishing a policy with their clients. We have the duty and obligation of forming our policies and politics around their products. Doesn't matter how they try to sell or how they try weaseling out their professional responsibilities. They don't owe us anything. It's up to us if we endorse or critique with our actions their performance. Those are our only feasible democratic options. I do not condemn or endorse DE. That is what DE must care about with their own actions and delivery of the game. If the game doesn't hold up in reference to current standards I simply pick up Insomniac;'s Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart game and carry on my free time with a product that I feel satisfied with. Are they willing to hear our critiques towards them? No. Are they willing to accept debugging information from us for free? Yes. That's the purpose of these forums. Clean products like Horizon Zero 1 will have a continuous standing ovation because behind such policy of game creation the priority was quality in the delivery. Warframe operates under different rules where the creation of the product is cheaper during the process. We rather coupe with what DE delivers or we look elsewhere when the product stagnate. It's quite simple. It always was.
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