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  1. His 4 also CC's enemies, heals objectives and allies (and scales that healing based on the number of enemies affected), and increases his DR. If you think Sandstorm is his main CC ability, then you clearly don't know his kit as well as you claim to.
  2. The problem with the Thumper enemies is not just having a weapon that does good damage, but also having a means by which to prevent them from hiding their last good leg. Personally, I tend to hunt them with Rhino, use a Sarpa with Shattering Impact to remove their armor before hitting them with either a Catchmoon secondary or a sniper primary built for crit and radiation, and use Stomp and Magus Lockdown to keep them from hiding the last leg.
  3. Considering how much DE seems to be focusing on content that turns off, ignores, or disables your abilities, having a frame that doesn't need its abilities to survive and deal damage is a good thing. If DE makes Inaros more dependent on his abilities, then we lose the one frame that can actually do the kind of content they've been making a lot of lately. Also, his abilities have better healing than Nidus, both for himself and for his team, if you know how to use them properly. His 1 allows him to heal 25% of his health whenever he wants to, and his 4 scales its healing based on the number
  4. Because the Lanx is an object, not an enemy, in the game code, and Astral Autopsy only works when something is killed. Same reason why it would not be able to scan the cleaning drones if you could ever find yourself in a situation to do that.
  5. Vulpahyla use some Kavat mods, but are not Kavats. This is true of all kavat-specific items outside of mods. If no other kavat armor or skin can be applied to vulpaphylae, why would you think the Khora Deluxe one could?
  6. Modern processors have cores with very specialized hardware made to do some calculations far more easily than a normal computing core can (this is called hardware acceleration). This is used most often in GPUs, but many CPUs have hardware acceleration for certain calculations. My guess is that turning on this option tries to use those specialized circuits, even if they don't exist in your CPU, or if your CPU has an older version of that hardware acceleration. In your particular case, it seems like your CPU has some hardware acceleration for that calculation, but not as much or as new as t
  7. And Exhibit A is the current trainwreck of an event, where the meta (and probably soon to be banned) strategy is to have the host slow down the game to 1 fps so you can get as much time as possible to farm sentients.
  8. Unless you are using LN2 or LH2 for your cooling system, it is possible to overheat any system. The only exception is if you force your PC to not allow that by making it throttling itself to a slower speed when faced with a task that would make it overheat. It is especially easy to cause overheating with a bad piece of software that makes your computer calculate a difficult problem in a very inefficient manner. In fact, this is the exact method used by some very nasty computer viruses to deal damage to the hardware of the host system. Now, assuming that the option he gave was indeed the p
  9. How old is your computer? It might be that the 'optimized' calculations were optimized for something only present in newer CPUs, thus making yours work overtime to perform a calculation it's not made to do.
  10. IIRC Healing Return doesn't work for thrown glaive explosions either (CO doesn't work, and Healing Return uses similar code, so I would assume both don't work). If Life Strike isn't working either, then I'm afraid you are straight out of luck when it comes to healing from melee if you are using glaives. Maybe look into other healing options?
  11. Was it the multi-threaded performance option? That would explain your symptoms. The game was forcing one CPU core to work major overtime while all the rest were left unused.
  12. This is incorrect, at least on PC. Gaz did a video highlighting that one of the patches in Deimos Arcana made multishot affect beam status.
  13. There are three things to consider in this fight: arbitration drones, the elite enemies that end the wave, and the hordes that drop life support. Bringing an Ignis. Catchmoon, or other similar weapon is great for killing the drones. Melee is pretty effective against most of the elites (Nox being a notable exception). The rest of the enemies can be killed with warframe abilities or your remaining weapon. I haven't done it yet myself, but my advise would be that if you want a relatively easy fight try a frame that can kill more or less passively to deal with the trash, then use your we
  14. Stasis no longer exists. If you cannot equip a Kubrow in your inventory, then you still need to do the last mission in the Howl of the Kubrow quest, which unlocks the ability to equip them.
  15. So, in your mind, it is more moral for people with hand issues to not be able to play and for all players to get RSIs, rather than for anyone to be able to use a macro that merely simplifies an action? Not only that, but that a semi-auto to full-auto macro is acceptable? You seem to be taking an extreme that makes no sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I think that anything that allows for AFK farming is bad, but you can't AFK with a macro that only simplifies existing actions. Besides, it's a PvE game, so as long as it isn't affecting other players and it doesn't allow for AFK farming,
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