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  1. Still no fix for Critical Focus not working on charged Archguns
  2. There still hasn't been a fix for Critical Focus not affecting Archgun with recoil animations. Namely a fully charged Velocitus, Corvas, and Larkspur.
  3. I guess you weren't here when Valkyr was first released. *cough*Hunt for Alad V*cough*
  4. Eeeeek my bad, I thought the trailer kinda established that Best you edit the quote too
  5. The Void Dash change certainly needs to be looked at. Either cut the energy cost, or have energy consumed based on the distance covered, or revert the change. This feels like a kneejerk change like them previously applying LoS mechanic to Trinity's EV and Mag's old Polarize in response to players powerleveling on old Viver.
  6. Evolt suddenly reminds me of Frieza.
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