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  1. This new relic UI feels like it was designed by someone with a degree in Graphics Design with no prior experience in UI or Gaming. It has almost none of the features we need, and what few it does have are so small and/or nested that it's all but impossible to use, especially when you are on a time crunch. Please add basic functionality, DE.
  2. It has a cool-down that is based on the amount of the ammo pool missing when you put it away. Dying puts away the archgun. If it is preventing its use when you pulled it out but didn't fire it, then it's a bug. Otherwise, working as intended. While on cool-down, collecting any heavy ammo will end the cool-down. Heavy ammo drops from Napalms, Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Techs, Mankers, and other 'heavy' enemies.
  3. Hush mods are used on weapons capable of killing enemies in a single hit, with warframes that can go invisible. This allows you to get stealth multipliers on your affinity gain. It is also used on any weapon you intend to use with Ivara.
  4. These mods have a 0.5% drop chance, from a max of 3 enemies per room, with a limited number of rooms per tileset, and a (somewhat) convoluted method of opening them that you have to know in order to farm them. Maybe there are none for sale because not enough players have figured out how to farm them.
  5. Actually, a single room in a tileset is called a tile. However, not everyone will recognize that term, even in context.
  6. Well, I figured out the first half by accident, but I didn't use the Operator on the door, so I missed out on the second part. I will go back and try again. TY for the guide. EDIT: The controller makes a pretty distinctive sound when you are near it. I can't really describe it, but once you hear it and connect it with the controller it is easy to recognize again.
  7. Mine's working just fine. I would recommend using the 'Verify Download Cache' option in the launcher, as the most likely explanation for this is a missing asset.
  8. They only have a 0.5% chance to drop from the advanced amalgams, so it's not surprising that they aren't dropping.
  9. Well, now I know how to set up a 'no weapon challenge' until this gets fixed. That said, have you tried equipping a mining laser, fishing spear, or heavy gun? These might fix the problem while in-mission.
  10. Sol Gate does no damage to Eximus units (at least in mission; I haven't tested in Simulacrum yet).
  11. Remember when DE would actually name a warframe based on what the design council said? I'm looking at you, Gara.
  12. Inaros requires 3, one for the quest and two for a part. That quest is available from a fairly early point in the game, assuming Baro shows up on Mercury or Earth. And he is a frame I would recommend to beginners, due to his fairly low mod requirements. No corrupted/nightmare mods needed for a good build.
  13. Almost all incoming damage is made up of multiple damage types. For example, an Lancer uses a Grakata, which deals 40% of its damage as Impact, and ~34% of its damage as Puncture. The proposed new mod would give you 10% resistance to both Impact and Puncture every time you were hit by a Grakata.
  14. Dual kamas is just dual swords, at least in Warframe. I think the only two dual-wield melee classes in the game are dual daggers and dual swords. And I would personally love to see this implemented, though I think DE would just make you make 2x parts and assemble it instead of using two assembled weapons.
  15. DE semi-released it on Switch by accident (mix-up between XB1/PS4 version and Switch version) and had to remove it because they didn't have the license to sell it on Switch. You should have had your platinum refunded, as well as receiving a large bundle of the Tennogen content currently available on Switch.
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