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  1. I think that only works for base star chart, not for steel path.
  2. Have you gone to Iron Wake in steel path? Have you done the Ropalolyst fight in steel path?
  3. Once the enemy is fully scanned into the codex, an upgraded Synthesis Scanner will reveal this information. This will never happen. A complex and varied damage system is one of the defining traits of Warframe, and while DE have made changes to it, the overall complexity has remained high. I never expect to see them change the health/armor/shield types on enemies, beyond possibly altering which ones resist/are weak to what element, or maybe adding a new type. I 100% agree with the idea of a search function for the star chart. It should also be able to search nodes by faction, mi
  4. IIRC, starting the mission from inside your own dry-dock forces your railjack. Never tried one of the public dry-docks, so I can't say if it works there. I think it's because you are technically already the host of a squad when you are in your Dojo, thus the 'squad' is preserved when you transition to railjack.
  5. This is incorrect. DE has explicitly stated that alt accounts being in the same clan is not against ToS. However, trading between accounts is.
  6. At this point, yes, more or less. If there's no good way to obtain forma with the Granum Sisters update then I'm likely skipping it. And I hope other players do the same.
  7. They are releasing 12 new weapons, all of which will need 5 forma, regardless of whether they are good or bad. That's 60 forma. For one update. Sure, most people will probably take at least a week to farm all of the weapons, but that's still 60 forma needed. That's ~60 days of building them, when the update is likely much closer than that, or 700 platinum. That's more than most of the "get the update stuff now" bundles.
  8. IIRC, those quests are not solo-exclusive. I think you can play those rounds in a group, which allows for much better control of the point numbers.
  9. First Rule for all unexplained stat values: make sure you do not have any dragon keys equipped in your gear wheel.
  10. It's most likely just a raw date being provided to your browser, which is then formatting it how you see it. Your browser might be formatting it the same way your computer's system clock is set to format it, or it might have it's own settings. Look in your browser settings, and if you can't find anything then I would assume that it is your system settings.
  11. To be fair, it at least somewhat makes sense that the mod increasing bleed-out time only work when applied to the thing that is bleeding out. That said, it would be nice if it did work on the shadow.
  12. It would be nice if the exalted melee got its base damage from the shadow, rather than Sevagoth himself. Not only is the shadow typically built for high power strength, but it makes sense thematically that the shadow's stats would determine the stats of its weapon.
  13. Ok, that matters a lot. Crit pistols really want the primed crit mods. Primary weapons are the class with the least need for primed mods. Melee is fine as long as you have Primed Point Strike or use its Umbral variant. Remove Bore. IPS mods don't add very much damage in most cases. Also, where are the elementals? You said it's Crit/Corrosive but I only see Crit mods.
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