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  1. Hi TheNeonGod, Unfortunately, we're having a difficult time reproducing this issue. Is there any chance you could share a video of it happening? Or maybe even a screenshot?
  2. If you encounter a performance issue in Warframe, this could be occurring for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, this might not necessarily be an issue with the game itself, but a compatibility problem with your system. Here are some tips to help you rule this out: Note: Make sure your PC meets the Warframe System Requirements before following the steps below. Verify and Optimize your Download Cache via. the Warframe launcher settings. This window can be accessed by clicking the little wheel at the top-right corner of your launcher, and it allows us to make sure the issue isn't being caused by missing or corrupt game files. Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues. To review your Windows Update settings, go to Settings (Windows key + I) Select Update & Security In the Windows Update option, click Check for updates to see which updates are currently available If updates are available, you will have the option to install them Once the updates you choose are installed, you will want to restart your computer Alternatively, changes to your GPU drivers may also cause problems. Reset your video driver settings to ensure that's not the case. If your game is using DirectX 11, try switching to DirectX 10. If your performance does not improve or worsens, it's recommended that you switch back to the previous version of DirectX. Close any unnecessary background applications to identify conflicts and free up resources. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager Click More Details Select the Startup tab Right-click on each item and select Disable Restart the computer If this resolves the issue, enable the startup application one at a time to determine the culprit. You will want to restart between each application you enable. (Note: To re-enable startup applications, follow the previous steps and select Enable.) Make sure your system isn't overheating. Your heat levels can be monitored by downloading a free version of HWMonitor from CPUID. Once you've installed that, follow these steps: Start HWMonitor Run HWMonitor while you play the game until you experience the problem Review the max temperatures reached in HWMonitor If you need to provide us your heat information, please screenshot or type out the listed Max temperatures. If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, please create a topic on this forum or contact us.
  3. Occasionally, changes to your video card driver settings can hurt game performance and stability. When this happens, it's always a good idea to try resetting these settings. Here is a list of ways that you can go about doing this: NVIDIA Right-click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel Click Manage 3D Settings Click Program Settings and select Warframe Next to Add/Remove, click Restore (note: If you're unable to click Restore, you are likely already using the default settings) AMD Right-click on your desktop and select AMD Radeon Software Click the Settings tab Next to Factory Reset, click Perform Reset INTEL Right-click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties Click 3D Click Restore Defaults
  4. Are you playing at an uncapped frame rate? What happens if you set the in-game FPS limit to 60 FPS? Since you're seeing graphical glitches in the OS, this looks more like a display driver crash than a game crash. Those high frame rates could be overwhelming the GPU.
  5. Hi again, After some extensive testing with the Windows 10 May 2020 update, we believe we've found a solution to this problem, and we have just updated Warframe with an improved frame-rate limiter that should result in much more accurate numbers moving forward. It has been added with Hotfix 28.0.5, so you should see better results the next time you launch the game. More info on this hotfix can be found here. ----------------- Optimizations: Implemented a new version of the frame-rate limiter to fix problems introduced with Windows 10 Build 2004 as noted here. The new limiter should be compatible with all versions of Windows and should provide an even more consistent framerate when your system can run at the max.
  6. No problem. If you get another one of these crashes, then can you please submit a support ticket to us with a copy of your EE.log? You'll want to grab the log immediately after the game crashes, since it resets each time you load the game. You can find your EE.log here, and you can submit a ticket here.
  7. When you saw this crash, were you able to submit a report to us with the crash tool? If so, do you happen to have the WAR-#### available?
  8. We're having a difficult time reproducing this crash. According to the reports sent to us, this appears to be a GPU driver crash, so it's not clear what is causing it on our end. In the meantime, you might want to try this: 1. Update your GPU drivers. These crashes appear to be related to AMD, so you'll want to go to https://www.amd.com/en/support to find the latest drivers for your system. The 20.5.1 driver should be a good one to update to. 2. If that does not help, then go here -- C:\Users\(your_username)\AppData\Local\Warframe Open EE.cfg in notepad Find [Windows_Config,/EE/Types/Base/Config] Underneath that line, add this: Graphics.DebugDriver=1 Save the file After you've done that, launch the game, and try the quest again. If you still get the crash even with Graphics.DebugDriver=1, then please submit another crash to us using the popup tool and reply to this thread with your WAR-####. (You'll want to remove that line from your EE.cfg after you've done this)
  9. Hi HectorGlez, When the game crashes, do you see a crash window appear? If so, please submit the crash to us, then reply to this thread with the WAR-#### that appears on the last page. It should look similar to this: Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Just an update: I can confirm that we have been able to reproduce this issue, and it does appear to be related to Windows 10 version 2004. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a solution, but I can assure you that we are in the process of tracking down the culprit now. We'll try to get this fixed in a timely manner. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  11. Thanks! So the problem here still appears to be related to those Dx11 driver crashes. Gfx [Warning]: ResetDriver called on: Dx11PCDriver Can you please try a couple more things? (You can switch back to Dx11 now) 1. If I'm not mistaken, it appears that you're playing in full-screen mode. Can you try switching to windowed or borderless windowed mode? Do you still experience those framerate drops even after restarting the game? 2. If you do, then you might want to check Windows Update to make sure that your DirectX is up to date. It looks like you're using DirectX 12 with your system, and there is no easy way to reinstall that, so should make sure you're using the latest version. That way any missing DirectX files will be overwritten with the latest patches of DX12. 3. If Windows Update looks good, then you might want to reinstall your GPU drivers, as these have been known to cause problems with DirectX in the past. I would recommend using a program like Display Driver Uninstaller to remove your current drivers, restart your PC, and then grab the latest drivers from Nvidia's website.
  12. Looking at your log, I'm seeing this: Gfx [Warning]: ResetDriver called on: Dx11PCDriver It appears that Dx11 crashes several times, which could explain why your Graphics resources are spiking. Can you try switching to Dx10 and see if there is any improvement? Not suggesting you stay in Dx10. Just hoping to rule out Dx11 as a culprit.
  13. Hi everyone, I've gone ahead and merged a few of the more recent threads that have brought up this stuttering. We're currently in the process of trying to track the issue down, so any additional information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, can everyone please make sure to verify and optimize your Download Cache via. the Warframe launcher? Also, StormWolf1337 brought up a good suggestion. If you still experience issues with stuttering after you've verified/optimized the Download Cache, then you might want to try this: As I mentioned, we are still trying to resolve this issue. If there is any additional information that you can provide, feel free to reply to this thread or submit a support ticket to us here. If you can provide a copy of your EE.log as well, that could potentially help us see where all of the memory is going. Your EE.log can be found here. Thanks!
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