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  1. True enough, 10 Sons appeared. So far, every time I release a pet... I have to wait for the tokens to show up. Way better than not receiving them at all but...
  2. So... released another pet. 0 Tokens... will see...
  3. Seems rather random but I can reproduce eventually i) casting multiple domes and rarely, the timer just doesn't start or disappears. Really rare but seems to happen if you keep recasting Strangledome. ii) casting dome(s) and using operator transference, existing timer disappears. Just cast dome and do a few transferences and it'll happen. Basically despite having a dome up, there is no timer when you get back from operator mode. I've notice this happening ever since the big Melee update (i.e. this bug is almost 2 years old). ----- Anyon
  4. About 12~36 hours after I last released the pet... 10 Sons appeared. In this case, they were delayed. Or got scripted in.
  5. About the same issue. I think it's best to stop releasing pets until they fix this issue/etc. Maybe even script us back the missing tokens?
  6. Received Athodai... waiting on Hydroid ^_^, it's ongoing ^_^
  7. Too true. The in-game 'Challenges' are far more secure and usually much more accurate (so... how's your 'most often used' stats? Ehh?). Thanks to things like SAM, the Steam achievements can be as valuable as used toilet paper, when WF first hit Steam... within a week or so, 1.7% of all WF players had ALL achievements. You can easily tell if they've used SAM. Most of them will give themselves the MR achievements... on the same date and time. Valve even counts the time you spend patching the game as 'hours played' (the in-game stats in your Profile measures the time you spend in a map)
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