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  1. Update: We've tracked down the culprit, and fixed it. You should notice an improvement in a future update. Thanks again, everyone!
  2. Just a heads up, we have been able to reproduce this issue on our end. We're currently in the process of tracking down the culprit, but once we have a fix, we'll be sure to get it out to you in a timely manner. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  3. If anyone runs into any crashes with Warframe while Resizable Bar is enabled, do you see a crash popup window after the game closes? If you do, can you please share the WAR-#### that appears on the last page of that window? It should look something like this:
  4. Hi Maelstriker, it sounds like this could either be a driver issue or an issue with your Warframe configuration. Here are some steps you can try: Make sure your drivers are up-to-date, especially your GPU drivers. (nvidia drivers can be found here, and AMD drivers can be found here) Verify your Download Cache. This can be done by clicking the cogwheel located at the top-right corner of the Warframe launcher (screenshot below) Open Windows Explorer, go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe, and delete all the funny named folders (like F36423HGJYG5434000), as well as any .cfg files. Please note, this will delete your key bindings and all the other in-game settings but not any game progress.
  5. Hi AzureSign, is there a specific mission (or missions) where you notice these drops occur? This information could help us track down the culprit. Also, if you haven't already, you might want to try verifying and optimizing your Download Cache. This can be done by clicking on the cogwheel located in the corner of the Warframe launcher:
  6. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We've looked at this on our end, and there does appear to be some room for improvement.
  7. Hi Hecos02, I looked over your ticket as well as WAR-3155270. This appears to be a driver crash. Can you please update your drivers and let us know if you still crash? You mentioned that you'd prefer to stay on the drivers that came with your laptop, but ideally, we should work on solving problems that appear on the latest drivers.
  8. If it happens again, can you let us know what you were doing in Warframe before you started to notice this leak? It's easier for us to track down these types of issues on our end when we know what made them occur. Also, it might be a good idea to see if closing Razer Central makes a difference. Can you please try verifying your Download Cache via. the Warframe launcher? This should clean up any missing or corrupt game files. If you're still able to reproduce this with a verified cache, then it would be helpful to know what you did to make it occur. (Were you in a specific mission? Did you encounter a host migration? etc.)
  9. This shouldn't have changed. I currently have my max refresh rate set to 360Hz. Do you have v-sync enabled? You'll need to disable that if you want to go above 60fps on a 60Hz monitor. If you do, then can you try verifying your download cache? This could rule out the possibility that something went wrong during a recent update. This can be done via. the Warframe launcher. It would also be a good idea to make sure that you are using the latest GPU drivers. If v-sync is off, verifying download cache doesn't help, and your drivers are up-to-date, then please let us know, and we can investigate further. Thanks!
  10. We have been following along, and we've been making improvements where we can find them. It seems that we have not quite found the culprit for what you're experiencing. First, I would recommend verifying and optimizing your download cache via. the Warframe launcher. If this does not help, then can you please DM me a copy of your EE.log after you've spent some time in an open world area? Also, it might help to know where exactly you're seeing this. Is it a specific spot? Could you share a screenshot or video? You can find your log files by doing the following: Open the Warframe Launcher, Click the little gear in the upper right corner Click the Get Logs button Let the process complete and look for a Warframe Logs folder on your desktop (this is also where you can verify/optimize your download cache) Thanks!
  11. No worries. If you just reinstall Warframe, then you should be able to launch the game again. Your account data will be unaffected. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. Hi everyone, We've been working hard to make improvements to Orb Vallis that will (hopefully) reduce the frequency of these crashes. While we believe there is still more we can do, we'd like to know if there has been any improvement with the update that was released today. If anyone plans on fighting Exploiter Orb, can you please let us know if you still experience these crashes during the fight? Have they become less frequent? Thanks!
  13. Can you please try again after you've received the Sisters of Parvos update? We believe we've tracked down the issue, and the fix should hopefully arrive tomorrow. If you're still getting these framerate drops after the update, then please let us know. Thanks!
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