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  1. Can anyone who has experienced this 4K crash please try clearing their cache? You can do that by following these steps: Switch your Xbox One X off via the controller or power off button on the console. Unplug the power cable from its electricity source. Wait at least two minutes. Plug the cable back into your power source. Turn the console back on. The cache should be cleared. After you've done this, try playing in 4K again, and let us know if you still crash. Thanks!
  2. Alright, thank you for confirming. We are still in the process of trying to track down the culprit, but ruling out the insider program is very helpful.
  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We'll take a look, and try to get this cleaned up in a timely manner.
  4. Thanks for the video! Can you please DM me your EE.log while we look into this?
  5. This shouldn't be happening, but we're having some trouble reproducing the problem on our end. Does this happen everywhere? Or only in a specific level? If you haven't already, you might want to try verifying your Download Cache. This can be done by clicking on the little cogwheel located at the top-right corner of the Warframe launcher.
  6. When your PC doesn't crash, do you see a popup window after the game crashes? If you do, could you please tell us the WAR-#### that appears on the last page of that window? It should look something like this:
  7. Hi MellowNotes, can you please DM me a copy of your log files after you've reproduced this stuttering? You can find your log files by doing the following: Open the Warframe Launcher, Click the little gear in the upper right corner Click the Get Logs button Let the process complete and look for a Warframe Logs folder on your desktop Then just attach it to a DM, and we'll take a look. Thanks!
  8. We believe we've tracked down part of the problem here, and we're currently in the process of working on a solution. For anyone playing with an Xbox One X in 4K: Are you part of the Xbox Insider Program? Do you have a preview build installed? If you do, can you please try switching back to the publicly release build?
  9. We've got everything we need for now, but thanks! We have a reliable repro. We're just in the process of tracking down the culprit so we can fix it on our end.
  10. Would you happen to be playing with your Xbox One X in 4K? If you are, what happens if you go to the system settings and change it to 1080p? Does the crashing stop?
  11. Thank you for these videos! We're still looking into the issue, but this is a big help.
  12. Hi everyone, has anyone been able to reproduce this crash solo? Or do they require you to be in a squad? Also, what were you doing when the game crashed? (bounty, fishing, etc.) Just curious, which Warframe do you have equipped with a Thermal Sunder build? (we're also looking into Sevagoth)
  13. Hi SignorCarlis, would it be possible to record a clip of this and share it with us? We're trying to track down the culprit, but it might help if we can see what you're seeing.
  14. Hi everyone, just a heads up, we have been able to reproduce this issue internally and we're currently in the process of trying to track down a fix. I apologize for not chiming in sooner, but I can assure you that this has been on our radar for a while now. From what we've seen, the number of decorations in the dojo does play a role in how intense the framerate drop is. The problem we're trying to solve on our end is why this happens after returning from a mission, and not when arriving from the Orbiter.
  15. Hi PetMac, I'm happy to report that we have been able to reproduce this issue on our end, and we're currently in the process of working on a fix. Until a fix is available, we recommend that you avoid zooming in with the spear before throwing it.
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