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  1. General rule for bounties: run them in public, unless you really need to get the bonus objectives, in which case run them solo or with a dedicated group. As far as the number of enemies; if the current number of enemies is too much, run away. Only a few of them will follow you, and you can pick them off.
  2. I don't think you understand what the OP is saying (though it was a bit confusingly worded). He started a Bounty that was marked Level 5-15. That means it should overwrite the level scaling on the Plains and make all enemies between Level 5 and 15, and should prevent any enemies with a fixed level outside of 5-15 from spawning (like the Tusk Thumper Doma he apparently ran into). Bounties 1, 2, & 3 are almost always more safe than the Plains during free roam, because of the level cap. However, it seems that OP encountered a bug and the bounty level did not override the normal scaling.
  3. Rivens are extremely difficult to price, due to the fact that their value is based on the use-case intended by the purchaser. If you are doing 5x3 tridolon runs, then a riven like that is work 1k+. If you are just using the Lanka as a boss-killer/general DPS, then it's barely worth 200 (since there would be better stats to focus on if you aren't doing eidolon runs). Both semlar.com and riven.market say that you got an amazing deal. So congratulations, I guess.
  4. Kuva Kohm with toxin, like the Meta chaser I am. Unless the Kuva variant of the Brakk has enough status chance to make it usable, in which case I'll get that.
  5. This mod only works on Beam weapons. What part of the Fulmin are you attempting to increase the range of? If it is the silenced plasma blast, use Terminal Velocity.
  6. If it's one of the stealth tests (MR9, MR19); those are currently a bit buggy. Presumably they will be fixed at some point. If it is a different test: Go to Simaris and practice until you can do it first try every time. As a player who is MR26, and who has only failed tests due to bugs/glitches, I can assure you that these are fair when they aren't bugged.
  7. Yes. Both will trigger separately, even if they both have a 100% chance, and both will apply their effects.
  8. Gunblades let you shoot around corners because they are hit-scan, which only cares about whether you can see them in your reticle, not if there is a line-of-sight between your frame and the target. I used the Sarpa. For the third part of the MR9 test, do the jump out and back trick, then go down the ramp in the second area, and hide down there while peeking out around a corner to shoot them. By killing them off right to left, you can ensure you can kill them before they can see you.
  9. Banshee + Gunblade, unless they made passives stop working in the test. Passives are definitely still working. I can typically kill them from far enough away that they can't react, as long as I kill them in one shot. EDIT: Just tried the MR9 test with this strat. It worked, but it seems that you will always be spotted once on the last of the three areas, because the game requires you to get to close before it will spawn the enemies. Just go in, get spotted once, and then back-dodge as soon as you spawn in. You should be able to defeat them from behind cover. EDIT 2: Did the MR19 test. Just don't forget to stack as much enemy radar as possible. Kill as many enemies as you can from your starting platform: it seems that they cannot see you while you are up there. They can see you, but they don't look there unless they see a dead body. Use channeling while killing the enemies.
  10. The reason why it has no purpose for now is because we don't fight sentients very often. As soon as we start fighting sentients, it should find more use. Remember, Ballas pretty much says it will be useful in the coming conflict, not in what we do now (or at least that's how I interpreted it). Also, its bonus typically works against Amalgams, and was great against the Wolf. So it's not like it has absolutely no use cases.
  11. Is there any communication between squads? Because Delta would really like to tell Beta that we found their target.
  12. DELTA Upon seeing the Scorch leaping into action, Takar leaped forward as well, casting a healing wave onto the Scorch, and then putting a carpet of irradiated plants under him and whatever happened to be bathed in his fire. If he's crazy enough to jump into action like that, then I'm crazy enough to back him up. No one dies this time. Not this time.
  13. I still see two general problems with the Mod Drop booster, if it ever becomes an item in the market: Mods still have a very low chance to drop in general, so you would be spending money on something that may not get you what you want (unlike the existing boosters, which simply increase what you are already going to get). Mods, unlike all other things affected by boosters, can be traded between players for Platinum. This presents a "Spend money to make money" paradox. So, while reverting the loot nerf certainly removes the perception of making a problem and selling the solution, there are still issues with the idea of a mod drop booster.
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