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  1. Transference has had glitches in the past on PC, and is currently very glitchy on Switch. Also, If this is the bug I think it is, bringing another weapon would have done nothing. When this bug triggers, you cannot fire any weapons or use melee.
  2. Kuva Flood missions drop Requiem Relics, which are needed to fight liches. The lich itself comes from killing a Kuva Larvaling in any Grineer mission level 20+.
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich You must complete The War Within, and not have an active lich. Got to any normal Grineer node over level 20, and a Kuva Larvaling enemy will sometimes spawn. If one spawns, kill it and then execute it with your Parazon.
  4. One thing I remember hearing (but can't remember where) was that this concept would ship in part with some other experimental rendering tech and would be opt-in, but I might be wrong about that.
  5. If anything, I feel like the Bramma is the first time that self-damage was actually warranted on a weapon. Most, if not all, other self-damage weapons don't have the damage output to justify the risk. The Bramma does. (The only other weapon I consider deserving of self-damage right now is the Lenz, and simply because it gives you a warning and an indication of range.) I hope DE recognizes this, and and only nerfs it if they remove the self-damage component as well.
  6. IIRC, melee stance multipliers are multiplicative with final damage, rather than adding to base damage. Not sure about melee 3.0, though.
  7. Things that affect Bleed proc damage: Weapon Base damage Base damage mods Faction mods Status Damage mods (Empowered Blades) Final multiplier mods (like primed chamber) Ash's Passive The damage dealt is not affected by the actual damage dealt after armor. Mesa's 3 returns the exact same damage back to enemies, but most enemies can't kill themselves with their own gun, because most factions use weapons with damage types good against their opponents and resisted by their own shields/armor (Corpus use Puncture and Radiation, Grineer use Impact and sometimes Electric), so they deal minimal damage to themselves when damage is reflected.
  8. Not sure why you are using Umbral Vitality on a frame that's supposed to never get shot, but other than that it looks fine.
  9. How far are you through the story line? If you have the Sacrifical set, they can be really strong on the Redeemer Prime. Also, for higher-level content, you will likely want a tankier frame. If you like healing, Oberon and Wisp are good choices. If you are looking for something new, Rhino and Gara are good too. And if you don't have them yet, get the corrupted warframe mods (fleeting, TF, blind rage, etc.). They don't go in every build, but they are good for some builds.
  10. You can view each frame's passive individually in the Abilities screen. There is nowhere in-game that lists the passives together. If you want a list, try https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Passives.
  11. The problem is that when you search for sniper, it shows the weapons that use sniper ammo, not the ones that use sniper mods.
  12. Fulmin and Quartakk would be my suggestion. Both feel a lot like a shotgun.
  13. OP is talking about a standard card deck that could be sold in the merch store. It has nothing to do with in-game content.
  14. Also, try using Zephyr or Limbo/Equinox/Baruuk. Zephyr gives you more time in the air, while the others can keep enemies in one place for an extended period of time.
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