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  1. Creo que hay 2 puntos que hay que entender
    El primero que es un juego free to play y es complejo desarrollar una mecanica que le permita al desarrollador obtener dinero, y que el jugador acepte y no le moleste en lo mas minimo

    Y segundo es que es un juego que tiene tantas mecanicas y actualizaciones en el medio que estas se terminan pisando entre si, y dan paso a varios problemas


    El primer punto yo creo que dentro de lo que es posible, realmente hicieron un excelente trabajo en su forma de monetizar dentro del juego, hoy día deberia de ser un ejemplo a seguir

    El principal problema, para mi, cae dentro del segundo punto, que es mantener la continuidad dentro de las cosas que actualizan y hacerlo bien

    y acontinuacion paso a ejemplificar:

    hay armas muy malas, que realmente no valen la pena, lo solucionaron con los agrietados, los cuales para mi, no valen la pena ya que son una maquina traga monedas, que requiere demasiado tiempo.

    Y los agrietados mismos, van a cambiar su nivel de efectividad en base a la popularidad del arma, no de su daño, o su real importancia.

    Por ende el problema no se fue, siguen existiendo armas muuuy malas, solo que ahora tenes una pequeña posibilidad, de obtener un agrietado de ella que mejore su daño, hasta que tooodo el mundo tenga esa misma arma, con un agrietado, y baje su efectividad por volverse mas popular...


    Como paso con el caso de los agrietados, pasa con el resto del juego, hay muchas mecanicas que quedaron viejas o pisaron mecanicas anteriores, las cuales para alguien que hoy comienza warframe, tiene un gran muro por delante que no sabe como esquivar.


    Estoy ayudando a varios rangos bajos, desde el inicio del juego, y realmente no entienden nada, yo mismo al ver los problemas que se les presentan empatizo con ellos.

    Entiendo que DE no pueda jugar su juego siempre desde 0, pero muchos problemas recaen en ese tipo de metodologias, antes el nitain/catalizador se obtenian en alertas, por ende no dependias de la eleccion de elegir catalizador o nitain, si no de la suerte de estar en el momento preciso para hacer la mision del catalizador.

    Al cambiar el sistema sacaron el factor suerte de por medio, PEEERO ahora los que comienzan el juego y no tienen nitain, les cuesta muuuchisimo mas obtener catalizadores que lo que costaba antaño.


    La real solucion a este problema es repensar el juego de raiz, hacer un parate y probar el juego desde 0 para poder ver todos los problemas y asi poder solucionarlos

    para mi es algo que deberian de hacer una vez por año

    y profundizando un poco mas el problema:

    algo muy particular es que las misiones que desbloquean las llanuras del eidolon, deriva cambion y las llanuras del orbe, no son obligatorias para las convergencias, con lo que puedes llegar a sedna sin saber que siquiera existe un amp, o mundos abiertos y hay muchisima gente menor a rango 9 que tiene este problema

    sin mencionar que en esos lugares yacen las famosas islas de contenido.


    mi consejo para los jugadores, no traten de pasarse el juego de una, hagan toooodas las misiones, pasense el sistema solar, y cuando lo terminen recien ahi empiecen a colocar formas, muchas armas no necesitan de formas para matar, pueden ser mas efectivas con mas formas, pero no las necesitan para pasarse el sistema solar

    y puedo dar ejemplos, con la broken war, o el dread (y con catalizador mas) pueden matar absolutamente todo en el sistema solar, y si no les gusta el arco, pueden usar otra que hay decenas de armas, la redeemer, la tigris, etc.


    Y esto es muy facil de resolver para DE, pero para ello deben de jugar su juego desde 0, verlo, palparlo y van a poder solucionarlo, pero primero tienen que enterarse que sucede.

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  2. hace 11 horas, ShortCat dijo:

    This is how Rivens should have been from day 1. Atm all Rivens are regulated after the best performer in a weapon familiy. After the change each variant will have its own desposition, which is good, because now something like Akjagarra is not killed by its Prime variant. The only madness is, how people not see a positive development in this.

    And other points also do not lack in terms of personal bias and ignorance, but those 3 were the worst ones.

    What I believe is that the system "riven" should never have existed like this, they complain that the "kuva liches" system has a lot of rng and that led to the change of the system, but they forget that the "riven" too

    so suppose you got a single riven for your favorite weapon, and they give you nerf, or modify it, in a negative way, it will ALWAYS generate discontent, no matter the reason, we are players, we are here to enjoy, and any other argument, in favor of the game or system does not take into account the personal feeling of the players, which should be the most important, one does not play because it is the most polished system, or less amount of bugs, one plays simply because he enjoys it

    hace 11 horas, ShortCat dijo:

    I have no issues killing my Lich in a under minute (it takes longer if it has this annoying teleport skill) with pretty much anything. Maybe you missed it, but Lichs have weaknesses, resistances and immunities. Check out your Lich's profile. This is a 100% learn to play issue. 

    and although at first I thought like you, I have seen many, within my clan, in the region chat, say the same, we can not say it does not happen because it happens to many people

    the game has to be clear, and try to cover as many people as possible, it is a premise that must always be met, and with one people, one, that did not understand it well, you have to stop to think, why?

    hace 11 horas, ShortCat dijo:

    How about you play with those weapons first and then present your opinion. At the moment of this response, the only Kuva weapon you played with is a Drakgoon (lvl 32). From my experience, Kuva weapons are significantly better than other variants.

    they are better? THEY ARE VERY BETTER
    but behind a system of 5 form that is too tedious, and it takes away the desire to try them, it has happened to me, it happens to the vast majority, and that influences, when it comes to seeing the name, and thinking in that, is it worth it ?

    and simply, it's too long, and for those of us who can't play every day, it's very annoying

  3. hace 1 hora, Xzorn dijo:

    That's the bad part though. Players can't be given damage sources that scale infinitely otherwise there's no room for growth. That's the core problem with old CL. Not that it can one-shot lvl 100's or 300's or 1,000's. It's that it never stops. Octavia's Mallet is flawed in the same manner least to end of scaling at lvl 9,999. There has to be some sort of limit to allow new mods, items and buffs to be incorporated into the player's arsenal so they can improve themselves over time.

    In case of old CL there wasn't even a reason to put a full mod loadout. That's what I mean by growth. It was already halted outside attack speed mods.

    I can understand a little what you mean
    But from a more human point of view, what you propose will only result in frustration, a problem of infinite scale, is that psychologically we are not suitable for these ideas.
    because it generates in the player a constant need for what he could translate as a hunger for power, an insatiable hunger
    and you can't enjoy
    the only way to avoid this is that different mechanics coexist that allow, to cover the same objective in different ways
    then you choose the new way, for pleasure, not for the unreal need to be stronger
    I know that what I say may sound off topic, but I don't want to delve into how it works psychologically as far as we know the human mind
    but in short, we need all the objectives to be achievable, in a short term, because it is a game, if it does not become a job, and it can generate stress, and grace would be distracting from stress
    and the only way is to have something that is "the end"
    "You have already reached a form that can eliminate any enemy of the game,"
    that will make you feel fulfilled, you did it, and followed by that you can give it other ways, to feel that feeling again, and not the current feeling that is a relief of not having to talk more about a tedious mission, or a frightening rng, that you just ask for the item to come out, so you don't have to do the mission anymore

    and that is why, the skills you mention and issues in question are not very suitable for the structure of the game
    the only form of an endgame is using mechanics already raised, to give our brain a puzzle to put together
    now we have to discuss what those pieces are going to be
    and that's why I reaffirm the importance of covert lethality, a piece that allows me to access at the end of the game, I can use it with a guard, with a banshee, with an ash, all have their advantages and disadvantages
    but removing it is losing a lot of synergies and possibilities

    I do not want to say that I am an expert on the subject, but I see several people who think like you, and the best way to change is to propose something better, because crossing it out of bad, and deleting it is a problem since, it is the only thing we have , if you have an ugly, horrible car, don't turn it on fire, you save money for when you sell it to have a better one
    and this new version of covert lethality, is totally removed from the soul of the mod, if it were a mod with another name, it would be perfect.
    but the void that leaves covert lethality is very large

  4. hace 33 minutos, Xzorn dijo:

    You could in fact always get a finisher attack on an eligible enemy thanks to Stinging Thorn's auto-finisher on 5th attack of the forward combo. You're acting like it's some special condition when you did not need blind and you did not need sleep. Any frame could do it. CL was also not a mechanic it was a mod that bypassed mechanics.

    well here you gave a separate topic
    that problem lies in that combo, not covert lethality, which as the name itself indicates is to give lethality, covert
    That may be, but not something like the mod, giving for my favor, that there are many immune enemies to finishers
    On the other hand, I consider that the sponges of bullets are a matter too unreal, and break with the immersion, and I like it personally, if I grab a dagger and nail it in the head, that it does not rise as if it only had hangover

    and on the other hand, it is true that I use a zaw to amplify as much as I can covert lethality, and I can assure you that it is not so easy to put that 5 hit, due to how frantic it is warframe


    what I mean, is that in a game where the enemy scales infinitely, you need mechanics that scale that way

    and that it is only the player's decision to use them or not, I love her, and she will continue in my dreams, until DE, allows us to be together again

    oh covert lethality

  5. hace 4 minutos, Xzorn dijo:

    Never really used CL Daggers but the old design was stupid.

    You just needed CL on a dagger and could leave all other slots empty. Anything that scales as Damage = EnemyMaxHealth is just poor design. A % of max health sure but not 100%. The mod could do +1000 base Damage and wouldn't be nearly as offensive to basic game design as it was.

    For someone who never tried a system, I think to say that he was stupid or not is exaggerated

    If you make a stealthy blow and don't kill it with one blow, it loses some sense

    it was a mechanic that shone in a niche, stealth, and finishers

    if you could not give a finisher it was the same as being unarmed, for that the rest of mods

  6. hace 1 hora, auxy dijo:

    Insanely tanky liches at high rank 
    I've been playing this game nigh-on seven years. I have top-end gear and top-end builds. It can still take me minutes to knock off a third of one of these liches' health bars by myself, if I'm unlucky to have it spawn while nobody else is around. It's not challenging, it's just tedious.


    hace 1 hora, auxy dijo:

    Melee changes: Overall good. Most stances feel much better to use and melee weapons don't require gimmick builds (BR/CO) to work on starmap-level content.
                               The nerf of melee "power" at post-endgame/"endurance" levels doesn't matter to me because I don't engage in that tomfoolery.
                               Special mention to the animators for patching up and re-animating some moves that looked jank before and now look great.

    I am not a founder, but I can clearly say that I share a large majority with all the strengths you mentioned, except for those 2 that I cited

    I was not particularly difficult encounters with the liches, mine and squadmates, I know they can get tough, but I consider them passable

    and as for melee, I cannot summarize it alone in this right or wrong, they touched too many things and in my opinion they fixed many, but destroyed others

    and returning to the subject, with the other points I think you can not be more successful


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  7. hace 8 minutos, auxy dijo:

    I do feel like it's worth noting something some people in this thread may not have realized, and this is slightly off-topic, but...

    ... have you tried using a dagger since the update? Pull out the ol' Rakta Dark Dagger or your Balla Zaw and build it like you would normally, without CL.

    ... it's pretty damn strong! They buffed dagger range and damage to hilarious proportions, and with the extremely high attack speed on the stances, they're super-high DPS now.

    So I think daggers are really in a good place, overall. But I agree that Covert Lethality as a mod has lost its purpose, and I agree with the OP that it doesn't have to go back 100% to the way it was to become good again. With that said, I don't think it would be worth 13 drain even with OP's proposed changes.

    They are not bad..
    I can no longer perform stealth finishers, in a way that assures me of his death

    and compared to other categories of weapons there are better things


    I think the point is to give daggers the possibility of having that niche with Covert Lethality

  8. Personally, I don't like it at all that I don't possess the characteristic lethal damage, as before
    the only thing I would like is for the dagger to make a lethal shot again
    After that I might think that things haunt and change, but the real difference between a dagger and the rest of the weapons, was that if you knew their combos it always took you the same amount of effective blows to kill an enemy regardless of the level
    and I was love that

  9. hace 12 minutos, Arniox dijo:

    Because tradionally women have longer hair and men have shorter hair. 

    That's just a fact about tradition. 


    wikipedia "long hair"

    The Gaelic Irish (both men and women)[26] took great pride in their long hair—for example, a person could be heavily fined for cutting a man's hair short against his will.[27] When the Anglo-Normans and the English colonized Ireland, hair length came to signify one's allegiance. Irishmen who cut their hair short were deemed to be forsaking their Irish heritage. Likewise, English colonists who wore their hair long in the back were deemed to be forsaking their role as English subjects and giving in to the Irish life. Thus, hair length was one of the most common ways of judging a true Englishman in this period. Muslims in Christian areas were ordered to keep their hair short and parted, as their longer style was considered rebellious and barbaric.[28]

    I think my point is quite clear
  10. hace 5 minutos, Maganar dijo:

    t took me two whole days of testing to figure out how, for the love of all things good and true, one is supposed to do finishers anymore.  To do a Finisher, we are now expected to hit the Use key when the conditions are met (sleeping, blinded, or staggered).

    This is really, really, REALLY bad - by my far my least favorite part of the update despite how much I already hated the change to Glaive throws and Gunblade firing now working from Heavy Attack.  We know need to DELIBERATELY stop using melee attacks and press a different key on our keyboard entirely to do......... a melee finisher.  Does this seem paradoxical to no one else?  We have to stop meleeing to kill something with a melee?

    The flow of finisher-opening warframes like Valkyr and Gara is completely lost with X to finish system (not talking about Parazon finishers, but ordinary melee).  It's also just plain unwieldy on everything else that uses finisher-creating cc like Sleep, Blind, or Blast-staggers.  I don't think DE realizes that it's not just as simple as "use the melee-opening effect and then hit finisher."  A lot of enemies cheese their way through ignoring your first (or second, or third) casts of staggering crowd control by using scripted animations that make them crowd-control immune.  And which enemies do this?  Primarily Heavy Gunners with their fist slam and Arson Eximus units with their heat wave.  You know which enemies are the VERY ONES you'd want to use a finisher on to kill more effectively?  Yeah, the tough nuts to crack like Heavy Gunners and Eximus units.  Under the old system, if they cheesed you by making themselves temporarily cc-immune with that long animation, your attempt to perform the finisher would result in at least doing melee attacks to whittle them down.  In the new system, failing to open an enemy to a finisher results in you standing stupidly in front of them as they prepare to wind up their guns and riddle you with holes.

    Likewise, it's going to be much harder for new players to learn what abilities open enemies to finishers when they have to KNOW IN ADVANCE the conditions that open an enemy to finishing to even THINK to use the finisher key, since it's a separate key from melee attacks.

    What baffles me most of all is that people were asking for the option to rebind finishers to a different key from ordinary melee attacks so as not to be interrupted while playing spin-to-win slide-crit whips.  DE finally acknowledges that meta is unhealthy for gameplay and reworks melee to discourage it...  then implements as part of that same update a gameplay change that NO ONE WANTED except the slide-crit abusers?  Seriously?

    Return ordinary melee weapon finishers to E by default (melee key), not X by default (use key) as it has been changed to.  This detriments everyone now that the slide-crit meta is gone.  The only possible argument for finishers to be on that key was from slide-crit abuse.  At the bare minimum, let us bind Use and Melee to the same key so we can "opt-in" at our own discretion to doing finishers with melee key.  Currently, if I try to bind the alternative key for Use to the same as the primary key for melee, the game unbinds the melee key entirely, rendering me unable to melee at all.

    I share 100% what you said

  11. PARAZON AND FINISHERS (all finishers)

    First of all, hello!

    Short version:
    What I can highlight most is the bad interaction with the finishers

    large version:
    with the addition of the parazon I have realized that the finishers are activated with the "x" key regardless of whether they are through the normal weapon, or the parazon, making that within a combo a finisher cannot be triggered through the key "e"

    How to repair it?
    1- possible solution
    set the finishers to be activated automatically using the melee attack key

    2- possible solution
    set icons above the enemies by visualizing for the player that they are available to finishers, separating the normal ones from those derived from the parazon


    what i think so the Parazon system? (melee only):
    I personally do not like this system, the parazon is a modest but random element, and in a game of a lot of adrenaline I can not be watching when I press x to take out the buffos that give the mods of the parazon, besides they enemys die before I realize that I can finish them


    How to repair it?
    3- possible solution
    set the finishers with a parazon, with a 100% chance of low health enemys, or vulnerable to finishers, separating the normal finishers with the key "e" and the parazon finishers with "x"



    sorry for my english, it's not my mother language

  12. A mi lo que me gustaria saber, es de que forma van a quedar los remates dentro de las guardias, ya que con las dagas estas tenian el mod letalidad encubierta, que te permitia matar de forma instantanea, y tengo muchas builds con una zaw dedicada justamente a esto

    a su vez si se pueden modear estas hojas, parazon, para incrementar su velocidad de remate o cosas por el estilo

    y tambien acerca del "dual wielding", que no escuche mas nada acerca de esto y tenia entendido que no se iba a limitar solo a las glaives

    a su vez como va a manejarse el contador de combos para warframes que iteneraban con ducha funcion, como ash


    mas que nada me nada para ir preparando las builds, para la actualizacion

  13. I think it should be the final meta of the game

    create your own warframe, something like a modular warframe, but with its own mechanics

    how each warframe has its personality, and we have ours

    create a warframe would be the last thing we could do

    and I really want it

    I would love it, to think that powers combine

    and although it seems a lie, I would not do it so powerful, it would make it very fun, stuck to my style of play, and I would use the other warframes, for nostalgia or because they are already building

  14. me hice una amp hace ya un tiempo

    y las estadísticas de la amp no coinciden con su jugabilidad

    tengo un video, y fotos que lo comprueban, pero no se como insertar el video aquí.

    en si el problema es la "estructura phahd" que dice que debería hacer un daño de 6,100 de vacio pero el daño que he calculado que hace es de 3000, el mismo que la "prisma raplak"

    es menos de la mitad del daño que debería hacer



  15. antes que nada buen post!
    estos posts son los que da gusto debatir, y contar las experiencias personales


    Voy a partir de la base de que todos los juegos son iguales, hay una meta, un fin, y debemos utilizar un medio para cumplirlo, y ahi radica el reto

    el problema con warframe, es que en si, nos sueltan al espacio, y que hacemos? cual es el sentido de la existencia de nuestro avatar, dentro de ese universo?

    y es el mismo que puedes darle aqui en la vida, en si jugamos para pasar el rato, distraernos, olvidarnos de algo, o generar un buen recuerdo

    puedes enfocarte en sacarle el jugo, atodas las armas a todos los warframes, en ser un jugador que simplemente quiere llegar a contenido final, lo mas rapido y eficiente posible, hay muchas metas que te puedes poner, en si este juego lo q te da son armas y enemigos, el resto son medios, medios para conseguir mejores armas, y acecceso a enemigos mas fuertes

    la busqueda del poder, eso podria ser una buena metafora, por q buscas ese poder?

    eso es una cuestion propia

    yo buscaba un juego el cual pueda compartir, con todos mis amigos, y que no me obligue a ser un jugador que le dedica horas y horas, si no que sea una opcion mia, cuando le dedico y cuando no, y eso no me limite contenido de juego, ya que trabajo y voy a la universidad.

    premie la habilidad, pero tmb, al que es inteligente con su tiempo

    y luego de una ardua busqueda, amigo de amigo nos nombraron este juego, yo lo habia conocido y jugado hace mucho (casa de otro amigo), pero habia malinterpretado que era un p2w, en vez de un f2p, y eso fue un cambio muy grande

    sinceramente a dia de hoy me sorprenden con el contenido que siguen agreganado y eso hace, que continue.

    forme un clan, nuevas amistades, y otras solo las sigo contactando por medio del juego.

    cuando me quise dar cuenta, ya jugaba hace años, y podia llegar a la maestria maxima, si me ponia a reclamar todas las armas que habia hecho, y bueno

    aun me faltan levear las cosas que para mi son recientes, como las zaws, y amps

    pero ni yo mismo me creo que haya dedicado tanto tiempo a un juego, arranque mi carrera universitaria, y ya llegue a la mitad, y el warframe en cierta forma me acompaño.

    me enamore, me pelie, hice mil cosas, y muchos parciales, pero de fondo estuvo el warframe, en cierta forma, me acompaño, me dio algo tmb en que distraerme, al ser tan amplio, puedes enfocarte en una cosa, u otra, algo que ya no puedo por q tengo casi todo full, pero aun desp de tanto tiempo, me quedan cosas, y de apoco, en una tarde libre, con amigos y amigas, nos ponemos a farmear, y a veces simplemente nos quedamos hablando de nuestras vidas en el chat del clan, o alianza.

    este juego es un juego cooperativo, y lo que hace que sea bueno o malo, es con quien lo compartes

    asi que si me preguntas, el por que continuo aqui?

    por que tengo un clan, que me llena mil mensajes el celular todos los dias, el cual se caeria a pedazos sin mi (?

    y lo mas probable, es que yo tmb me caeria sin ellos ❤️


    asi que mi consejo es este: la vida es muy larga para vivirla solo, warframe es parte de lo mismo


    posd: un recuerdo muy gracioso que tengo, es cuando una chica con la que sali, me pregunto q era warframe, y yo que intentaba mantener una apariencia profesional y respetuosa, me transforme gradualmente en un infante, al explicarle por q jugaba a este juego y lo genial que era JAJAJJAJA
    No conocia esa faceta mia, y sinceramente se quedo helada, ahhh, que epico...

  16. me marea un poco abarcar tantos temas asi que, tenganme paciencia

    -armas de fuego, amas, ARMAS, es un sistema que todos conocemos sus carencias, sus virtudes y mecanicas, perooo, aparecio algo nuevo, algo que no era comun del warframe, la verdadera aleatoridad, los rivens, este sistema escupe sobre el concepto de lo q es warframe, y puedo comprender que sea una curita frente a una hemorragia la cual es causada por el paso del tiempo, y mantener el contenido viejo y actualizado, es muy dificil, pero estos mods agrietados, son un agravante al verdadero problema, por que estamos a merced, de adaptarnos a un mod aleatorio, y darle roll, hasta q nos toque algo de nuestro agrado, lo cual consume mucho tiempo, o suerte, siendo un sistema que no premia ni al tiempo, ni al esfuerzo, premia la suerte, y eso es burdo, por que necesitamos una cantidad abismal de esta para tener mods de nuestros agrados

    un ejemplo bn concreto que he vivido, me encantan las espadas a una mano como la skana/skana prisma, pero esta no tiene el nivel necesario para enfrentarse a ciertos enemigos, de la misma forma q podrian hacer otras armas, asi que decido conseguir un mod agrietado. Para empezar, si quiero conseguirlo, por medio de las mecanicas que el juego me brinda, me es casi imposible, limitandome solo a un agrietado, si es q me toca, por dia, ahora en base a esto, tengo q lidiar con el comercio con otros jugadores, obligandome a que si quiero q la skana, pegue mas, a comerciar, y eso es malo, no deberia estar sufriendo tanto, y haciendo tantas cosas para q la skana pegue mas, para eso me hago la espada de calor, y ya, o la dakra prime, y voy estar significativamente mejor, y ahi estamos viendo, como en si no se soluciono el problema

    esto se solucionaria muy facilmente, permitiendonos crear, a conciencia nuestros propios agrietados, y debido a su dispocision estaria nivelando al contenido restante del juego

    un ejemplo: la atterax es un arma q brilla por si sola, si le quiero hacer un agrietado, el tiempo q me transurriria, para apenas agregarle nivel un poquito de nivel al arma, porq  ya de por si es buena, y la brecha que habria en el contenido de nivel, es casi nulo, en cambio si yo soy fan de la skana, puedo hacer q la skana, llegue al nivel del atterax o superior, quitando esa diferencia de nivel, y eso si nos permitiria reparar esas bases y hacer q si un arma q esteticamente no guste, o una mecanica particular, pueda ser usada, a nuestro antojo, claro q por un proceso, nuestro y demas, que no viene al caso discutirlo aqui, y ahora

    para darles un ejemplo mas voy a usar un artilugio matematico para que puedan ver cual seria mi concepto de lo q deberia ser un riven en realidad

    voya  utilizar un esquema de niveles de poder de 0 a 10, siendo 0 el nulo y 10 el objetivo final.

    un agrietado te asegura llegar al contindo de poder 10, siempre, pero no puede ser acanzado por ninguna arma, solo si se posee un agrietado

    ahora supongamos q el aterrax tenga un nivel de poder 8, de 10 a 8 hay 2 de diferencia, va a valer la pena hacerle un agrietado si realmente amo esa arma, le va a incrementar poco el nivel, pero no bestialmente

    ahora supongamos q la skana tenga un nivel de poder 2, esta esta muy por debajo de 10, pero el agrietado le sumaria 8 puntos, valdria la pena solo si, me gusta el arma, a a larga atterax y skana podrian llegar al mismo nivel, pero esta en mi persona y decision como jugador, elegir cual de las 2 me gusta mas

    no digo que no haya rivens aleatorios, pero darnos la oportunidad de crear nuestros propios rivens, seria un verdadero paso hacia adelante, por mi parte yo no invertiria tanto tiempo en el sistema, solo lo haria para mis armas favoritas, como lo son la paris prime, y algun latigo, por q el atterax visualmente no me gusta, eso supondria la real diferencia, para un jugador q ya alcanzo la maestria y quiere usar un arma por diversion, y no verse obligado, a invertir tiempo excesivo para no obtener el resultado esperado, como pueden ser 100k de kuva sinq  te toque lo que queres, ademas de haber tenido q perder tiempo en conseguir el mod para la skana


    - el archwin, o archialas, el sistema puede necesitar ser pulido, pero el gran error, que hay en eidolon, es q te las puedan quitar y matar un de un tiro, eso es un castigo por estar usando archialas, bajo q logica soy mas vulnerable en el aire?, no tiene sentido, si me pueden matar en el aire me pueden matar en tierra con el mismo misil...


    - cooperatividad, esto se soluciona para mi de forma sencilla, si hacen sinergias entre habilidades de distintos jugadores y las premian con xp, todo el resto del mundo se enfocaria en ser mas cooperativo


    -el sistema melee ya esta siendo re-resarrollado asi que, hay q esperar


    -el juego tiene potencial, pero falla en las mecanicas agregadas, warframe debe alejarse de la aleatoridad, que ya existe en el farm basico del juego, tiene q darnos algo en lo q sepamos q desp de trabajarlo seremos premiados, y no un quizas, de esta forma, sentirse recompenzado ayuda a la experiencia jugable, yo creo q todo esto se puede solucionar modificando y puliendo el sistema riven, con que solo cambien eso, el resto de contenido del juego, se veria extremadamente beneficiado, sin muchas vueltas.



    y un agregado:

    me encantaria que el sistema riven como el de armas modulares se juntase, para dar pie, a hacer un arma no solo poderosa, si no que sea agradable esteticamente

    diseñar nuestras armas para el fahsion frame, y el daño por el sistema riven, seria realmente una nueva meta con mucha mucha jugabilidad


  17. hace 25 minutos, Hypernaut1 dijo:

    It's going to be more of the same. If you're expecting anything more than that you're seeing yourself up for disappointment. Warframe will always be Warframe. So I'll be playing it because I enjoy Warframe and will be getting exactly what I expect. Grinding to craft weapons, get mods to do more grinding. 

    When you refer to warframe, what version of warframe do you mean?
    warframe has changed a lot these years
    Once it was slow, and the skills cost more, depended more on weapons
    today you can spam
    Draco does not exist anymore
    the raids have disappeared !!!
    we have focus and "tenos" !!!
    in my opinion it has changed, sometimes in its essence and other times in the 
    periphery, but I see a change
    before it was pure science fiction, today some skills are almost magical

    I believe that a change is possible, and we can not affirm anything with total veracity

    and of course I'll play it, I do not have much else to do :c

    and referred to the issue of farming, they gave us a umbra without doing anything or expecting anything

    Some things changes :D

  18. hace 21 minutos, (PS4)big_eviljak dijo:

    If ur goin to comment against it as to  it being broken? Id like your opinion as to why it is. Its not broken. Its as balanced as any other warframe in the game right now, as I clearly proved.

    I admire your perseverance
    I can not imagine how it would work
    but I think it's not that crazy

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