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  1. 1. 485 despite modded for over 100% CC. Damage is same as unmodded 2. Modded Ironbride 3. Base damage doesn't reflect recent changes 4. Ironbride does not deal Heat+Blast nor has 1000 base damage, this value means nothing for now. Didn't the patch notes state it was buffed to 1500?
  2. The skin doesn't come with the animation sets... Also tis a shame she got the Xaku treatment for her Splinter Storm; wished the glass on her stayed intact since that's what makes the skin so beautiful.
  3. This changes nothing on how pitiful it is to use Spectral Scream over literally anything else. It'd fare a lot better if the base ability functioned as a tap ability projectile similar to Ember's Fireball or its Afterburner augment.
  4. As others have said, go for the blue orb spheres thingy on their shoulders and back. They can be stunned by your Necramech's slide attack too, so it opens them up to be damaged at your leisure. Would also advise to watch out for their Storm Shroud. The moment their health bar goes grey, wait about 3-4 seconds otherwise attacking them at this period would cause the damage be absorbed and converted into health ala Iron Skin.
  5. Will Deny be an upper body animation instead of full body? Casting speed isn't really an issue since it feels clunky to use due to locking you in position.
  6. They were hella quick on fixing the Static Prime Reactor Sigil. Guess Oberon isn't such a favored child.
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