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  1. ... the winter of our melee discontent? I pretty much gave up on melee since that update... but now with Companion Weapon Riven mods being made available... this means I have to confront that irritating melee swap... each and every time we use melee attacks, we'd have to re-equip the synth scanner. Unequiping melee weapons so hunting for scan targets (and hunting, mining, fishing... pretty much everything, no?) becomes less frustrating. How is that improving the melee combat flow? No melee = zero combat flow? Purrfect? That's just ONE aspect of it. Nevermind the "expected" weapon changes causing FOV / inadvertant weapon firings. If all these 50+ pages of complaints (there's around 11% who approve...) doesn't change DE's mind... think of all the extra RMB clicks the "improved" melee entails. In 4 hours worth of disruption, I had to do an extra couple of thousand extra RMB clicks. That's almost three thousand extra RMB clicks put on my poor, innocent mouse. That's just poor me... imagine the thousands, nay millions of electronic rodentsia having the right side of their bodies pummeled by increasingly annoyed tenno. That's all on you DE. Have a thought for those mice that have expired through excessive RMB. Their mostly plastic carcasses now littering the landscape of our doomed planet. Keep our planet greener, rollback this melee update.
  2. Yeah, kinda hard to read sarcasm some of the time. When DE launched this, I was hoping for a tiny roll-back or a toggle (remember the revamped archwing mechanics aka the "experimental" flight model). Now, I'd settle for them removing all melee. It's become that annoying to me that I will throw the baby out with the bathwater. This melee change doesn't just alter combat or even just scanning. If you're mining / hunting or doing a lot of non-combat things... you hesitate to use a melee attack to open containers or harvest resources. Been playing since 2013 and this melee update is more annoying to me than coptering, greedy pull or a ton of other things. This MAY improve 'melee combat flow'... but that's like taking one step forward and a dozen backwards. It makes it hard to enjoy many of the really good things DE has done. Unlike many other irritants that I've swallowed or just decided to get used to... this continually crops up like day-old vomit. I consciously avoid melee when I have a both primary / secondary equipped or doing any non-combat duties. AND I've use a macro for the first time in this game... and it's for slide-attack with Maiming Strike. This can't be what DE intended. This update annoys melee mains, forces dedicated players to jump through additional hoops all for what? A specific style and auto-block? Who the heck asked for this?
  3. Some like the new way, some don't. Why can't we have both? Right now, every time I aim, glide, melee-strike anything; I have to press the relevant keybind to get back into gun mode, mining / fishing / hunt mode then curse and swear at my kavat. New melee sure improves the 'flow' when fighting. The auto-block means some players will be blocking some fires... but every thing else gets janked. I'll even nitpick a bit and whine about not being able to see what primary / secondary my frame or others are using because its holding this giant anime sword [looking at you, Zenistar/Dominion]. It's not just the specific changes for quick melee / holstering either. Previously, you can go into mining mode, deploy archwing and continue. Now every mode change requires you to reengage mining / hunt mode. I'm probably hitting an extra keybind a few times every minute during gameplay. It's like having to readjust your contact lenses every time you blink. Also new bugs like not being able to use melee-strike to dismount a vehicle because the melee-strike keybind is hosed. Again. Or always... always dropping data masses because you don't equip a secondary. If we ever get a sortie that's Primary / Melee only... Please don't do that. By the way... anyone else got killed thanks to auto-block? Yeah... Have pity on my kavat. I should only be swearing at her when she blocks my view when I'm drilling ores. Seriously, don't take inspiration from Boeing. Really. The rest of the game / changes are just great. Except for this tiny, super-annoying thing. PS If I get the choice to choose between old and new. I'll pour kubrow "essence" on the new and bath it in plasma fire.
  4. Imagine that the current system has been in place for a year... now DE wants to put in a new system where you have to press F to swap between Primary and Secondary OR hold F to change to Melee. When you are on your Primary or Secondary, the weapon stats like ammo/etc will be visible. When you have Melee selected, you can see your Combo Counter. Would this be an improvement? ----- I can kinda see what DE may be going with this... but we'll need more keybinds. This sort of thing would work with a controller device. PC... not so much [go look at how Monster Hunter World does PC keybinds for bowguns. Let's just say it's not "simple"]. Just letting us do things like keybinding 'SHIFT+E' or 'ALT+SHIFT+E' then splitting up functions between multiple keybinds.Or change all the combos to 'tap E', 'hold E' and 'press E'. And find some way to show the combo counter / weapon status. Probably not too newbie-friendly? UI too cluttered?
  5. ... sometimes this makes you just unequip melee altogether. As mentioned before, having to RMB or forcing a zoom is a bother. Having your 'frame wield your melee after use... means you have to RMB to check if you are using your Primary or Secondary. It can be also disorientating. Yes, a single RMB click doesn't take that long but it kinda defeats the intention of making melee combat having a smoother flow. Add all that to the existing situation of having your Scanner swapped away whenever you transition out of Operator mode. It's a step backwards to go with the advances and future improvements. Perhaps a toggle or some of the solutions already mentioned can be put in place.
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